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New Moon January 2024 ~ Idolatry By Darkstar Astrology

New Moon January 2024 ~ Idolatry By Darkstar Astrology


The New Moon on 11 January 2024 falls at 20º Capricorn Decan 3. Side: Trine Uranus. Mounted Star: Sulaphat. Asteroid: Sphinx. Tarot Card: 4 Of Pentacles. Therapeutic Crystal: Pyrite.

New Moon in Capricorn Decan 3

Navigating the difficult January New Moon placement in Capricorn 3 requires a fragile steadiness. Fuelled by ambition and a fascination with authority figures, this lunar section lacks the fidelity for management, usually succumbing to temper swings. People influenced by this new moon could discover themselves drawn to idolise leaders. On the constructive facet, it is a perfect time for excelling as an advisor if you’re the one who influences the seat of energy.

Nonetheless, a phrase of warning prevails – be cautious of turning into subservient to domineering leaders, as blind obedience could result in undesirable penalties. Loyalty, whereas commendable, can flip disastrous if misdirected. The moon favours astute people, however the potential for the misuse of energy looms with out direct accountability, casting shadows on these influenced by this lunar section.

Mounted Star, Tarot & Asteroid

The Sulaphat Mounted Star at 21º Capricorn is related to a tortoiseshell turned musical instrument and provides an inventive contact. Positioned within the Vulture’s claws within the Lyra constellation, it suggests musical capacity, however with potential inclinations in the direction of theft!

The decans tarot card is the 4 of Pentacles which hints at a worry of shortage which will result in pointless monetary fear. Emphasizing the goat’s tenacity, the cardboard advocates renovation over disposal, signalling constructive points associated to financial savings, investments, and retirement plans.

The brand new Moon is reverse asteroid Sphinx. In Greek mythology, the sphinx is a legendary creature with the top of a girl, the physique of a lion, and the wings of a chook. It’s recognized for being treacherous and cruel, difficult those that encounter it to reply a riddle. In the event that they fail to take action, the Sphinx kills and eats them. Courageous Oedipus efficiently unravels her riddle. The Sphinx, in response, hurled herself off the mountainside ending her reign of terror!

What the New Moon January 2024 means in your signal

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