Home Astrology Full Moon in Most cancers: Nourishment, Connection and Therapeutic

Full Moon in Most cancers: Nourishment, Connection and Therapeutic

Full Moon in Most cancers: Nourishment, Connection and Therapeutic


A beautiful Full Moon will occur at 4 Most cancers on December 26 or 27. It’s supported by an expansive sextile from blessed Jupiter in Taurus.

This Full Moon might help amplify a wide range of essential lunar themes – connection, belonging, residence, security, emotions, temper and reminiscence. Revelations about what modifications may be wanted to enhance these areas in your life, and collectively, would possibly emerge.

Feelings and the Full Moon in Most cancers

The Moon herself is the ruler of the Full Moon in Most cancers, which helps emphasise the emotional facet of life, and may spotlight the significance of high quality time with family members.

Caretaking, mothering, nurturing, nonetheless you prefer to phrase it, these themes of taking care of that which is most treasured to you, or wants probably the most care, will come by way of strongly.

Generosity and Hope with Jupiter in Taurus

This Full Moon will obtain a supportive sextile from Jupiter in Taurus, enhancing emotions of generosity and highlighting abundance and fullness.

Since this facet from Jupiter in Taurus helps the Full Moon in Most cancers, a young and protecting water signal, search for abundance round emotions, and connection, in addition to expressions of gratitude to do with the nice in your life.

This Full Moon would possibly provide help to deal with the glass half full, or make it simpler to understand what you’ve gotten, somewhat than deal with what you’re lacking.

Messy Mars and Forgetful Mercury in Sagittarius

Mars – together with Mercury retrograde – in Sagittarius are off axis to this caring and protecting Full Moon. So whereas there are points occurring, the Full Moon uplift, launch and potential for therapeutic is ready to categorical in a extra straightfoward manner.

Mars and Mercury will make a few messy features to Neptune over the last week of December. Try the Month-to-month Astrology Information week 4 video for extra on that.

Aid and Launch with the Full Moon in Most cancers

This Full Moon seems like aid – and launch. It’s the primary lunation shortly that doesn’t have an intense facet from Mars, or isn’t an eclipse.

Should you do have a while off round this Full Moon, go for sluggish and embodied. Suppose high quality time with a few of your particular folks, or go for relaxation and restoration.

That candy sextile from Jupiter in Taurus to the Moon in Most cancers, which has a lot of pleasant reception because the Moon and Jupiter are within the signal’s of one another’s exaltation, would possibly provide help to heal one thing that’s been damage. Or, it’d help your journey to launch the previous and reconnect with the current.

As you do, you would possibly uncover new pleasure or enthuisasm for the longer term.

How will the Full Moon in Most cancers activate your chart?



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