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Why INFJs and INTJs Get Overstimulated

Why INFJs and INTJs Get Overstimulated


One factor I battle with repeatedly, particularly as an INTJ mom, is the tendency to get overstimulated. We INFJs and INTJs dwell so fully in our heads that exterior stimuli, if not nice, will be extremely tense. In contrast to sensors, who’re extra centered on the world round them, INXJs are sometimes centered internally. Their minds’ are buzzing with concepts, ideas, methods, and symbols.

For instance, whereas I’m within the bathe I have a tendency to think about quite a lot of concepts and ideas. I’ll usually overlook if I simply shampooed my hair, conditioned it, or if I did, what number of occasions I’ve completed it. Generally I find yourself washing my hair thrice as a result of I’ve gotten so caught up in concepts that I’ve fully misplaced contact with what I used to be doing. I do know this sounds flighty, particularly to sensors, nevertheless it’s one of many issues with being a dominant Ni (introverted instinct) consumer. I’m not saying each Ni-dominant kind is as a lot of an airhead within the bathe as I’m…however this kind of factor tends to be an issue for lots of us.

Blogger Stephanie Briggs describes this completely; “INFJs are usually loosely tethered to bodily actuality, affected by clumsiness (“How did I get this bruise?”), spaciness, and a distaste for sensible particulars and duties.”

INFJs and INTJs mix dominant introverted instinct (Ni) with inferior extraverted sensing (Se). Our Se could be very underdeveloped and delicate, that means that we think about exterior stimuli to be a significant distraction from what’s actually “necessary” (what’s occurring in our heads).

Let’s put it this manner, Similar to ISTPs and INTPs discover excessive feelings distracting and type of disturbing, INFJs and INTJs discover exterior stimuli distracting and disturbing. If we’re in a tranquil ambiance, a clear home, or if there’s mushy music taking part in, that’s fantastic. In reality, we actually like that. Tranquil environment and exquisite locations are actually necessary to folks with inferior Se. Our sensitivity to exterior stimuli signifies that whereas we’re extraordinarily delicate in a detrimental method to disagreeable or loud exterior stimuli, we’re extremely affected in a constructive means by nice exterior stimuli.

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INFJs, INTJs, and the Science of Their Minds

UCLA professor Dario Nardi performed a examine on persona kind and mind exercise utilizing EEG expertise. He has this to say about INTJs and INFJs:

“Ni sorts usually present a whole-brain, zen-like sample. This sample happens when all areas of the neocortex are in synch and dominated by mind waves which can be medium-low frequency and really high-amplitude. This sample is typical of somebody whose thoughts is awake but relaxed….What is that this zen state like? When offered with an issue, the Ni sorts search to harness all neocortex areas so as to “notice” a solution…This zen state works finest when specializing in a single query, with out distractions which may trigger the varied areas to fall out of synch. The particular person would possibly suppose, “Be quiet world, I simply have to cease and suppose!” When a solution does pop to thoughts, it’d look like an professional’s work with thrives of novelty and even an uncommon method to a job.”

Nardi additionally says in his e-book The Neuroscience of Character, that INTJs and INFJs desire time away from exterior stimulation and mundane calls for so as to entry their wealthy inner processes. To seek out out extra in regards to the science of the Myers-Briggs sorts try my article Your Myers-Briggs® Character Kind and Your Mind.

Why Parenting Can Be Particularly Difficult for INFJs and INTJs

Quiet time alone. It’s what INTJs and INFJs want. I’m a mom of 5 youngsters. I fully adore them. My love for them is extremely sturdy. I additionally homeschool them, in order that they’re just about with me on a regular basis. With youngsters there’ll all the time be interruptions, particularly with my toddler who’s in a babbling/screaming/squealing part. I get migraines 4 days out of the week. I get misplaced in thought after which there’s the “Mother! Mother! Mother!” chant that every one moms are conversant in. And from all my experiences as an MBTI® practitioner, I’ve realized that INFJs and INTJs battle with this side of parenting a bit extra intensely than different sorts.

Why We Hate Interruptions So A lot

As a dominant Ni-user, I believe in puzzle items and clues. In my common psychological state, I’m connecting dots consistently. That’s simply how my mind works. When interrupted, all these little puzzle items, all these linked dots, scatter all over the place. I’ve misplaced it. For non-parents, the distraction might be somebody at work interrupting them with questions or the ping of a textual content message in your cellphone. I’ve discovered that I nearly all the time have my cellphone silenced for that reason.

Loads of INFJs and INTJs are highly-sensitive folks. We don’t like fluorescent lights, loud noises, brilliant, stimulating environments. My husband likes to snort at me typically as a result of I all the time wish to dim the lights upon coming into a room. After I do that I’m visibly extra relaxed and relaxed. He additionally enjoys motion films, and I do too typically, however after some time, the explosions and brilliant saturation of colours get to be an excessive amount of for me. I wish to bury my head in a pillow and block all of it out. I’m not susceptible to outbursts of anger, but when my youngsters are being particularly loud (as youngsters are susceptible to do), I usually must go to my room and take a “day trip.” I shut the door, lay face-down on my mattress for a couple of moments so that every one sensory stimulation is reduce off, then I get again up, take a deep breath, and attempt to maintain going with the day. Taking these little breaks is a part of what retains me sane.

The Significance of Alone Time

Introverted instinct is such an intensive, introspective course of. To ensure that an INFJ or an INTJ to actually be “within the zone” and in a position to operate correctly they want to have the ability to block out all different stimulation and get right into a relaxed psychological state. Then they’ll type connections and develop insights. It could take some time to actually get into this “zen state” as Dario Nardi describes it. Usually, for me, it occurs proper across the time I’m attempting to fall asleep. You possibly can think about why! Every little thing’s darkish and quiet and I’m in a position to fully isolate myself with my ideas. All a sudden my thoughts is bursting with insights and revelations that by no means occurred to me all through the day.

If I get into that relaxed state at residence throughout the day, after which somebody activates some loud music, a TV present, or there are random interruptions or questions, it may be extraordinarily overstimulating. In reality, if my inferior Se is “triggered,” I can fall into the grip of Extraverted Sensing (Se), and change into overly indulgent (as Se-inferior sorts are inclined to do). Which means that so as to “floor” myself in actuality, I typically will succumb to over-eating, listening to extremely loud music, or partaking in an unhealthy means in any type of sensory exercise.

All issues thought-about, in case you have an INFJ or an INTJ in your loved ones you may undoubtedly attempt to make their life a bit simpler by giving them some alone time or not interrupting them after they’re deep in thought. In case you are a Ni-dominant kind then you may attempt to take little segments out of the day to close out stimulation and suppose, even when it’s only for a short time. One of many methods I do that with youngsters is by packing up my toddler within the stroller and taking him for a stroll each single morning. He will get actually quiet, and it’s very peaceable, and I can simply suppose. Everybody has completely different strategies and other ways they’ll obtain this solitude and time to focus.

What are your ideas?

What do you do to dam out sensory stimulation? What sorts of the way do you get right into a constructive psychological state? I’d love to speak to you within the feedback!

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