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The (True) Nature of the Divine Female

The (True) Nature of the Divine Female


James Brown, the American musician, understood ladies when he sang: “It is a man’s world, however it will imply nothing with no girl or a woman.” Spot on, Mr. Brown.

For the reason that starting of time, ladies have embodied distinctive forces – Mom Gaia, the Blessed Mom, Kali, Lilith, Sekhmet, Medusa, and different female powers.

Every represents a singular however divine expression of the Female.

Um…what occurred?

Why are many ladies as we speak making an attempt to be like males? Is that why we’re pissed off and burnt out on a regular basis? Have we misplaced contact with our female genius? Can we embrace her once more?

Earlier than diving any deeper, let’s introduce the idea of vitality into the dialog.

Disclaimer: This put up just isn’t meant to offend or exclude anybody. If any of the messages resonate, declare them for your self.


Female vs. Masculine Vitality

No matter our gender or sexual orientation, all of us have masculine and female energies inside. Like yin and yang, we want each for a balanced life.

Think about these energies as a spectrum with the masculine on one finish and the female on the opposite. Every particular person lands someplace particular on the spectrum, and that turns into their pure state.

The masculine vitality represents our capability to sink into consciousness or stillness deeply. It is related to construction and rationale.

With our masculine, we set boundaries, preserve routines, have interaction in analytical thought, and transfer via life with presence, confidence, and consistency.

Just like the regular texture of a mountain, the masculine vitality is grounded.

The female vitality, which is the main focus of this literary piece, represents our capability to really feel deeply. It is related to instinct and creativity.

Our female facet permits us to shamelessly personal our wishes, discover pleasure in all areas of life, obtain assist, and unapologetically transfer to the beat of our drum.

Just like the ever-flowing streams of a river, the female vitality is fluid.


However what’s the Female actually?

For starters, She is NOT one factor; fairly the opposite.

She is the warrior, the healer, the mom, the nurturer, the mystic, the drugs girl, and the destroyer (destroyer of illusions).

Check out Mom Nature.

Is not she all the time shifting and going via levels? – Seasonal? Environmental? Moon cycles?

I name this orderly chaos… a deliberate manner of processing, purging, and producing vitality. And girls, attuned to their interior female, are the precise identical manner.

We alter and remodel based mostly on our interior cycles, which in flip replicate the intrinsic rhythm of the earth. These ups and downs are a part of the feminine expertise as they assist us broaden into completely different expressions.

So, She can’t be one factor.

  • She is the sword of fact that shatters all phantasm and burns away the false and the flawed.
  • She is the nurturing mom, coaxing out our highest potential and filling it with pleasure, creativity, and compassion.
  • She is the guardian of the Underworld, ushering us into the deepest, darkest components of ourselves that want consideration and care.
  • Final however not least, She is the ocean of esoteric knowledge – that interior intuitive compass that can all the time level north.

Whatever the type she takes, the Divine Female sits on the core of non secular enlightenment with the ability to heal, create, and remodel.

When a girl embraces these completely different expressions, she unleashes her female juices and melts into her true self. Her chaotic, inventive, caring, charismatic, cyclical self. That is how she comes residence to her-self.

The query is, how can we reconnect with our long-lost female facet?


#1 Introspection

Within the phrases of Aristotle: “There is no such thing as a nice genius with out some contact of insanity.”

On this sense, hidden inside us are components, maybe a bit ‘mad’ that starvation to be seen. They have been at nighttime for too lengthy, desperately wanting to return into the sunshine.

Let’s not shrink back from embracing them – these interior quirks. Because the Cheshire Cat as soon as correctly mentioned, we’re all a bit mad right here anyway.

So, ask your self:

What components of myself am I afraid to precise? What if I noticed my rage, resentment, worry, grief, or frustration as a sacred messenger? Can I give myself permission to really feel these feelings with out judgment?

The important thing lies in being light with ourselves. The interior journey isn’t a dash.


#2 Listening to Interval Signs

The female vitality is all about feeling, and the physique is a storehouse of emotion.

However when compelled to work towards the physique – towards our moon cycles – we are going to inevitably really feel burnt out and out of alignment.

Fortunately, via varied signs, our physique clues us in on what we want.

  • Fatigue and cramps might ask us to decelerate and go inward. It’s time to take 5 from this go-go-go vitality and ease right into a softer leisure. A stress-free physique can heal itself simply wonderful.
  • Moodiness calls for solitude. It is our alternative to sit down with the tsunami of feelings we’re experiencing and really feel them with out judgment.
  • Unhappiness and anger convey up unresolved ache that wants (somewhat) further loving and acceptance.
  • Cravings are invites to let pleasure in. Pampering ourselves is (additionally) an act of self-love, and we’re greater than entitled to it.

These signs might very nicely be what we have to fall again into alignment with ourselves.


#3 Therapeutic Our Sexuality

It is completely pure for each girl to have sexual wishes, fantasies, and fetishes.

When intimate with herself or others, she permits herself to obtain pleasure and grow to be receptive to all types of blessings.

Understanding that sexual vitality is each sacred and attractive – a portal for therapeutic, pleasure, and ecstasy – she sees her yoni as a sacred doorway to embodying her interior divinity. And so, she voices her wildest wants, embraces her loudest roars, and fearlessly aligns together with her sensual nature.

Can you really feel your self with out disgrace or judgment? Are you open to receiving pleasure with out feeling responsible?

If not, your physique should be holding on to previous trauma. True freedom comes once you launch disgrace round your sexuality.

It is time to normalize pleasuring ourselves, feeling our our bodies, and massaging our female components as a result of nothing is extra rewarding for a lady than feeling protected (and attractive) in her personal physique.


#4 Awakening our Playful Facet

Consider it or not, there is a Peter Pan in all of us who by no means stops believing within the magic of life.

Bear in mind Simba’s crowning second of confidence when he walked into the Elephant Graveyard saying, “I snicker within the face of hazard?”

That is the playful spirit of your interior baby endlessly bursting with oomph – Passionate. Unapologetic. Unafraid.

What if you happen to belted out some tunes, even when they’re off-key, and splashed some paint round, even when it received messy? In reality, make a multitude. Who cares? Are you able to break all the foundations for 5 minutes and simply be?

There’s this playful vitality buried inside that wishes to be felt by you.

So, do not suppose, and most definitely, do not strive. Simply unleash.

You’ve got been doing issues the “grownup” manner all of your life. What if you happen to took your cues from the mouse for a change? This text might encourage you to return to residing a stress-free life.

4 Highly effective Messages to Deliver “Life” Again into Your Life


#5 Therapeutic our Internal Masculine

Take this as a rule of thumb. Our female facet can solely loosen up when our interior masculine is powerful.

Consider the masculine vitality because the body that holds and protects the image, i.e., the female. Solely when the masculine creates a protected container can the female be absolutely expressed.

Replicate on these:

Do I really feel protected in my physique? In my residing area? In my relationships? Can I assist myself by assembly my needs and wishes? Am I able to taking motion in direction of my wishes?

In different phrases, how will you have a extra structured, extra supported life?


In Conclusion

Ladies are advanced, multifaceted, cyclical beings.

We could be calm and chaotic. Tender and robust. Fierce and pleasant. Submissive and seductive. Peaceable and highly effective.

All these are the genuine, ever-changing manifestations of the Female, and it is time we see them because the divine, inseparable components of ourselves.

Like Chaka Khan mentioned, “I’m each girl. It’s ALL in me!”



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