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The Ignored Tyranny of Fast Fixes

The Ignored Tyranny of Fast Fixes


Developments in know-how and developments in psychiatry have improved, upgraded, and enhanced our lives in so some ways. We would be remiss, nevertheless, if we did not study the related dangers. As we change into more and more used to no matter works most shortly (and with the least effort) our potential to “put within the work” and really resolve what life throws our manner organically, not simply cowl it with a band-aid, could also be progressively dwindling. Many individuals choose sure psychiatric medicines (or associated fast fixes) over studying how to deal with and overcome an issue naturally by means of psychotherapy or studying long-term adjustments in habits. They typically rationalize that they “haven’t got time.” This may increasingly appear to work for some within the quick time period, however in the long run I argue that it dangers creating extra points.

(Be aware: I’m not referring on this publish to individuals who want to be medicated, akin to these with temper or psychotic problems, however to those that might select treatment solely, when the difficulty is probably going higher addressed behaviorally, both in remedy, or at the very least in remedy along with a medicine secondarily.)

As we more and more count on and develop accustomed to fast reduction from no matter challenges or ails us, our potential to deal with and develop from difficulties could also be diminishing. Predictably, this makes us more and more inclined to growing addictions. And, like an dependancy, what begins as a brief resolution might itself change into one other downside, typically worsening the unique concern. Under, I am going to elaborate on the potential drawbacks of prioritizing fast fixes and sure psychotropic medicines (I refer primarily to benzodiazepines on this publish) within the context of emotional and relational therapeutic, problem-solving, and private progress. For the report, I’m not innately in opposition to benzodiazepines; they are often very useful in sure conditions, for the fitting sufferers. As an alternative, I’m addressing their overuse or pointless use.

Key Pitfalls Rooted in Prioritizing Fast Fixes and Sure Psychotropic Drugs

1. Momentary Reduction vs. Lengthy-Time period Options. Fast fixes, together with psychotropic medicines like benzodiazepines, can supply fast reduction from signs (Brett & Murnion, 2015; Edinoff et al., 2021). However they normally don’t deal with the foundation causes of psychological well being points, and even typically exacerbate them (Brett & Murnion, 2015). They supply short-term advantages with out essentially selling long-term therapeutic or progress. For instance, in the event you take a benzodiazepine, even at a low dose, everytime you really feel anxious, it could rob you of the flexibility to really cope together with your nervousness over time. For this reason Edinoff et al. (2021) really helpful benzodiazepines solely be prescribed for lower than a number of weeks usually. It’s like getting handed a fish as a substitute of studying how you can fish. Over time, it could render you steadily extra helpless, extra simply triggered, and fewer resourceful and competent.

2. Dependency and Tolerance. Benzodiazepines specifically are recognized for his or her potential to create dependence and tolerance. Continued use can result in a reliance on these medicines to handle nervousness and/or different psychological well being issues, additional compromising one’s potential to develop coping methods or deal with underlying points. The extra you depend upon them, the weaker you might change into, and the extra you might begin to want them to simply really feel regular, even when dealing with triggers or threats that did not used to make you are feeling anxious or stirred up.

3. Masking Signs. Whereas psychotropic medicines (primarily benzodiazepines) can alleviate signs short-term, they might masks underlying psychological misery or trauma. This could delay or impede the exploration of deeper points that require therapeutic intervention or different types of help. This level speaks to one of many greatest errors in psychological and bodily medication of our time: We have gotten too caught up in symptom administration and sometimes overlook the significance of addressing the foundation causes of our illnesses—emotional, relational, and bodily.

4. Affect on Private Development. Optimizing for effectivity can typically serve us; it turns into a behavior for a motive. Generally what works quickest truly is finest. I am writing right here about what occurs when it is not. As we develop step by step extra inured to the lowest-hanging-fruit choice, the one with the least pressure, it could truly make us much less environment friendly over time. Relying solely on medicines like benzodiazepines (when utilized in sure methods) can restrict alternatives for private progress and improvement. Therapeutic from psychological well being points typically entails exploring feelings, growing coping expertise, confronting, resolving and therapeutic previous traumas, and making way of life adjustments which can be important for progress. Over-reliance on medicines can additional sabotage these processes. For this reason with shoppers I normally choose the time period “care-frontation” to confrontation as a result of it is meant to be caring.

5. Potential Facet Results. Sure psychotropic medicines akin to benzodiazepines can have unwanted effects akin to drowsiness, dizziness, reminiscence issues, sexual dysfunction, dependancy potential, tolerance, and withdrawal signs. Unsurprisingly, these unwanted effects can impression every day functioning and high quality of life, main the individual to want extra of them and probably fueling an dependancy cycle. For instance, avoidance fuels nervousness, so if each time you are feeling anxious you are in a position to keep away from the anxiety-producing stimuli, it could truly sensitize you to nervousness over time—which is the alternative of its intention.

6. Ignoring Holistic Approaches. A holistic method to psychological well being entails contemplating varied elements akin to way of life change, remedy, social help, train, diet, and mindfulness practices. Prioritizing fast fixes or medicines alone dangers neglecting these essential facets of emotional, relational, and bodily well-being.

7. Avoidance of Psychotherapies. There are quite a few evidence-based therapies and interventions like EMDR, emotionally targeted remedy, cognitive-behavioral remedy, mindfulness practices, train, and so forth. which have proven efficacy in treating psychological well being points with out the potential downsides related to long-term treatment use.


Whereas sure psychotropic medicines like benzodiazepines and associated fast fixes may be useful for managing sure psychological well being situations within the quick time period, relying solely on such fast fixes or medicines might hamper deeper therapeutic and restrict private progress alternatives. It is necessary to contemplate a complete method to psychological well being that entails remedy, way of life change, relationship work, and exploring various therapies alongside treatment, below the steerage of healthcare professionals, to help holistic therapeutic and progress.

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