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Hindu Marriage Dates in 2024

Hindu Marriage Dates in 2024


Marriage dates in 2024 are eagerly awaited by many who hope to get married this yr. A number of issues go into holding a well-organized, profitable Hindu marriage ceremony. For the bride’s dad and mom, that is the second in life the place their complete life’s onerous work and goodwill are placed on show in entrance of family members and buddies.

For the bride and the groom, that is the day when recollections to final a lifetime are made. However greater than that, a standard Hindu marriage ceremony is a large-scale get-together the place women and men take a while off from the day by day grind and revisit previous household relationships.

A marriage can also be a serious driving pressure economically as crores of individuals, and 1000’s of service suppliers earn their residing by catering to the wants of the wedding market. So, getting the grand Indian marriage ceremony season again on monitor is important for people, households, and the nation itself. We hope that 2024 will try this.

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Hindu marriage ceremony dates in 2024 are chosen, contemplating all of this and far more. Whereas auspicious mahurats or the time of the marriage are calculated by matching the horoscope of the boy and the woman, there are some basic guidelines for the muhurats. For instance, marriage muhurat in 2024, or any yr for that matter, usually falls throughout the interval when the Solar is heat and shiny. That is one cause why Indian weddings are colourful and vibrant.

Marriages are usually averted throughout the bleak months of August until October. The months of Could and June additionally would not have any marriage muhurat in 2024.

As per astrology, the approaching yr is an efficient yr for girls, and whereas males have their function, conventional Indian marriages are all about girls. From Clickastro, we want luck to all younger men and women who’re set to get married in 2024.

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Components Thought of Whereas Calculating Marriage Muhurat 2024

The assorted marriage muhurats within the 2024 Hindu calendar are determined after a lot consideration. Marriages that happen throughout inauspicious days will have an effect on the couple’s married life in a number of methods, a few of them devastating. It will probably even convey loss of life to the married couple.

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Since marriage is by a good distance crucial occasion in an individual’s life, individuals wish to be certain they decide one of the best time attainable for it to happen.
Whereas the dates and months given under fulfill the overall circumstances for marriage dates within the 2024 Hindu calendar, seek the advice of an astrologer and get the horoscopes matched to seek out one of the best muhurat for the bride and groom personally for the wedding to happen.

Coming to 2024, good marriage muhurats can be found within the following months.

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • July
  • November
  • December

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Coming to Zodiac indicators finest marriage ceremony days in 2024 astrology fall into:

  • Aries
  • Most cancers
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn

Marriages are finest held on sure Nakshatra days. Out of the 27 Nakshatras, 11 are thought-about auspicious for marriage dates in 2024. They’re:

  • Revati
  • Mrigashirsha
  • Magha
  • Uttara Phalguni
  • Hasta
  • Anuradha
  • Uttara Ashadha
  • Rohini
  • Swati
  • Mula
  • Uttara Bhadrapada

Concerning tithis, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Ekadashi, and Trayodashi tithis are thought-about beneficial forcouples horoscope marriage. Within the week, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are thought-about favorable for marriage ceremony dates in 2024. Planet-wise, the planets Venus and Jupiter are checked whereas deciding the muhurat. Marriage muhurat in 2024 is averted at any time when Venus and Jupiter are combust. Lagna can also be important when selecting Muhurat for marriage. Marriages held throughout inauspicious Lagna could find yourself having disastrous penalties. Lagna or ascendants which are primarily good for marriage dates within the 2024 Hindu calendar are Aries, Libra, and Scorpio.

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Marriage Muhurats dates in January 2024

The Solar enters Uttarayanam on January 14. The Solar’s transition by means of Uttarayana is mostly thought-about an auspicious time. It heralds the top of winter and the onset of heat spring-summer months. That is historically seen as a great time for brand new beginnings, together with marriages. January is an efficient month for marriages postponed throughout the earlier yr to happen. Going by finest marriage ceremony dates 2024 astrology, there are 5 auspicious days for marriage in January.

  • January 16, Tuesday
  • January 20, Saturday
  • January 21, Sunday
  • January 30, Tuesday
  • January 31, Wednesday

Marriage Muhurats dates in February 2024

February is essentially the most romantic month of the yr, not simply because Valentine’s Day falls on February 14. February is when nature is most colourful and vibrant. The youth particularly is crammed with vitality and enthusiasm throughout February. The marriages held throughout this month typically see the kids’ huge involvement. The event typically adorns an atmosphere of festivity. Weddings in February are most suited to alliances born out of mutual love between boy and woman. The delicate local weather and abundance of crops set for a really jovial environment. There are eight auspicious marriage dates in 2024 February.

  • February 01, Thursday
  • February 04, Sunday
  • February 06, Tuesday
  • February 14, Wednesday
  • February 18, Sunday
  • February 19, Monday
  • February 28, Wednesday

Marriage Muhurats dates in March 2024

March is the start of Summer season. The time is for exams and tax returns. Throughout March, Hindu weddings are often flamboyant and colourful. Getting married in March is taken into account auspicious. It’s the month of the spring equinox, and the Solar is getting warmed up throughout the Uttarayanam transition. March weddings arrive throughout a very busy time of the yr and as such the latter half of the month is averted for marriages. There are seven auspicious marriage ceremony dates in March 2024.

  • March 02, Saturday
  • March 03, Sunday
  • March 04, Monday
  • March 05, Tuesday
  • March 06, Wednesday
  • March 07, Thursday
  • March 12, Tuesday

Marriage Muhurats dates in April 2024

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April is the time when Summer season heats up. The time is ideal for out of doors capabilities. Throughout April, Hindu weddings are often essentially the most flamboyant and colourful. Getting married in April is taken into account auspicious. It follows the spring equinox, and the Solar is nearing its peak powers throughout the Uttarayanam transition. April weddings are additionally widespread as they arrive simply as summer time holidays start and current a beautiful alternative for kin to get collectively. Nevertheless, Venus shall be combust from April 21 to July 10, and through this era no marriage ceremony muhurats are given. There is only one auspicious marriage ceremony date in April 2024.

Marriage Muhurats dates in July 2024

July is an efficient time for monsoon weddings. That is the month most well-liked by conventional households for arranging marriage ceremonies. Whereas the rains can get heavy, it bodes nicely for marriage ceremonies. The month of July sees a whole lot of weddings throughout the yr. Marriages held throughout July add a contact of romanticism to the event. Plentiful greenery and a vibrant combine of colours, rain, and pure magnificence make this a perfect one to carry conventional Hindu marriages. There are 3 marriage muhurat in 2024 July.

  • July 11, Thursday
  • July 12, Friday
  • July 14, Sunday

Marriage Muhurats dates in November 2024

November is the month when the rains stop and the chilliness units in. It presents the right situation for a marriage to happen. The clear sky and nonetheless inexperienced panorama make for a romantic setting for marriages. This makes November a most well-liked month for weddings. November indicators the arrival of the winter, with the winter solstice set to occur in direction of the latter half of the following month. The month of November typically sees distinctive weddings like houseboat weddings, lakeshore weddings, and the like. Marriage dates within the 2024 Hindu calendar embody 8 in November

  • November 14, Thursday
  • November 17, Sunday
  • November 18, Monday
  • November 22, Saturday
  • November 23, Sunday
  • November 24, Monday
  • November 25, Tuesday
  • November 26, Wednesday

Marriage Muhurats dates in December 2024

December is the ultimate month within the Dakshinayanam transition of the Solar. Whereas it’s nonetheless winter and the Solar is weak, December is seen with romanticism and optimism, not like the chilly months previous it. Weddings in December have a novel appeal to them. Whereas historically, households wait until the summer time months for marriages, getting married in December has a definite thrill. December being the ultimate month of the yr, individuals are crammed with a sure form of vigor and vitality right now, having fun with the winter at its finest earlier than the summer time units in. There are 4 auspicious marriage dates in 2024 December.

  • December 05, Thursday
  • December 06, Friday
  • December 07, Saturday
  • December 11, Wednesday

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