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People’ Love Nature Can Unite Us

People’ Love Nature Can Unite Us


Supply: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

From birdwatchers to fishermen, from snowboarders to surfers to folks gazing out from their entrance porch or going for a stroll within the park: America is a rustic of nature lovers. Let’s put our variations apart and unite to guard the pure world. It’s not solely a useful financial useful resource—it’s a portal to the divine and our potential as human beings.


As President of america, I’ll do greater than any president in American historical past to guard our sacred forests, our wildlife, our landscapes, our rivers and streams, our shorelines and oceans, and our purple mountains’ majesty. As a result of I perceive that we’re not simply defending nature for nature’s sake, we’re defending it for our sake. We are going to profit, too, as a result of nature is the infrastructure of our communities. Nature enriches us and enriches us economically, culturally, and traditionally, but it surely additionally enriches us spiritually.

God talks to human beings via many vectors: via organized religions and the good books of these religions, via the prophets and smart folks, and thru artwork, literature, music, and poetry. However nowhere with the identical element, texture, grace, and pleasure as via creation. And after we destroy nature, we impoverish our kids. We diminish their capability and our personal to sense the Divine, to grasp who God is, and to know what our personal potential is as human beings. And in that sense, destroying nature isn’t just a criminal offense towards our kids; it is a sin towards our creator, our neighborhood, and ourselves.

I do know that I am not alone in recognizing these truths. America is a nation of nature lovers. It is true of liberals and conservatives, city and rural people, local weather activists, and local weather skeptics. In order president, I’ll faucet into the American love for nature to guard our surroundings and to encourage the entire world with our instance.



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