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Pluto In Aquarius ~ UnSlave Or EnSlave?

Pluto In Aquarius ~ UnSlave Or EnSlave?


Pluto re-enters Aquarius correctly on 20 January 2024 the place it can keep till 2043/44! (Apart from a breif spell when it returns to Capricorn from September 2 to November 18 2024) So we can have Pluto in Aquarius for roughly 20 years. Pluto has a 248 photo voltaic cycle.

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Pluto was final in Aquarius between 1778 to 1798. That interval was generally known as the age of revolution since we had each the American and French revolutions. In 1796 the primary vaccines had been developed by injecting a baby with cowpox which after all was floor breaking for the medical occupation. Earlier than that Pluto was in Aquarius from 1532 to 1553 when Henry the eighth was King of England. Throughout that point we had the protestant reformation and the primary Spanish conquistadors landed in America.

Cosmic Daybreak Of A New Age?

Studying what others on the net have stated about Pluto in Aquarius this time round I get the impression that the media would love it to be an intensification of the ‘progressive’ agenda. They report that ‘bizarre and quirky Aquarian traits’ will change into mainstream. Nicely, I’d say that’s been occurring for at the very least 10 years. Flying the freak flag is nothing new and conventional values are positively spat upon in media promoting. Pluto in Aquarius is being hyped because the “cosmic daybreak of a brand new age”. Nicely as a stellium Aquarian, I might like to suppose so! Liz Simmons of popsugar writes:

“Overarching themes to anticipate from Pluto in Aquarius would be the destruction and transformation of Aquarius traits and associations, which can embody the next: the higher group, friendship, humanitarian efforts, individuality, authenticity, liberation, and eccentricity.” ~ Popsugar. She goes on to say “It turning into more and more cooler to be bizarre and quirky as a substitute of attempting to “slot in.” 

But when Pluto does certainly nukes Aquarian traits then wouldn’t it go the opposite means? As an alternative, we might have the destruction of individuality, group, eccentricity and so forth wouldn’t we? Or have I learn that unsuitable? I do see a backlash in opposition to the ‘Woke’ nonetheless and in some methods, wise Saturn in Aquarius has paved the way in which for Pluto to chop the crap so to talk. Each Saturn and Pluto will carry to an finish that which doesn’t serve us. They share dying in frequent and each are feared probably the most as transits.

Nevertheless, as with all transits, there’s a constructive or a adverse manifestation. We now have free will and might select which one will play out in our lives. We’ve had two and a half years of Saturn in Aquarius with the occasional sq. from Uranus. That configuration has given us an concept of what Pluto in Aquarius will really feel like.


In my Saturn sq. Uranus ~ Techno Tyranny article I wrote ~ “In some methods, this sq. has the same really feel to Uranus sq. Pluto which ran from 2012 to 2015. I known as that one ‘Dominators and Dictators’ as a result of I discovered that the earlier Uranus sq. Pluto in 1932/34 heralded the rise of the Nationalist Socialist Occasion and Hitler. I ponder if this Saturn sq. Uranus can have the same impact, a form of Uranus sq. Pluto lite.

Presently, there are such a lot of constrictions (Saturn) to our freedoms (Uranus.) and flight restrictions too... Our smartphones are more and more turning into the cyber-version of the ball and chain. We have already got it to some extent with ‘Observe & Hint’ within the UK. How Saturn sq. Uranus is that? Uranian expertise getting used as surveillance.” There’s already speak of digital IDs which is able to most likely be linked to our telephones. Within the UK on April twenty third 2023 (Once more the quantity 23!) we had a nationwide testing of this ‘Emergency Alert’

Permission To Penetrate

“Emergency Alerts is a UK authorities service that may warn you if there’s a hazard to life close by. In an emergency, your cell phone or pill will obtain an alert with recommendation about the right way to keep secure.” I discover this entire concept creepy. Just like the 4-minute nuclear warning we had within the Eighties with the “Defend & Survive” leaflets that had been put by means of our letterboxes. It’s fascinating this ‘take a look at’ occurred throughout Pluto’s temporary prequel go to to Aquarius in 2023.

Pluto in mythology is understood for the rape of Persephone. One of many traits of psychopaths is their disregard for boundaries. They take with out asking and invade your private house. These fashionable gadgets like cell phones do exactly that. Like Pluto, they’re continually spying on you, however provided that you allow them to. Once more they want you to offer them your permission earlier than they penetrate and enslave you!

So I’m hoping there shall be a revolt in opposition to invasive expertise and the ‘woke’ agenda. Low-vibration Aquarius is excessive equality, the place anybody that tries to rise above the common is pulled down (Like when one bold crab tries to flee from a bucket, the others pull him again down). Communism degenerates to the purpose the place no individuality is left in any respect and the collective turns into a hive thoughts. Excessive vibration Aquarius however is the frequent man as divine, requiring no middleman between himself and god. We won’t want a intermediary, banker or dealer in enterprise both. Pluto is usually a big parasite or freedom from parasites as a result of he can detox all of the adverse Aquarian traits of humanity. We are able to promote on to our shoppers with out somebody taking fee or curiosity.

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