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INFJ vs. ENFJ – What is the Distinction?

INFJ vs. ENFJ – What is the Distinction?


INFJ vs ENFJ: Which one do you relate to essentially the most? Perhaps you’ve taken a number of character exams on-line and also you’ve obtained each ENFJ and INFJ outcomes, or possibly you’re simply interested by tips on how to inform the distinction between the 2 sorts.

In the event you’re simply trying on the names of those two sorts, you may suppose the one distinction is that one is extroverted and the opposite’s introverted. That’s solely partly true. To essentially get into what makes these sorts totally different, we have to take a look at how they use cognitive features. In the event you’re not acquainted with cognitive features, you may take a look at my put up “The Easiest Information to Myers-Briggs® Features Ever” and Susan’s put up “The Cognitive Features – What Are They?” for an outline of how that every one works.

Find out whether INFJ or ENFJ fits you best when it comes to your personality type. #MBTI #PersonalityFind out whether INFJ or ENFJ fits you best when it comes to your personality type. #MBTI #Personality

Every sort has 4 cognitive features which might be their favorites. For INFJ and ENFJs, these 4 features are precisely the identical. The 2 sorts simply use the features in a special order of desire, and that may make fairly a giant distinction.

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ENFJs and INFJs prioritize the world in another way

The first perform of INFJs is an introverted one. These sorts see the inside world because the one which’s most “actual” and discover that spending time there’s energizing. INFJs are likely to method life from a considerate, introspective place. Isabel Myers mentioned that introverts “Can not reside life till they perceive it.” Like different introverts, INFJs make sense of the outer world by first trying inside themselves.

For ENFJs, their main perform is extroverted. The outer world is what captures the majority of their consideration. They to method life from an open, extra experience-focused place. Isabel Myers mentioned extroverts, “Can not perceive life till they’ve lived it.” They make sense of the inside world by first trying exterior of themselves.

Simply introvert-extrovert variations isn’t sufficient to inform these two sorts aside. INFJs are sometimes thought-about an “extroverted introvert” as a result of many get pleasure from spending time with individuals. Equally, ENFJs are sometimes known as “introverted extroverts” as a result of they want and revel in occasional solitude.

ENFJs and INFJs lead with very totally different features

Introversion and Extroversion aren’t the one issues occurring with somebody’s favourite perform. For INFJs this perform can also be intuitive (Introverted Instinct). For ENFJs, their favourite perform is a sense one (Extroverted Feeling).

An INFJ will sometimes discover that their Intuitive facet is the one which feels most comfy. Sample-recognition, big-picture pondering, and seeing issues from a number of views come naturally to them. Most INFJs place a better worth on experiencing and understanding life than on controlling it. Though there’s a “J” of their character sort, Instinct is a Perceiving perform (what we use to study new data) and so INFJs may discover that they establish a bit of extra with perceiving traits than judging traits.

An ENFJ will sometimes discover that their Feeling facet is the one that’s most comfy. Studying different individuals, selecting up on and assembly their wants, and interacting with them in ways in which hold everybody blissful come naturally to an ENFJ. They in all probability place a better worth on having issues settled and determined than on experiencing life because it occurs. Feeling is a Judging perform (what we use to make selections), and so ENFJs are likely to establish effectively with judging traits and like having their outer world ordered and managed.

The co-pilot is totally different for ENFJs and INFJs

INFJs and ENFJs each have the identical two features as those they use most comfortably. The one distinction is which perform is their most well-liked course of and which one is used because the co-pilot course of. We’ve already checked out their dominant features, so now it’s time for the co-pilot.

INFJs help their Introverted Instinct with auxiliary Extroverted Feeling. They use this perform most when making selections and regarding different individuals. It helps them work out how social teams work and make selections that may meet everybody’s wants.

ENFJs help their Extroverted Feeling with Introverted Intuitive. This facet of their character helps them study and course of data. They use it to place patterns collectively and take a look at one thing from a brand new perspective.

ENFJs and INFJs behave in another way when in a “loop”

At this level, you may be pondering it’s close to unimaginable to inform INFJs and ENFJs aside. Since each use Introverted Instinct and Extroverted Feeling as their favourite features, how on earth are we supposed to inform which one somebody is utilizing as their main course of and which one as their auxiliary? That is the place tertiary features might help.

INFJs have Introverted Pondering as their tertiary. They could really feel fairly comfy utilizing this perform since it’s introverted, like their favourite perform of Introverted Instinct. Once they by-pass their Extroverted Feeling and get right into a “loop” between their two introverted features, INFJs develop into extra analytical, research-minded, and centered on attempting to prepare issues logically. In the event that they spend an excessive amount of time on this loop an INFJ might lose contact with their extra diplomatic, relational facet. This will result in withdrawing from individuals and turning into extra important and defensive.

ENFJs have Extroverted Sensing as their Tertiary. It’s extroverted, identical to their favourite perform of Extroverted Feeling. When ENFJs get right into a “loop,” they develop into extra serious about sensory experiences and should develop into simply distracted by particulars within the outer world. In the event that they spend an excessive amount of time within the loop, an ENFJ may develop into impulsive, overly self-indulgent, distracted from their long-term objectives, and overly preoccupied with how others see them.

Stress impacts ENFJs and INFJs very in another way

The inferior perform (the bottom on a four-function stack) sometimes reveals up once we’re harassed. We are able to additionally use it when enjoyable and it usually reveals up in our favourite hobbies. It may possibly present some wonderful clues once we’re attempting to determine which kind somebody is.

An INFJ has Extroverted Sensing as their inferior perform. Stress tends to make them obsessively centered on exterior information. They usually overindulge in sensory pleasures like meals, ingesting, buying, and many others. Careworn INFJs may also develop a suspicious, hostile angle towards the outer world. Once they’re utilizing this perform in a wholesome approach, INFJs usually discover they get pleasure from actions that require sensory engagement like gardening, cooking, or yoga.

An ENFJ has Introverted Pondering as their inferior perform. When stressed-out, they have a tendency to develop into excessively important of themselves and of others. They could begin utilizing convoluted logic to attempt to resolve issues with out involving different individuals, usually feeling a compulsive have to take motion. In the event that they’re utilizing this perform in a wholesome approach, ENFJs may discover that they actually get pleasure from actions that require analytical reasoning like technique video games or working with computer systems.

In conclusion …

I hope this put up has helped you make sense of the variations and similarities between ENFJ and INFJ sorts. Most individuals don’t match each single description of their character sort 100%, however we do have a “finest match” sort that does a very good job of describing how we expect. Right here’s an infographic that may enable you to additional visualize the variations between these two character sorts:

Want to find out if you're an #ENFJ or an #INFJ? Get a look at this infographic to decide! #MBTI #PersonalityWant to find out if you're an #ENFJ or an #INFJ? Get a look at this infographic to decide! #MBTI #Personality

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Still trying to decide if you're an #INFJ or an #ENFJ? Explore the differences between these two types to help you decide! #MBTI #PersonalityStill trying to decide if you're an #INFJ or an #ENFJ? Explore the differences between these two types to help you decide! #MBTI #Personality

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Find out whether INFJ or ENFJ fits you best when it comes to your personality type. #MBTI #PersonalityFind out whether INFJ or ENFJ fits you best when it comes to your personality type. #MBTI #Personality



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