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Full Moon In Virgo – The Abduction Of Persephone

Full Moon In Virgo – The Abduction Of Persephone


On February twenty fourth, 2024 we’ve got a Full Moon at 5° Virgo.

The Full Moon is reverse Saturn and Mercury in Pisces, and trine Jupiter in Taurus. The Full Moon in Virgo is a chance to look at our limiting beliefs in regards to the function we play on this world.

Are we simply born to work, eat, and die, or there’s a deeper goal to our existence?

Fortunately, the trine to Jupiter will give us a useful hand to make sensible enhancements to discover a better sense of achievement in our lives.

A Full Moon is basically an opposition, inviting us to combine the dichotomy of the indicators concerned within the opposition.

We’re at present within the Pisces season. To totally embrace the Pisces agenda, we have to combine the other qualities of Virgo.

CH349296 The Destiny of Persephone, 1877 (oil & tempera on canvas) by Crane, Walter (1845-1915); 122.5×267 cm; Non-public Assortment; (add.information.: Queen of the Underworld; Goddess of Spring;); Photograph © Christie’s Pictures; English, out of copyright

What’s Pisces’ agenda? To realize divine consciousness. Pisces’ purpose is in a manner our life’s goal. Once we elevate our particular person consciousness, we elevate the consciousness of the divine.

However we will solely obtain this Piscean divine, 5D mission if we embody Virgo: if we discover significant, 3D methods to contribute. If we do one thing that makes the world a bit bit higher than we discovered it. If we’re of service to the world.

Full Moon In Virgo – Being Of Service

The phrase ‘service’ oftentimes has a destructive connotation. It doesn’t sound as attractive as Leo’s highlight.

Being of service is commonly related to being burdened with tasks. However that’s not what being of service is about – at the least, not in Virgo’s books.

Being of service will not be about being good, giving issues totally free, or fulfilling an obligation to appease our dharma (or unconscious sense of guilt).

Being of service is a pure facet of our individuation.

As soon as we’ve got found our true essence within the earlier signal (Leo), being of service – or turning our uniqueness into one thing purposeful – is the pure subsequent step in our evolution.

Once we observe the pure circulate of life, we will’t assist ourselves however flip our skills into one thing that creates some kind of worth on the planet. That’s Virgo’s superpower: Virgo simply ‘is aware of’ what one thing is nice for.

Virgo, similar to Gemini, is dominated by Mercury. With Virgo, we don’t have the Gemini mental, cerebral method. Virgo’s figuring out is anchored in nature and matter. If Gemini is our mind, Virgo is our intestine – additionally referred to as the “second mind”.

We now have trillions of microorganisms in our intestine, all coexisting in a fancy ecosystem, every with its explicit function in sustaining our well being. We might extrapolate and say that being of service is figuring out what our function within the massive ecosystem of life is – after which performing in line with that function.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is the axis of service. Pisces’ manner of being of service is being compassionate, holding area, and even sacrificing particular person wants for the better good.

Virgo’s manner of being of service is extra concrete. Virgo will assist in methods which are sensible and measurable. Virgo’s manner of serving to is by enhancing one thing in materials, tangible methods.

Virgo can be related to work and harvest. Doing the Virgo work mustn’t really feel like laborious work, however extra like reaping the harvest. If one thing appears like laborious work – if we resent doing it – then it’s probably not rooted in a real intention of being of service.

It’s faking “being of service” that grow to be the shadow Virgo qualities: criticism, nagging, resentment, or mental snobbery.

However how can we embody the pure qualities of Virgo, and don’t get misplaced within the shadow expression?

Virgo – The Subsequent Step Of Our Individuation Course of

If somebody is born with a Virgo signature this doesn’t imply that they naturally excel in any respect issues Virgo. Quite the opposite. They have been born to study, and embody these qualities. This goes for all of the indicators of the zodiac.

A ‘child’ Virgo continues to be a bit little bit of a Leo. When the qualities of the signal are below improvement, there’s a tendency to fall into the patterns of the earlier signal.

We all know that Leo is the distinctive inventive expression of the Self. Leo must be seen and appreciated. So once we attempt to be a Virgo, however we’re nonetheless a Leo, after all, there shall be some challenges.

My favourite instance is Virgo’s proverbial “However I’m simply making an attempt to assist” to justify harsh remarks, criticism, or unsolicited suggestions.

Once we say “I’m simply making an attempt to assist” to justify criticism, we aren’t actually making an attempt to assist. Extra probably, there’s some mental superiority, “look how good I’m” motivation behind Virgo’s ‘recommendation’ which reminds us of Leo’s want for validation.

Built-in Virgo vitality is of course useful. How do we all know that? As a result of it fixes an issue, fairly than creates one. As a result of it improves one thing, fairly than damages it.

Virgo vitality is without doubt one of the most underestimated drivers of progress and well-being.

Due to Virgo, we’ve got agriculture and meals on our tables. We now have cities and sanitation. We now have public transportation. We now have organized programs and environment friendly processes.

In Virgo, we tame our interior lion with self-reflection and self-awareness. Mercury (Hermes in Greek mythology) who’s Virgo’s ruling planet, was the one deity who might freely journey between the underworld and the world of dwelling.

Pondering and communication – that are Mercury’s domains – are facilitated by the method of introspection and reflection. With Mercury, we internalize one thing we understand with our senses. We go inside.

Subsequently, to harness Virgo vitality we have to journey into our interior underworld, integrating the aware with the unconscious.

Full Moon In Virgo And The Abduction Of Persephone

This course of is mirrored within the Abduction Of Persephone delusion, which is a metaphor for the Virgo state of consciousness.

The parable begins with Persephone making an attempt to choose a narcissus flower. As she reaches out to choose it up, the bottom all of the sudden opens up, and Hades (Pluto), the god of the underworld, emerges on his chariot and abducts her.

Is it a coincidence that Hades abducts Persephone precisely when she is making an attempt to choose the narcissus? Under no circumstances.
What does this metaphor inform us?

The narcissus flower (narcissus – narcissism) is a logo of the ego-driven qualities of Leo. Leo vitality has its goal: to bloom, to shine brightly.

However there are things like cycles of nature, cycles of life. Nothing lasts perpetually – at the least not in our 3D, materials actuality. That flower will finally fruit. We will’t be Leos all our life. Time strikes on. So does nature. So can we.

There comes a time once we naturally outgrow our Leo-ness. And within the Perspephone delusion, that is symbolized by the kidnapping of Persephone – precisely when she was about to select the narcissus flower. One thing like “You’re not a toddler”. “Time to develop up and descend into your interior underworld”.

We will discover this Virgo/maiden archetype in delusion, fairy tales and folklore. “Sleeping Magnificence” for instance is a metaphor for the Virgoan state of our consciousness (with the combination of the Virgo polarity, Pisces).

Whereas asleep, Sleeping Magnificence goes into the underworld – similar to Persephone follows Hades – to satisfy her unconscious. When she is prepared, the prince comes and kisses her, awakening her. She will now transfer to the Libran state of consciousness.

Coming again to the Persephone delusion.

Persephone is taken to the underworld, the place she turns into Hades’ queen. Over there, she eats just a few pomegranate seeds provided by Hades. Consuming meals from the underworld certain her to that realm, stopping her from leaving completely.

In the meantime, her mom Demeter, consumed with grief over the lack of her daughter, neglects her duties because the goddess of agriculture.

Zeus finally intervenes and because of this, Persephone finally ends up spending half a 12 months together with her mom on the planet of dwelling, and half a 12 months within the underworld with Hades.

This association created the cycles of seasons.

Virgo – Integrating The Aware With The Unconscious

When Persephone eats the pomegranate seeds, she will be able to’t return to being an harmless maiden unaware of the underworld. Psychologically, that is when she integrates her aware and her unconscious.

Together with her descent into the underworld and alternate dwelling preparations, the two worlds are united, and the 4 seasons are created.

The earth turns into fertile once more, however in a seasonal, aware manner.

Whereas the parable portrays a distraught Demeter, there isn’t a reference to Persephone being distressed by being Hades’ queen and spending 6 months a 12 months within the underworld.

She naturally shapeshifts (Virgo is the Mutable Earth signal of the zodiac) between the two realms. This comes naturally to her.

That’s her goal, as a manifestation of pure Virgo vitality.

This Full Moon in Virgo is an invite to mirror on the Virgo step of your individuation course of.
The place do it’s essential to restore steadiness in your life and get in tune together with your pure seasons?

By which space of your life do it’s essential to ‘graduate’ from Leo-like self-sufficiency and discover a deeper which means in your actions and contributions?

How are you going to be of service in a manner that comes pure to you and leverages your distinctive abilities and skills?

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