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Managing Anxiousness Through the Festive Interval – My Self-Love Provide

Managing Anxiousness Through the Festive Interval
– My Self-Love Provide


For many individuals, Christmas is a time the place households and previous associates can come collectively, the place childhood recollections are stuffed with heat and pleasure. Some could not have seen one another for a very long time, while others are welcoming in new members to their ever rising households. For others, recollections of Christmas might not be as heat, it could be a fearful, upsetting time the place the arguments by no means appear to finish. Christmas could have modified, relationships could also be fractured, and the adverts and music of Christmas could really feel like a relentless reminder of these modifications.

Whether or not Christmas is one among your favorite occasions of the yr, or your least favorite, one factor that’s sure is that this yr might be totally different as a result of very nature of the pandemic we’re all experiencing. This in itself could result in some fear or worry, even when Christmas is your favorite time of the yr.  The uncertainty round giant gathering’s, holding traditions or catching up with previous associates could also be one thing that many individuals all over the world should tussle with.

It could be useful to have a look at what precisely is nervousness, earlier than trying into tips about managing nervousness. For some, they are going to expertise a nervousness, or feeling on edge, elevated coronary heart fee, nausea, sweating or a sense of fore-boding as if one thing unhealthy is nearly to occur. Anxiousness will help us in alerting us to hazard and by way of evolution, it was a mandatory survival mechanism. Lots of people will discuss concerning the battle, flight or freeze response, and just lately, they’ve added in a fourth response – flop. In battle or flight, our our bodies responses change in nanoseconds – our coronary heart fee will increase, digestion slows down, adrenaline is launched inflicting us to tremble and our minds zone in on the risk, or scans the environment for potential threats. Once more, this was very helpful once we have been cave-dwellers co-existing with a number of giant hungry animals. Our perceived threats could have shifted from wild hungry bears to questioning if we’re adequate for a promotion, worrying about funds, second guessing our skills or being fearful of huge crowds. Though the threats could have modified, our bodily bodily responses to those haven’t – they trigger the identical bodily response inside our our bodies. Some individuals will battle, some will run, some will freeze and a few could even collapse with nervousness. This impacts our ideas, feelings, behaviours and our bodily our bodies.

Though it could be inconceivable to write down about methods for managing nervousness that will be appropriate to everybody, you may discover a number of the methods beneath useful in managing a few of your worries, issues or anxieties.

Dealing with bodily indicators of tension 

For some individuals, after they expertise panic, fear or nervousness, their respiratory modifications. This will result in light-headedness, dizziness and even visible modifications. Managed respiratory will help, notably for those who battle with over-breathing or gasping for air. Discover your breath, whether it is quick or sluggish, deep or shallow. Place one hand in your stomach and one among your chest, your arms ought to gently rise with the out and in of your breath. Attempt to not change your breath, let your breath circulation naturally, exhale sluggish and gently.

Some individuals choose to sort out bodily signs of tension with a extra bodily technique. Progressive muscle leisure is a technique that may be very useful whereas not focusing explicitly in your breath.  

Progressive Muscle Rest

  1. Sit or lie down in a snug quiet surrounding
  2. Take a few breaths and permit your self to be nonetheless and to settle
  3. Discover your our bodies place wherever you might be
  4. Focus your consideration in your toes and decrease legs, tense these muscle tissues gently for five seconds earlier than releasing. Discover the tensions and the way it feels when this stress is launched
  5. The secret is to note the distinction between being tensed and the distinction when the muscle is launched.
  6. Proceed the identical apply to your thighs, bum, abdomen, shoulders, neck, jaw and eyes. One after the other, work by means of gently tensing and releasing these physique components.

Dealing with cognitive indicators of tension

Noticing your anxious ideas could be troublesome. Normally, this can take loads of work, apply and energy – so don’t berate your self for those who discover this troublesome – if it have been really easy no one would expertise nervousness! 

Establish the anxious ideas. Typically these are straightforward to note as they might begin with “what if” or “I can’t..” – generally recording these or writing them down will help us discover them. Ask your self, what was going by means of your thoughts simply earlier than you observed this thought, what are you afraid may occur? Search for proof for and towards the thought in addition to the way it makes you are feeling.

State of affairs:  Your loved ones have requested you to rearrange Christmas dinner.

What goes by means of your thoughts?: I’m not going to have the ability to do that, I’ll disappoint everybody

How did that make you are feeling?: Anxious 50%, Anxious 50%

Details that help the thought: I’ve by no means cooked for a big group earlier than, my kitchen is kind of small.

Details that present proof towards the thought: I’ve cooked for my household and associates earlier than, I’ve loved dinners at households members homes previously.

Consequence: Re-rate your fear/nervousness.

It could be useful to ask your self the next questions; if a buddy had this thought what would you inform them? If a buddy knew you have been having this thought what do you assume they might say to you? What did I take into consideration previously that helped me with these kinds of ideas? Are there any strengths or positives for me on this scenario? Once I’m not feeling this fashion, how am I?

How we every expertise Christmas might be very totally different, as a result of nature of households and relationships however after all, additionally as a result of we’re scuffling with a pandemic. We could not be capable to come collectively and for some that might be welcomed, and for others it might be a devastating blow. Though a number of the above could also be useful for managing worries, issues or anxieties, if you’re struggling then reaching out to an expert for help could also be one of the best reward that you may give your self this Christmas. 


Dr. Lynda Naughton, Medical Psychologist

Medical psychologist working in Eire with a selected curiosity in psychoeducation, trauma and spreading the message round psychological well being and psychological well being promotion. 

Instagram:  @minutetomyself 



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