The Solar went  into Aquarius on Feb. twelfth and stays there till March 14th. The Solar is within the seventh place from Leo which is like sundown and is a weak place for it to be and since Aquarius is co-owned by Rahu and Saturn, it isn’t a picnic. Solar is among the symbols or karakas for well being and vitality and in addition for medical medical doctors and thru late Feb.  it’s quite so it’s important to keep on high of your well being with correct eating regimen, disciplined train, and common yoga. Planets are thought of weak when they’re 7 homes from their house and that’s the case with the Solar in Aquarius and seven homes from Leo. In case you are Leo rising, the Solar could notably really feel drained and run-down.

The Solar is just not with out an  affliction as Saturn can be conjunct it into Feb. twenty eighth  and could have a powerful affect Feb. 25-March 1.   We have now written about this in our article about Saturn combustion.

In case you are Aquarius rising, Solar or Moon, it is among the extra advanced rising indicators. Dominated primarily by Rahu the North Node and Saturn, it is vitally linked to astrology, the occult sciences and therapeutic, and biomedical analysis and invention. It is extremely linked to the occult forces ushering in new civilizations and new-thought currents. The image for Aquarius is the pitcher which ought to be empty as a result of Aquarius is an air signal. With none benefics like Jupiter or Venus or Mercury aspecting linked to the signal of Aquarius or its ruler, people born below this signal might be sad and sorrowful and has numerous previous karma and Aquarians born below Shatibishak nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-19.59) have a very sturdy curiosity within the therapeutic sciences and expertise. Nonetheless, Aquarians are extremely religious individuals who want to show to the Divine to ease their sorrows and if this occurs, numerous their heavy burdens are lightened. By nature, they’re serious about liberation as a result of Saturn owns the first and the twelfth home.

Aquarians are very clever and infrequently serious about astrology with Mercury proudly owning the fifth and eighth home and Mercury transiting via Aquarius now till early April will promote deep philosophical inquiry and motion towards finding out astrology.

The Solar strikes into the constellation of Satabhishak on Feb. Nineteenth-March 5th linked to Rahu and the constellation of 100 physicians so it’s a time for therapeutic. Whereas this constellation is sweet for expertise and invention, I discover this transit tough as it could convey up extra irritation towards the federal government so not a time to mouth again to a police officer round a site visitors violation. Individuals born with this configuration could undergo from low vanity and never being dependable and should over-compensate making the ego and the Solar out of stability. They might undergo from not dwelling as much as their very own excessive requirements.

That is an emotional churning of the transit that may lead us to undertake unhealthy habits and poor consuming routines and indulging in abuse substances (like sugar) to cope with the feelings. Rahu is in Pisces and is extra mellow and can pursue new religious avenues and new age issues.   . When the Solar is in Rahu’s nakshatra it channels Rahu’s vitality and creates a planetary affiliation. Bear in mind that an Solar by Rahu can create extra excitable and stressed and agitated emotional vitality. You’ll have to calm it down with yoga, calming natural teas, coconut water and coconut milk, and staying away from spicy meals.

It will result in imbalances within the emotional physique and one will seeks some option to placate oneself and so we attain for some sugar or another substances that aren’t good for you. This will create emotional consuming and may lead create illness and imbalance within the physique. Bear in mind. Take immune system boosters like Colustrum and echinacea, olive leaf extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, and zinc to spice up your immune methods and relaxation extra, and don’t stay up too late.

Discover wholesome methods to launch vitality with yoga, meditation, and train, or yelling on the high of your lungs in an empty automotive while you’re driving. In the event you can not launch then there could also be a bent to overwork, overeat or keep up late binging watching 13 episodes of your favourite collection on Netflix and this may get you out of stability.

As at all times, we attempt to write basic forecasts for the populace however transits are 20% of prediction and topic to the bigger cycles you’re operating. Studying charts is like studying DNA strands and individuals are so distinctive. In the event you want a studying or replace and what’s going on, go to our web site.

The Solar strikes into the constellation of Purvabhardrapada  (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) (March 5-17) and the Solar/ Jupiter affiliation at all times promotes optimism and confidence and good feeling.  Nonetheless it’s a troubling and complicated and darkish vitality and may convey up sexual addictions in case you have not discovered to channel your vitality upward towards spirituality via austerity.

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