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Gudi Padwa | Ugadi 2024


New Yr throughout the globe is well known in January. In India, the place Hindus make up the vast majority of the inhabitants, the Hindu New Yr in a calendar is noticed on totally different dates amongst totally different communities. If we’re to ask which date is the Hindu New Yr, one can by no means get a typical or single reply to this query. Hinduism encompasses many alternative cultures, every of which follows a definite calendar with the New Yr’s Day based mostly on the native agrarian economic system and seasonal modifications. Thus the New Yr dates fluctuate yearly in some lunar calendars; nevertheless, the Hindu New Yr is basically noticed in March and April.
The Ugadi pageant marks New Yr’s Day within the Luni-Photo voltaic calendar. It’s primarily noticed within the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. In Maharashtra, it’s celebrated as Gudi Padwa by the Marathas. Within the space between the Kaveri River and the Vindhya Mountains, the place the southern Luni-Photo voltaic calendar is used, the Ugadi/Gudi Padwa pageant is noticed.
In distinction to the Photo voltaic Calendar, which solely takes under consideration the place of the Solar, the Luni-Photo voltaic calendar calculates the months and days in a yr utilizing the positions of each the Solar and the Moon. Thus Ugadi or Gudi Padwa marks the astrological New Yr for the folks of those areas and is well known with large fanfare. In Karnataka, it’s also known as Yugadi.

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When is Ugadi and Gudi Padwa in 2024?

The date of Ugadi 2024 is decided by calculating the place of the Moon. The day that follows the primary New Moon after the Spring Equinox is well known because the New Yr or Ugadi.

In 2024, the Spring Equinox falls on March twentieth, Wednesday, whereas Ugadi/Gudi Padwa falls on April 9, Wednesday.

The Ugadi occasion is a public vacation within the Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana areas. Ugadi marks the start of a brand new Samvatsara, and there are 60 Samvatsaras in a cycle, every bearing a singular identify. The Samvatsara for 2024 known as the Pingala nama samvatsara. The date of Ugadi was decided by the famed mathematician Bhaskaracharya utilizing astronomical calculations within the twelfth century.

What’s the Astrological Relevance of Ugadi?

The primary day of Chaitra, the primary month of the Hindu lunisolar calendar, coincides with the Ugadi pageant. Within the Gregorian calendar, it sometimes falls in March or April. The phrase “Ugadi” (pronounced “Yug-adi”) refers back to the begin of a brand new period. It originates from the Sanskrit phrases “yuga,” which implies age, and “adi,” which implies starting. Ugadi is the primary day of the primary Shukla paksha (waxing part) of the astrological new yr. Some communities in North India additionally have fun this event because the New Yr. As an example, this occasion is called “Cheti Chand” by the Sindhis, who have fun it as their new yr. A area’s lunar day begins and ends based mostly on the Moon’s place in relation to that area.
The Gudi Padwa pageant, also referred to as Ugadi, is typically celebrated one Gregorian day earlier. In contrast to Photo voltaic calendars, Luni-Photo voltaic calendars divide the yr into months and days based mostly on the positions of the Moon and Solar. Thus, the New Yr happens twice within the Luni-Photo voltaic calendars and is noticed in India’s numerous areas in line with numerous names and customs.
A Samvatsara, moderately than a yr, begins on Ugadi. Jupiter strikes by way of one signal within the Ugadi horoscope in a single Samvatsara, which is roughly equal to at least one yr. Jupiter strikes nearer or farther away from the Earth with every signal, which has an influence on Earth’s inhabitants. Every Samvatsara is distinct up till Jupiter completes a complete of 5 full rotations of the zodiac, or sixty Samvatsaras. At the moment, Jupiter and Saturn each go by way of the 0-degree of Aries, indicating the conclusion of 1 cycle and the beginning of the next one.

The legend behind Ugadi

In pre-ancient instances, throughout Satya Yuga, humanity had misplaced all ethical virtues and lived like animals. So, Lord Vishnu determined to finish the world with a deluge. Lord Brahma was to start out a brand new civilization then. Key directions for this new civilization had been handed over to Lord Brahma by Lord Vishnu within the Vedas. A demon known as Somakasura stole the Vedas from Brahma and hid them deep within the ocean. Lord Vishnu took the Matsya Avatar, killed the demon, and retrieved the Vedas. Having bought again the Vedas, Lord Brahma began the creation of the brand new world on Ugadi day. One other legend says that the event commemorates the coronation of Rama in Ayodhya after his victory over Ravana.
Going by astrology, Ugadi day was probably the most auspicious time to start out the brand new emperor’s reign. The nine-day-long spring pageant of Vasanta Navratri begins on at the present time and concludes on Ram Navami. One more legend is that Lord Krishna left his mortal abode on Ugadi day. Since it’s typically believed that Lord Krishna’s demise signaled the arrival of Kali Yuga, Ugadi day additionally signifies the beginning of Kali Yuga. It must be famous that Ugadi day marks the one auspicious event in Vedic tradition the place Lord Brahma is worshipped for his position within the sustenance of the world.

Ugadi Celebrations

The pageant is enthusiastically noticed by the Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Kodava, Tulu, and Konkani diaspora all through India. They have fun it with lavish feasts and household get-togethers. The festivities embrace adorning doorways with mango leaves within the type of Toranalu (also referred to as Toranagalu in Kannada), drawing colourful patterns on the ground generally known as Kolamulus (also referred to as Rangoli), shopping for and giving new garments, taking a particular tub adopted by oil remedy, visiting temples, serving to the needy, and making ready and sharing particular meals. It’s customary for folks to clean the entrance of their properties with water, apply cow dung paste, and draw vibrant floral patterns. Mango leaves are additionally used to adorn entrance doorways.
A major custom is making particular dishes like pulihora, bobbatlu (bhakshalu/polelu/oligalu), burelu, and pachadi. A key ingredient in these meals could be the uncooked mango, which is plentiful presently of yr. Essentially the most notable of the particular Ugadi dishes is Pachadi. It’s a dish that resembles chutney and incorporates substances which can be candy, bitter, tangy, and bitter. It serves as a symbolic reminder that the upcoming New Yr will deliver with it a wide range of experiences and sophisticated life phases. The parts of pachadi — jaggery or brown sugar, neem flowers, salt, tamarind, or uncooked mango — present the dish with its many distinct flavors.

Significance of Gudi Padwa

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Maharashtra’s Gudi Padwa festivities are akin to these of Ugadi or Yugadi. The time period “Gudi Padwa” was created from the Sanskrit phrases ‘gudi’, which implies flag, and ‘pāḍavā’ derived from the Sanskrit phrase ‘pratipad’, which means the primary day of the lunar fortnight. On at the present time, a particular Gudi flag will likely be raised, embellished with flowers, mango and neem leaves, and sugar crystals, and topped with an upside-down silver or copper vessel. It represents prosperity, success, and victory. The Gudi is then positioned exterior the house, in a outstanding location comparable to a window or a balcony, dealing with the east course.
The day begins with an early morning ritual tub, adopted by the ornament of the Gudi and a puja (worship) ceremony. The puja includes the providing of neem leaves, jaggery, and gram dal to the deity, together with the recitation of mantras and hymns. The Gudi is then worshipped with choices of flowers, coconut, and incense sticks.
The pageant can also be marked by conventional meals preparations comparable to Puran Poli, Shrikhand, and Poori Bhaji, that are served to household and pals. Folks additionally put on new garments, go to temples, and change greetings and items with their family members.
In some components of Maharashtra, notably in rural areas, folks additionally have fun the pageant by collaborating in processions and cultural packages, which embrace people dances comparable to Lavani and Dindi. In cities like Mumbai and Pune, Gudi Padwa is well known with nice enthusiasm, with occasions comparable to avenue festivals, concert events, and cultural performances.
The Gudi Padwa pageant marks the start of spring and the rabi crop harvest. The Shalivahan dynasty’s Gautamiputra Satakarni defeated the Sakas on at the present time in 78 A.D. The legendary warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji re-started the celebration of Gudi Padwa after his victory over the Mughals. Right this moment Gudi Padwa is well known with a lot enthusiasm in Maharashtra and Goa. Households embellish their properties in anticipation of a superb yr forward. Brilliant-coloured garments are worn, and other people spend the day laughing and refreshing glad reminiscences from the previous.

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