Home Astrology JANUARY 2024 ASTRO-PLANNER – Utilized Vedic Astrology

JANUARY 2024 ASTRO-PLANNER – Utilized Vedic Astrology

JANUARY 2024 ASTRO-PLANNER – Utilized Vedic Astrology





JANUARY 2024  

By Barry Rosen

The intense spots:

Mercury is trined by Jupiter on Jan.  19th

Venus trined by Jupiter into Jan. 28th

Jupiter exalted within the D9/Navamsha Chart by means of Feb. 1st.

Mars in Sagittarius into Feb. 5th; Mars combustion ends Jan. sixteenth

Jupiter trines Mars into Jan. 12th.

Solar in Sagittarius till Jan. 14th

Solar in Capricorn Jan 14-Feb. 12th

Vedic Vacation—Makara Sankranti Jan. 14 for the beginning of the Enterprise Yr.

Solar in Abhijit Nakshatra Jan. 19-24th


Aside from the brand new moon, the week of Jan. 8-14th is expansive with Jupiter nonetheless rising optimism with its trine to the Solar and rising artistic and expansive exercise with the trine to Mars.  Aries Scorpios and Leo Rising are blessed with good luck and non secular development.  Venus additionally has an 8th home facet to Uranus in Aries on Jan. 14th and that will increase creativity and may very well be the final peak for the inventory market in January. Mercury has troubles by means of Jan. 8-Ninth being in late and early levels of Scorpio and Sagittarius so Geminis and Virgos could have emotional grunge and outdated patterns to work by means of and communications are nonetheless difficult.

Jupiter trines Mercury by means of Jan. 19th and that helps writing and talking and communication and getting it proper and truthful for the trigger.   Venus strikes into Sagittarius on Jan. 18th and goes by means of the gandanta space Jan. 18th-19th and will get squared by Neptune rising emotional turbulence and confusion and Taurus and Libra rising could have extra hassle with this.

The Solar transits by means of Abhijit nakshatra (4-10 Capricorn) which is auspicious for management and non secular growth between Jan. 19-Jan. 24th. Solar in Capricorn begins its transit by means of the Northern Hemisphere and is taken into account good for the enterprise cycle and enterprise growth by means of mid-July.


The Extra Difficult Spots:

Solar conjunct Pluto Jan. 20th.

Mercury in Scorpio/Sagittarius gandanta till Jan. 11th—worst over by Jan. eighth

New Moon in Sagittarius/PurvaShadha Nakshatra Jan. 11th.

Mercury inside 5 levels of Mars Jan. 18-31st.

Mercury in Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) Jan 8-14th

Mars in Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) till 14th


Probably the most difficult a part of the month is that Mars and Mercury are collectively inside 5 levels between Jan. 18-31st.  Watch journey give attention to the highway and keep away from arguing within the automobile.  Have a look at whether or not being proper is extra essential than concord let go of ego and keep away from the necessity to struggle.

Mercury remains to be fairly weak into Dec. 10th being within the emotional knotted space on the finish of Scorpio and into Sagittarius.  Do extra train in case you are plowing by means of emotional grunge.

Solar conjunct Pluto can carry energy struggles with fathers, bosses, and different authoritarian figures and might enhance anger and an excessive amount of vitality within the photo voltaic plexus.  Drink calming natural teas and determine if it’s value it to struggle.


ABOUT BARRY ROSEN: Barry Rosen has been instructing courses in Funding Astrology since 1990 and commenced instructing the opposite points of Vedic astrology specialised programs on-line in 2017, together with Dashas, Transits, Private Finance, Well being, Longevity, and Demise, Nakshatras, The Non secular Dimensions of Vedic Astrology, Secrets and techniques of the Homes, Relationships and plenty of extra. In his consultations, he focuses extra on the emotional and psychological patterns within the chart and their affect on consciousness which may create waves of phantasm blocking you. A superb session ought to make it easier to witness the play of karma so that you’re not gripped by it; you possibly can transcend it and understand your Divinity, turning into the commander of the planets and never the sufferer. Barry Rosen additionally operates a weblog on Fb beneath Barry Rosen and Astro-Yoga and his skilled astrological web site is www.appliedvedicastrology.com. He may be reached at help@appliedvedicastrology.com.






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