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Mass Delusions & Mass Readability

Mass Delusions & Mass Readability


piscespisces“Astrologically, I believe it’s Neptune Pisces. 13 years of mass delusions.”
– Mermaid on The Collective Is More and more Sociopathic

This remark appears correct, to an extent. I learn one other astrologer who believes Neptune in Pisces is the first reason behind all our ills presently – interval. I’ve related it with Widespread Habit and persevering with, Collective Delusion which I really feel exploded, with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, circa 2009.  However this solely tells the half the story. Briefly, what in regards to the different fish?

There’s a duality to Pisces and whereas we do endure/take pleasure in mass delusions presently, the veil can also be very skinny, or so many think about this to be the case.

Now whether or not it’s skinny, for actual or skinny, for pretend, many are capable of see by way of issues that had beforehand had them fooled for his or her total lifetime.  I think the veil-dropping is deliberate and orchestrated, however there’s no telling the place the road could be.

I believe this the character of Neptune.  Now you see it now you don’t, however then you definately see it once more. After that, you possibly can’t un-see it, as they are saying. However you really can un-see it, while you forgot you noticed it or when the folks round you possibly can’t see it.

An individual might decide to disregard what they see, for any variety of causes.  It’s like gaining weight. You’ll be able to concentrate on it, however it’s also possible to not concentrate on it, or simply inform your self, you’ll deal with the scenario, tomorrow.  Bam! Your fatness leaves your consciousness, or appears to.

Neptune-y issues are fleeting. Like, bliss for instance.  You’ll be able to expertise it and be overcome by it however you possibly can’t stay in that state, on this airplane. Neptune is in it’s dwelling signal.  I really feel that is optimistic however I learn different astrologers who ignore the location.

In my actuality, the collective is being proven many issues that have been (higher) hid, ten years in the past, and even fifty years in the past.  They have been nonetheless there; they have been there 100 years in the past and extra, however the veil was thick!

My level is that we’re struggling mass delusions however we’re additionally struggling mass readability. Additional, various things are revealed to totally different folks. Additional, people, consider after which don’t consider, numerous issues which can be revealed.  And instance of that is all of the sickness and the trigger. Individuals swear they know the trigger.  They subsequent day, they’re undecided. That is textbook, Neptune in Pisces. Readability is fleeting and it seems to be identical to delusion, while you’re tricked!

Plenty of astrologers thought we’d be toast on Easter and/or the Aries eclipse.  Had been they deluded? Or have been they tricked by the fabricated data, we swim in every day?

It turns into exhausting. Some flip to avoidance to keep away from being drained.  It’s a Saturn in Pisces protection which appears applicable.

Are you conscious of the duality of those occasions? Or do you are feeling you may have a grip? Or are you simply swirling?




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