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Neptune Thoughts Tips & Blurred Actuality

Neptune Thoughts Tips & Blurred Actuality


Neptune charlie chaplin mirror maze 2It’s been a very long time since I wrote about my hologram, however Mercury is and might be extremely emphasised over these subsequent few months. Issues come to thoughts and a few of them appear value sharing.

I’ve used the phrase, “mistake of the mind” which tracks to astrologer, James Braha, who I vastly respect. He states in one among his books, the job of an astrologer is usually to right issues like this. I feel he’s proper. However these errors come in several flavors. I’ve discovered, Neptune-type errors resist correction and I’ve a narrative for instance.

I need to level out, I’ve a whole bunch of tales like this, firsthand expertise, so this isn’t in any respect uncommon and it’s value understanding, as a result of it will possibly occur to you and it in all probability has.

So that is about, Scott, who I met whereas working in his mom’s bar, once I was fifteen. He’s extensively thought-about a genius, or a geni-ass, as his Nanna used to name him. He’s a Most cancers. Clearly, I lied about my age to get this job. Wildly so. I grew to become absorbed into this household to a level and ultimately confessed my lie. However this isn’t the lie, Scott was obsessive about. He was obsessive about a special lie that didn’t exist.

For some purpose, Scott, as a result of satisfied that I used to be not Italian, however Mexican. I don’t know the place he bought this notion, however it grew to become a factor in his household, unbeknownst to me. I imply, he and his mom and his sister and whoever, all thought I used to be, Mexican, claiming Italian. That is one thing that will by no means have occurred to me in 1,000,000 years. I’m fifteen!

So these conversations go on behind my again. “Why does she lie? We don’t care if she’s Mexican. We’ll nonetheless love her…” They debate it, amongst themselves. Ought to they inform me they know I’m mendacity? Or simply silently know?

Meantime, there may be each day interplay with these folks. I’m telling you, I had no thought. However this burned them as much as such a level, ultimately, Scott began asking me issues.

“Are you actually, Mexican?”


“Are. You. Mexican?”

“I’m Italian!” I’d say, like doesn’t he know this?

neptune charlie chaplin mirror mazeHe goes again to his household, to report that I’m Italian or that I’m persevering with to lie about this – I don’t know. Ultimately he comes again once more.

“You’re Mexican, aren’t you?”

I’m curious at this level. I have a look at him like his face is swirling round. “No, I’m not Mexican. I’m Italian. You recognize that.”

“However you’re from Mexico?” he says, main me.

“From Mexico? I’m from right here! Why would I be from, Mexico? What is that this!”

“Effectively, I’m simply questioning in the event you’re actually, Mexican and never Italian.”

“Are you out of your thoughts? Didn’t I inform you I used to be Italian?”


“Then why would I be Mexican? I mentioned I’m Italian. Do I look Italian?”

“Sure. However you may be Mexican?”

I snigger. “Yeah, however do you hear me talking Spanish?”

“No, however perhaps you may.”

“Effectively I can’t as a result of I’m not from Mexico and I’m not Mexican and I am Italian. Is my identify, Italian?”

“Sure. Nevertheless it may be Mexican.”

“One thing is mistaken with you, Scott. Get away from me!”

Quick ahead, 5 years. By now, Scott had intensive dealings with my mom. Her mom was first era Italian. Her father was, Henry, from West Virginia. French and English, primarily. Not Mexican. However nonetheless…

“Are you certain you’re not Mexican?”


Quick ahead one other 5 years.

“I’ve come to imagine that you just really are, Italian. My household was satisfied you had been Mexican…”

“However why..?

“I don’t know. We simply thought you had been a Mexican, we had been all certain of it.”

Quick ahead, ten extra years.

“I nonetheless can’t imagine you’re not Mexican.”


“I do know, I simply can’t imagine it”.

Neptune is a few severe shit. Don’t delude your self, in any other case.



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