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Vedic Astrology Report for March 2024

Vedic Astrology Report for March 2024


By Debra Infante

The spring eclipse season begins in March with a lunar eclipse on March 25, 2024, adopted by a complete photo voltaic eclipse on April 8, 2024. Mars is exalted in Capricorn till March 15, 2024. Mercury transits Pisces, its weakest signal, from March 6 by March 25, and is concerned within the lunar eclipse. On March 31, Venus, planet of relationships, begins its transit by its exalted signal of Pisces till April 24, 2024.

Mars, planet of motion and braveness, transits Capricorn, its exalted signal till March 15, 2024. Mars has been in Capricorn since February 6, and as Mars will get nearer to its actual exaltation at 28 levels Capricorn on March 12, it provides extra energy together with a powerful will, directness, and braveness. As Mars is the planet of physicality, athleticism, in addition to yoga – this can be a nice interval to attend yoga courses or enhance your apply. Mars is symbolic of the “divine warrior” vitality, and may give elevated ardour and ambition. Simply ensure your needs are worthwhile and of a better nature, or frustration or struggling may end up.

Mercury, planet of communications and the mind, transits Pisces, its signal of debility beginning March 6 by March 25, 2024, the day of the lunar eclipse. Mercury might be at 15 levels Pisces, its diploma of debility, later within the day on March 14 to the early hours on March 15, MST. Mercury in Pisces will increase our psychological sensitivity, instinct, and visionary qualities. Nevertheless, this can be a time when communications could be a little unclear, delayed, or unsettled. Focus your energies, take note of particulars and don’t make fast assumptions. Mercury in Pisces asks us to be open-minded, and actually hear when speaking with others. This can be a interval to be extra diplomatic and versatile.

From March 24 to March 26, Mercury transits the transformative gandanta levels of 29 Pisces to 0 levels Aries, in the course of the March 25 lunar eclipse. Gandanta levels are cuspal levels between a fireplace and water signal, and when a planet transits these levels this creates a gap for deep, constructive change across the significations of the planet concerned. Mercury guidelines schooling, enterprise, gross sales, promoting, communications, and social media. Collectively, we may have to regulate or change the best way we talk with others and examine our motives. Will we talk in an informative, uplifting, and sincere manner? Better discernment in these areas together with higher boundaries is feasible. This can be a time to interrupt previous psychological habits and patterns with heart-centered neutrality. Cures for Mercury are meditation and breathwork or pranayama.

The main astrological occasion this month is the beginning of the spring eclipse season, with the lunar eclipse occurring on March 25, 2024, adopted by the full photo voltaic eclipse on April 8, 2024. Eclipses are tied to shifts in a single’s life, bringing to floor hidden issues to be confronted, so we are able to heal and develop. An eclipse may be an essential studying expertise, prompting us to take motion and make wanted modifications. Eclipses are nice instances for introspection, meditation, and prayer, however usually are not favored for materials or worldly pursuits. The consequences of eclipses can final for a number of months.

The March 25, 2024 lunar eclipse happens within the early morning hours, simply after midnight MST, at 10 levels Virgo within the nakshatra of Hasta. With this eclipse within the delicate earth signal of Virgo, points round well being, weight loss plan, meals provide, nature, and the work and repair we offer may be main themes. Lunar eclipses can enhance emotional depth and deepen emotions. The nakshatra of Hasta the place this eclipse happens, has a particular connection to the Solar and mantras, particularly the Gayatri Mantra. Training mantras or performing prayers are useful cures.

Additionally round this lunar eclipse in Hasta nakshatra, elevated issues could come up round injustices in our lives and on the earth. We could problem highly effective opponents, as we perceive simply how highly effective phrases may be. Being a full moon eclipse, we could really feel a better emotional cost with amplified energies throughout this era.
Subsequent month a complete photo voltaic eclipse happens on April 8, 2024 at 25 levels Pisces in Revati, a rich and nourishing nakshatra. The main focus could focus on points regarding prosperity, safety, and the final word reality of life. Revati is the final of the 27 nakshatras within the water signal of Pisces, and subsequently signifies a significant deal with our religious achievement, moksha or enlightenment.

On the very finish of the month on March 31, Venus, planet of affection, relationship, and finance, begins its transit by Pisces its exalted signal till April 24, 2024. This brings a eager for better compassion, kindness and peace in our world. We need to heal the struggling and challenges we see throughout us. It’s simpler to be extra forgiving and unconditional with all these we encounter if we acknowledge the significance of opening our hearts and sharing with others. We could want to add extra devotional content material to our lives as Venus guidelines the trail of Bhakti Yoga.


Total, March 2024 presents alternatives for progress, introspection, and constructive transformation, particularly by heightened consciousness of communication patterns, service, and religious pursuits.

Debra Infante is a practising Vedic astrologer and trainer. She started her research of Vedic astrology in 1995 and was licensed by The American Faculty of Vedic Astrology as an accredited trainer (Stage I) in September 1999. She has taught Vedic astrology to the scholars within the yoga trainer coaching at 7 Facilities Yoga in Sedona, AZ from 2002 to 2020. Debra may be reached at (928) 639-0623 or dinfante108@gmail.com for astrological consultations by cellphone or in particular person. Contact her to obtain her month-to-month Vedic astrology article. You too can discover her at http://ayurveda-sedona.com/yoga-and-vedic-astrology/about-vedic-astrology/



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