Home Astrology Weekly Forecast: December 25-29, 2023 – Full Moon In Most cancers Sextile Jupiter

Weekly Forecast: December 25-29, 2023 – Full Moon In Most cancers Sextile Jupiter

Weekly Forecast: December 25-29, 2023 – Full Moon In Most cancers Sextile Jupiter


xmas fireMonday morning, Christmas morning, the Venus in Scorpio, Pisces Neptune trine peaks because the Gemini Moon strikes from a sextile to retro Chiron right into a t-square with Mars-Mercury(retro) and Neptune. The t-square lasts all day.

The morning motive is SWEET. It drips with scrumptious nostalgia. As a substitute of merely happy, we’re happy with the beautiful pleasure of longing. It feels infinitely pleasant to lengthy for one thing lovely and deep, one thing worthwhile and excellent.

As we make the transition from delicate perfection to the problem of mind and sensible curiosity, it’s the grind of gears itself that presents the issue. Are you able to maintain the best and the true in the identical hand? Do your recollections of the previous enable for the realities and duties of current? Nicely, if you happen to’re shifting with the instances and altering as you develop, YES, sure you’ll be able to, sure they do. It’s a problem, tho. We’re up for a problem, aren’t we?

There’s a couple of method to really feel, and that’s the dear piece. We’re not happy not understanding. We’re not happy and not using a clear plan of action. However we could be happy by protecting that channel open and having religion we’ll discover what we’d like once we want it.

Tuesday morning, the Gemini Moon conjoins Vesta, and Venus begins a sextile to Pluto (actual Thursday evening). Proceed in curiosity and double down on the need that fuels it.

Then the Moon returns to Most cancers, the signal of its rulership. The Most cancers Moon trines Saturn then goes on to oppose the Capricorn Solar: the complete moon. The Moon and Solar intently facet retro Jupiter, a sextile and a trine. This full moon is each secure and good to go: well-formed and fated, and stuffed with gas. What ends goes out with a bang, just like the robust however mild pop on the cork of a very good glowing wine. Confinement is ending, the long run is increasing. Tiny bubbles make an enormous splash, within the glass and in our lives.

Maybe we’re rising from our cocoon. Within the wake of the complete moon, Chiron stations direct. Contemporary wings should be examined and exercised, however they’re able to construct power.

Wednesday morning, the Solar perfects its trine to retro Jupiter and the Most cancers Moon squares Chiron. There’s a specific amount of awkwardness that we really feel within the implementation of an enormous change, however there’s loads of momentum to shift that inertia.

Retrograde Mercury and direct Mars shut their conjunction and cross by afternoon with Mars holding its sq. to Neptune via Thursday. The Most cancers Moon goes on to sextile retro Uranus Wednesday evening. Whether or not we’re taking first steps at midnight or undecided if we’re able to go in any respect, instinct is vital in decision-making. Inspiration arrives within the second, on the fly.

Thursday morning, the Most cancers Moon trines Neptune and Venus, a grand trine in water indicators. It’s a peak second of internalizing the connection between what we wish and wish and what the universe desires and desires… that we’re a part of the larger dream of a dream. The Moon goes on to oppose Pluto as Venus nears its actual sextile to Pluto, all in all a kite. What’s our place in opposition to such yawning energy? We’re a part of it. There’s no should be afraid, however simply the identical – it’s so much. It’s okay to really feel it, simply don’t buckle underneath.

Night takes the Moon into Solar-ruled Leo and a sq. to retro Jupiter (actual in a single day). After such a heart-expanding expertise, the ego will attempt to develop to match it. That’s not precisely what’s wanted. We really feel our means into the proper proportions and their which means. In the event you go overboard, simply snigger it off and have enjoyable!

Friday morning, Venus leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius, becoming a member of retro Mercury and Mars. The Leo Moon quincunxes the Capricorn Solar then heads into trine with newly direct Chiron (actual by evening). A Sadge stellium fires up the pinnacle and heels and there’s a combined drive to GO. How we really feel about our supposed path relies upon whether or not or not we’re able to do the work and climb or whether or not we’re able to play. It’s not a foregone conclusion; one just isn’t higher than the opposite. What are YOU compelled to do? Is that what you’d usually do? Do what’s best for you as half of a bigger universe, not as a result of it’s what you’ve all the time achieved.

The Moon is full at almost 5 Most cancers with Jupiter nearing its station at 5 Taurus. The place do these hit your chart? How is your vacation going? Might your days be merry and shiny!



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