Home Astrology Mars in Transition: Late Scorpio into Sagittarius thought Dec. Twenty seventh

Mars in Transition: Late Scorpio into Sagittarius thought Dec. Twenty seventh

Mars in Transition: Late Scorpio into Sagittarius thought Dec. Twenty seventh



Mars guidelines Aries and Scorpio rising and they’re beginning an essential new journey and transformation now.   Mars is getting  prepared to go away Scorpio on Dec. Twenty seventh   and transfer into Sagittarius.

The top of Scorpio, 27-30 levels known as the stinger story and is within the gandanta which accurately means drowning. Mars will transit this space in Scorpio  Dec. 24-Twenty seventh     and this might deliver out deep karmic patterns in case you are dominated by Mars ie Scorpio rising or Aries rising. It  might be an intense time for transformation.

The top of Scorpio is about letting go of fabric  and getting learn for religious transformation within the constellation of Mula.  It may be an intense psychological and emotional time.  The final diploma, 29.12-29.59 is probably the most tough a part of the journey and it occurs Dec. 26-Twenty seventh .  Right here there are deep knots that have to be unraveled for religious development to happen. This generally is a place the place most emotional churning can occur so watch Dec. 26-27.   Keep on prime of meditation and yoga right here otherwise you would possibly really feel very fragile.  There generally is a sense of not being supported and this can be linked to siblings as Mars is the significator or karaka for sibling and notably brothers.  Use this transit to work on deep transformational points.

Mars strikes into Sagittarius on Dec. Twenty seventh   and is within the Sag. gandanta  till Dec. thirty first.   It’s stronger right here within the Aries pada (0-3.20 Sagittarius)  so  has the braveness right here to to by means of religious ache and do the deep religious transformation right here.

The constellation of Mula is deeply karmic and might result in deep struggling if these dominated by Mars are unable to interrupt away from the fabric bonds and transfer towards religious awakening and Mars stays there till Jan. 14th  .  Therefore the following three  weeks  Jan 14-Feb 2nd    Mars will get into Purva Shadha (Sag. 13.20-26.40) . For Aries and Scorpio. this era  require nice transformation. Time to take a retreat and do a meditation course or endure deep emotional pangs and psychological grunge.    It may be a time for breakthroughs and Divine supportibut Jupiter is 5 indicators away and offering assist with its trinal energies.



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