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The Coronary heart of a Chart: Points in a Natal Chart

The Coronary heart of a Chart: Points in a Natal Chart


The center of any start chart interpretation centres on any elements within the chart.

Points present the hyperlinks and sorts of interactions between completely different planets. Possibly you’ve gotten Venus trine Saturn or Mars sq. Uranus. Maybe you’ve gotten the Moon close to Mars or the Solar in side to Jupiter.

Since every planet is accountable for completely different subjects and areas of life, the power strains or elements from one planet to a different present how completely different areas of life operate – and the sorts of dynamics you discover all through your life.

After I work with purchasers and college students, describing a selected side dynamic typically looks like describing your interior dialogue, or a approach of articulating an ongoing dilemma you come back to time and time once more.

There are lots of layers to working with elements. Step one is to study the 5 elements and the fundamentals of how every of those elements work.

Creativity and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Capricorn: Taylor Swift

Musician Taylor Swift has Mercury conjunct Neptune. Regardless that there isn’t any start time on document for Taylor Swift, many of the planet placements – and their related elements – will probably be constant all through the day.

Which implies with Mercury at 8 Capricorn and Neptune at 11 Capricorn, there’s a conjunction side from Mercury to Neptune.

For Taylor – and anybody else born the identical day – communication planet Mercury takes on a creative, soulful, compassionate and artistic high quality, because of the affect of Neptune.

A Mercury conjunct Neptune side may present somebody is impressed or can simply entry their instinct. It could present a strongly want to discover emotions and energetic issues. And it might probably present some confusion, particularly round particulars or logistics.

Every particular person with a Mercury conjunct Neptune side may have themes alongside these strains – one Mercury/Neptune particular person is likely to be extra inventive and creative, one other is likely to be extra non secular and intuitive. Each may have a connection to feeling, temper and creativeness as these are among the qualities that Neptune shares with different planets when in side to them.

For Taylor Swift, it exhibits up in her songwriting and poetic abilities.

Jupiter, the South Node and Cash: A Consumer Side Instance

A current shopper had Jupiter on the South Node in Libra. Of their chart, Jupiter is the ruler of the twond home of cash, revenue and funds. Which implies this side will say one thing about their expertise of revenue, cash and funds.

The South Node is an emptying out image. It’s additionally deeply non secular and never occupied with accumulation and even essentially worldly success.

To have one’s private cash planet, the ruler of the twond home, on the South Node can present that the outflow of cash will be fairly simple – as if, let unchecked, cash will naturally move out of the life, away from the person.

Understanding this implies the shopper could make decisions to assist maintain onto needed funds the place doable and to bear in mind that some effort will probably be wanted to assist create financial savings and construct wealth. This may contain the shopper being tremendous considerate about spending or being intentional about dwelling a extra easy type of life.

Consumer prefers to work a component time schedule to permit extra time for dwelling, parenting, and to care for his or her wellbeing, moderately than simply working extra hours for incomes and spending. A part of what’s significant for them is time to develop their very own non secular and mystical pursuits. Consumer has additionally labored in Jupiter sort fields – incomes revenue by work within the training discipline.

Consumer has had various incomes ranges all through their life. At occasions shopper has benefited from a household inheritance, (the ruler of the second is Jupiter, a benefic!) and at different occasions shopper has had bills larger than their revenue, particularly referring to youngsters. (Consumer additionally has Pisces on the 5th home of youngsters.)

The Energy of an Side

So simply this one side, Jupiter conjunct the South Node, can present insights about numerous experiences and subjects.

That is the energy of elements. And why a working astrologer like myself, will spend a lot time speaking about elements – it’s the guts of natal chart work and gives the important thing to understanding so most of the dynamics, potentials and pitfalls of a life.

What’s an vital side in your start chart? How do you expertise this?

If you happen to’d wish to study extra about elements, be a part of my Points and Activation course – the following reside cohort begins February 26.



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