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Solar Conjunct Mercury – Mercury Turns into An Night Star

Solar Conjunct Mercury – Mercury Turns into An Night Star


On October twentieth, 2023, Solar is conjunct Mercury at 26° Libra. 

This transit is vital for two causes:

1) We at the moment are within the center, or the “Full Moon” part of the present Mercury cycle. This can be a time or readability and manifestation. 

2) Mercury transitions from a Morning Star to an Night Star. You could be accustomed to the idea of Morning and Night Star from Venus – however all planets have “morning” and “night” star phases. These 2 distinct phases include distinct qualities. 

Let’s now discuss a bit about every of those 2 dimensions of the Mercury-Solar transit:

Mercury Conjunct Solar – Mercury “Full Moon”

When Mercury direct is conjunct the Solar, we’re in the course of the present 4-month Mercury cycle. That is the peach of the cycle, a time of most readability and alignment. 

This specific Mercury cycle began on September sixth, 2023. Is there any undertaking or endeavor you initiated in early September? Something specific happening in your life? 

Round October twentieth, on the time of the conjunction, you’ll obtain vital insights (Mercury) about your self and your goal in life (the Solar). 

This can be a time of alignment and readability. In case you’ve been feeling confused about whether or not or to not tackle a possibility, or proceed a undertaking, the Solar-Mercury cazimi-conjunction will carry you the readability and confidence you want. 

Mercury Conjunct Solar Sq. Pluto

Pluto (at 27° Capricorn) is squaring the Mercury-Solar conjunction, which provides a component of depth and transformation to the insights and readability you obtain. 

The insights gained through the Solar-Mercury cazimi-conjunction might carry to the floor deeper psychological undercurrents, bringing to your consciousness hidden ideas or energy struggles which will have been sabotaging your selections and actions.

Solar conjunct Mercury sq. Pluto is your alternative to make profound shifts in your considering patterns and align along with your true goal.

It’s a time to face any fears, psychological fashions, or self-sabotaging tendencies that maintain you small, and emerge with a clearer sense of self and a deeper understanding of your life’s path.

How precisely this transit will affect you depends upon your own home placements and whether or not Solar, Mercury and Pluto make any elements with planets in your natal chart. 

Let’s say the transit triggers your profession homes. In case you’ve been feeling caught in your profession, the Solar-Mercury cazimi-conjunction will carry you insights into their self-sabotaging beliefs which were hindering your skilled development. 

If you turn into conscious of those hidden ideas and self-doubts, you may work on addressing and reframing them. 

You could understand that it’s not “them”, however your personal perceptions and beliefs about what’s potential or not which were holding you again, and that you might have been unconsciously attracting “controlling forces” or “unimaginable conditions” so that you just learn to take management of your profession path, and create alternatives that align along with your true potential and aspirations. 

Mercury Turns into An Night Star

The Solar-Mercury cazimi conjunction is vital for one more cause. 

When Mercury (and some other planet for that matter) makes a shift in its relationship with the Solar, it transforms from a so-called “Morning Star” into an “Night Star” or the opposite approach round. 

When a planet rises earlier than the Solar, it’s a Morning Star.

Because of this it ‘reveals up’ earlier than the Solar. It has its personal agenda. Its power is extra uncooked and archetypal, as a result of it’s not conditioned by what the Solar desires. 

When a planet rises after the Solar, it’s an Night Star.

Because of this the planet and the Solar already had an encounter, and that the Solar has “handed on” its mission to the Night Star planet. 

That is nice for a lot of causes: the planet has now a way of goal. Its agenda is now aligned with the agenda of the Solar. However the planet additionally loses a little bit of its spontaneity and explorative spirit. 

Each the Morning and the Night Star phases of a planet include their very own advantages. 

We wish a planet to be a Morning Star once we begin one thing new. After we need to go on a brand new journey, and discover issues from a unique approach. That’s an exploration and analysis part. The planet tries out various things, learns find out how to navigate uncharted territory, and adapts to unfamiliar conditions. 

We wish a planet to be an Night Star once we have already got readability round what it’s that we need to do, and we’re able to proceed with the follow-through and implementation. 

Promethean Mercury and Epimethean Mercury

Mercury has 2 completely different “names”, one for every Star Part. 

Mercury Morning Star known as the Promethean Mercury, from Prometheus who gave the fireplace of thoughts to the people. 

The Promethean Mercury part has a spontaneous and intuitive method to considering and communication. Mercury Morning Star has the power of Gemini. It’s curious, quick-witted, and has a newbie’s thoughts. 

Mercury Night Star known as Epimethean Mercury. Epimetheus was Prometheus’ brother. In Greek, Epimetheus means “afterthought” or “late counseling”.

In contrast to his brother Prometheus, Epimetheus was identified for considering after the very fact, symbolizing a extra reflective and cautious method.

Epimethean Mercury has a extra sensible, analytical and goal thoughts. Its method relies extra on expertise, quite than instinct. 

Mercury Night Star has the power of Virgo. It has a particular process to perform, and it’s methodical about getting it accomplished. 

On October twentieth, 2023 Mercury transforms from a Promethean Mercury into an Epimethean Mercury. What does this imply? 

This shift marks a transition from a extra spontaneous and intuitive mode of considering and communication to a extra reflective and cautious one.

After aligning your ideas (Mercury) along with your goal (the Solar) you at the moment are much less involved with exploration, and extra targeted on disciplined motion to observe by means of along with your agenda. 

Individuals born with an Epimethean Mercury normally discover this part of the Mercury cycle extra acquainted and simple to navigate; that’s as a result of they’re already ‘used’ to this power and might simply faucet into it. 

Promethean Mercury folks as an alternative might discover this Mercury method to go a bit towards their nature; however this will result in nice breakthroughs and achievements. After we are ‘pushed’ to take a look at issues from a distinct angle, we’re more likely to provide you with artistic options.

How have you learnt when you’ve got a Promethean Mercury or an Epimethean Mercury? Easy.

In case your natal Mercury is within the signal earlier than the Solar, then it’s Promethean. If it’s within the signal after the Solar, it’s Epimethean. 

For instance, in case your Mercury is in Taurus, and your Solar is in Gemini, you’ve gotten a Promethean Mercury. In case your Solar is in Gemini, and your Mercury is in Most cancers, you’ve gotten an Epimethean Mercury. 

In case your Solar and Mercury are in the identical signal, take note of the diploma. If Mercury is discovered at an earlier diploma (e.g. Mercury is at 7° Gemini, Solar is at 15° Gemini) you then’re a Promethean Mercury.

If Mercury is discovered at a later diploma (e.g. Solar is at 15° Gemini, Mercury is at 22° Gemini) you might be an Epimethean Mercury.

Solar Conjunct Mercury – Readability And Momentum 

Whatever the Mercury part, the precise Solar-Mercury conjunction that occurs on October twentieth, 2023 is the time when Solar and Mercury ‘shake arms’ within the sky and also you acquire readability about your life goal

On the time of the conjunction, take a while to mirror in your targets and aspirations.

Journaling is a superb Mercury exercise that can provide help to faucet into your internal knowledge:

    • What’s it that it’s good to do? (Solar-Mercury cazimi)
    • What’s it about your method that should change? (Mercury turns into an Night Star)
    • Which fears and psychological fashions do it’s good to confront and remodel? (Solar-Mercury sq. Pluto) 

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