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The Actual That means of Demise

The Actual That means of Demise


You are on this darkish, spooky attic – a spot you’ve got by no means set foot in earlier than. You’re feeling okay, however one thing doesn’t add up. As you seize the door deal with, it’s like your hand goes by means of.

What the…

Earlier than you’ll be able to even say a phrase, you see a girl draped in shadows press play.

Sit tight; your total life is about to flash earlier than your eyes. Yeah…you are lifeless!

The display sparkles, and the small print astonish you. Nicely, not each element, however you see all the things – what you probably did and didn’t do. The folks you harm and people who harm you. The instances you actually lived and the mountains you gave up climbing.

The whole lot!

Close to the top, you notice your identify in daring letters – scriptwriter, producer, director, even cleansing crew.

Earlier than you’ll be able to put two and two collectively, She disappears into the evening. What occurred?!


After We Die

Phrase on the cosmic avenue is that we journey by means of completely different planes of consciousness earlier than coming right here. It’s like making a bunch of stops earlier than our large entrance on Earth.

We carry on descending from greater to decrease planes of consciousness till we sink into the realm of matter.

However what occurs after we die?

The Bulgarian thinker and main esotericist, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, explores this in his books The Life Past and The Fruits of the Tree of Life – The Cabbalistic Custom.

He and different mystics consider that after we die, we stroll again up the identical steps, however in reverse. Right here’s the way it goes.

At one of many decrease planes of consciousness, we rendezvous with karma. And let’s be clear – karma just isn’t punishment.

That is the place we grow to be aware of all of the issues we mentioned or didn’t say, did or didn’t do this missed the mark on love.

As an illustration, if you happen to cheated your technique to success, considering it’s a dog-eat-dog world, nicely, that’s concern speaking, not love. So, subsequent time, karma will nudge you towards a extra loving path to success, reminding you that the universe is plentiful, and there’s loads for everybody.

Subsequent up on our cosmic journey is the place we let the great instances roll – hitting replay on all of the good we’ve performed. Right here, we take in each second of affection and pleasure we skilled throughout our keep on earth.

This leg of the journey, within the phrases of Kool and the Gang, is “have a good time good instances” throughout – a playback of all our wins.

Issues get fascinating after this.

We attain the Land of No Thriller, the aircraft that has all of the solutions – solutions to something we’ve been left clueless about.

Think about “unwrapping” all of the mysteries of the universe, one after the other, marveling at each scrumptious secret. It’s like Genie’s lamp, however with limitless entry.

Going up yet one more stage, we hit Nirvana.

If this have been a Lion King film, it might be Rafiki’s Upendi – the paradise of absolute love. There isn’t any ‘you’ or ‘me’ anymore, no separation. The whole lot is linked, and all is one.

Likelihood is, you may not need to go away right here. However the remaining cease is price all the things.

It’s our Homecoming with a capital H, the place we soften into the One Thoughts…the One Creator… the One Everlasting Consciousness.

And with that, my pals, we conclude our celestial after-death tour.

So, what do you suppose dying is?


She’s Not What You Assume

It is no secret that we concern what we don’t perceive. Our minds are designed to maintain us secure, and secure means sticking to the acquainted – the recognized.

What if we understood dying a bit higher?

Within the Sandman comics, Neil Gaiman paints dying in an unique gentle. She is a mild, upbeat, free spirit who finds life significantly fascinating.

Her official job title is psychopomp, which implies escort of souls to different realms.

She is actually a god of transition. And the truth that she’s heat could be very related as a result of she’s not an ominous determine that comes for you within the evening. She’s a pal.

Possibly that’s why we consult with dying as a candy launch.

She invitations us to let go of our particular person fits and see all that we have to see – the great, the unhealthy, and the ugly of our life – so we are able to have a greater run subsequent time round.

In that sense, dying just isn’t the alternative of life however an extension.


What Will It Be?

Will this attitude on dying enable you notice that you just’re the one one calling the photographs? That you’re and at all times would be the god of your actuality?

Will it encourage you to stay the life you’re meant for? Or, waste it away till She requires you?



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