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Fastened Star Altair ~ Darkstar Astrology

Fastened Star Altair ~ Darkstar Astrology


Constellation Aquila the Eagle runs from 14º Capricorn to 3º Aquarius within the sky so the Solar aligns with these levels roughly from January 6 to 25. Altair is its brightest fastened star at 1º 47′ Aquarius, so in case your birthday is twentieth to twenty fourth January this might be your delivery star. The mighty Eagle has been a potent emblem and totem animal all through historical past.

Three nice (or not so nice) powers have used it as their image, the Roman Empire, the Nazi get together and extra just lately america of America. Eagles are a pure brand selection for a superpower. Who wouldn’t need to be in contrast with an animal recognized for its lengthy life, majestic seems and nice power? The constellation carries a lot of the identical that means.

“The English phrase eagle comes from Latin aquila. The phrase Aquila, eagle, is believed to imply ‘water-colored hen’ and is said to Latin aqua  -, water, as is Aquarius” [Klein].

It’s attention-grabbing that this star falls in Aquarius Decan 1, as whereas I used to be researching I might see the place a few of the that means for the tropical zodiac definition of Aquarius might have originated.

For instance, the Eagle has the flexibility to see from nice heights however has poor shut up imaginative and prescient. Aquarians are recognized for needing area, however on the similar time are nice visionaries. They are going to be eager humanitarians, however paradoxically can withdraw and freeze-over, if a good friend will get too clingy or demanding of their treasured time.

Constellation Aquilla

“Influences: In line with Ptolemy the affect of Aquila is just like that of Mars and Jupiter. It’s mentioned to present nice creativeness, robust passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, affect over others, clairvoyance, a eager penetrating thoughts and skill for chemical analysis.” [2] 

Aquila is the expertise scout. In fantasy, he’s Zeus within the type of an Eagle that noticed the good-looking younger Prince Ganymede. Almighty Zeus having taken the type of the Eagle, snatched the boy by his talons and appointed him to be the lover and cup-bearer (Aquarius once more) to the Gods.

You possibly can see Aquila the eagle hovering above the top of the water bearer within the heavens, however he’s depicted carrying the gorgeous youth Antinous in Roman variations of the constellation proven right here. The Greek model has Ganymedes is commonly representing the god of gay love, which sits effectively with Uranian-ruled Aquarius, since Uranus is usually considered being the homosexual planet!

A fellow astrologer was of the opinion that each one Aquarian ladies have been androgynous and “butch” wanting, presumably due to Uranus’s asexual popularity. He might be proper if Aquila is rising since Robson says of the Eagle:

“It has additionally been mentioned to present a love of swimming (Aqua), and to be related with sure intercourse irregularities, the latter most likely being best in that a part of the constellation mendacity in Capricorn” [1]

Cupids Dart


I simply see this attribute as being a part of Aquila’s daring and risque nature. After all, the mix of Mars and Jupiter is certain to create a excessive libido. That intercourse drive with the boldness will consequence within the topic being unashamedly “outre” about their sexuality, whether or not you be a brazen lassie or a raging queen.

Sexuality’s connection to Aquila is sensible while you see that the Kabbalists affiliate it with the Tarot card “The Lovers” and that it additionally has associations with the horny signal of Scorpio. The Eagle is also a logo for Scorpio as Archangel Oriel. The angelic illustration of Royal star Antares, (Watcher of the West.)

Chilled Aquarius (the Solar Signal) shouldn’t be typically famous for the “Robust passions” talked about by Robson above, so once we add Aquila we get an additional spicy layer. Zeus was often called the god of lightning.

Fireplace is spirit and the eagle was seen because the instrument of calling hearth down from heaven, similar to Zeus/Jupiter’s thunderbolts. Eagles have been launched over the physique of the useless Roman Emperor, as a result of they believed that the eagle would carry the deceased soul up into Heaven.

Now once more we are able to see simply how this pertains to the Aquarian fantasy as Liz Inexperienced associates Prometheus with Aquarius. I feel this all suits so very effectively.

Prometheus possesses Aquila’s boldness, being the daring human who stole hearth from the gods. This can be a humanitarian motion, an act of nice braveness, not for private glory however for the higher good of mankind. In mundane astrology, Anne Wright has discovered an affiliation between the constellation Aquila and the USA, area exploration, kidnapping, and bombs and missiles. “Altair is nice for development of legal professionals and army males” [2]

Thunderbolt Ardour

“It confers a daring, assured, valiant, unyielding, formidable and liberal nature, nice and sudden however ephemeral wealth, and a place of command, makes its natives responsible of bloodshed, and offers hazard from reptiles” [1]

It’s attention-grabbing that the pure enemy of the Eagle is the reptile. However I additionally suppose this can be a logo of Altair’s pure urge to rise above the limbic/reptilian mind and resist utilizing that probably flammable Martian/Jupiter vitality for gratuitous bloodshed and to puff up its personal ego.

“Altair is related to boldness and motion however this boldness can also be related to human relationships and caring. This star carries the divine hearth of inspiration, which transforms into dedication, the flexibility to realize by means of risk-taking or by means of dogged dedication. This can be a star of motion and power and so will naturally motion somewhat than inaction. On the similar time, this quest for motion isn’t just for its personal sake but in addition to serve others” [3]

Altair can be the right archetype of the male conquerer and awe-inspiring greatness. It’s considerably heroic, however not in a brash Martian manner. It’s extra refined, like a chivalrous knight. I’m considering 3 components Sir Galahad to at least one half Sir Lancelot. In a girl, this is able to be a Joan of Arc somewhat than a Boudicca.

Nevertheless, issues can go horribly improper with Altair, as Manilus rightly factors out. Sarah Aldrete the infamous serial killer has it rising, I’m questioning if the state of ones Jupiter defines how this star performs out, since this star is Jupiter in disguise. Sarah has Jupiter on Algol whereas Carl Jung’s Jupiter is on way more lucky Arcturus.

Altair Key phrases

Valiant, courageous, daring, provocative, pushy, formidable, inspirational, guiding mild, catalyst, booster, motivator, muse, ingenuity, rash, far sighted, visionary, planning forward, on-the-ball, on-the-money, difficult, rash, hasty, impulsive, fast-as-lightning, fast-paced, chivalrous, sweeping you off your toes, flashy, dramatic, swooping down on you, monitoring, assessing the state of affairs, strategic, goal, unbiased considering, calculated risk-taking, risqué, envy from others, idolatry from others, interesting to each sexes, feisty ladies, delicate robust guys, infamous, notorious, unbearable, calamitous, all-or-nothing, daring, boisterous, bombastic, improbable, topic to gossip, outlandish, insatiable.

Altair & Planet Combos

I’ve put Robson’s [1] extra excessive interpretations subsequent to Brady’s [3] toned down method. Please keep in mind Brady makes use of parans to give you her meanings, whereas Robson and I are utilizing the Ptolemy’s ecliptic technique. I feel Brady’s interpretations work effectively regardless of the completely different methodology. The celebrities I seemed up utilizing stars on the ecliptic technique on Photo voltaic Fireplace.

ASCENDANT “Altair is credited with bestowing hardiness, braveness and generosity, particularly if on the Ascendant” [2] “He that’s born on earth within the hour of its rising, will develop up bent on spoil and plunder, gained even with bloodshed…. But, ought to perchance his aggressiveness be enlisted in a righteous trigger, depravity will flip into advantage” [4]

Altair fixed starAltair fixed star

Carl Jung (02’), Sarah Aldrete (05’), Willem Dafoe (03’), Kirk Douglas (04’), William Butler Yeats , Henry Winkler, Billie Vacation, Susan Sarandon.

MIDHEAVEN “Close to the higher Meridian (MC) and in good side, Altair guarantees rise in life and honors. The native tries with honest conviction to achieve out for his goals with utmost will-power” [2]
Anna Freud (15’), Mike Barson (17’), Vivien Leigh (19’), Maureen O’Hara, Gustav Courbet, Juliette Drouet, George Washington.

SUN “ Public honor, notoriety, favors from superiors, many mates and a few envious ones who trigger hassle by means of writings, some ill-health and losses, hazard of bites from venomous animals” [2] “To be a daring and decided particular person. To be reckless or a daredevil” [3]
Christian Dior (04’), Matthew Newton (11’), Michael Hutchence (26’), Jeffery Epstein, Benny Hill, Fredrick M Alexander, John Harm, Cindy Cloud, Sam Cooke, David Lynch.

MOON Curiosity in a wierd or historic discovery, disappointment and loss over property and acquire, some revenue and preferment, mates develop into enemies, hassle by means of corporations or public affairs, difficulties by means of or misfortune to kids” [1]  Having little regard for private security if family members are threatened” [3]
Cary Grant (18’), Maurice Gibb (15’), MC Hammer, Robin Gibb, Russell Crowe, Anita Pallenberg, Robert Altman, Donna Summer time, Bruce Willis, Cat Stevens, Ian Richardson, David Beckham

MERCURY Many difficulties, misfortunes, and unusual experiences. Disappointment on lengthy journeys, unhealthy for partnership, lack of a relative below unusual circumstances” [2] “A pure skill to suppose quick, yielding a army thoughts, a courageous and unbiased thinker” [3]
Patricia Highsmith (09’), Bob Marley (25’), Bobby Brown, Cindy Sherman, Cecil Beaton, Jennifer Aniston, Marilyn Manson, Burt Reynolds, Jagger/Corridor Davison.

VENUSUnfavorable for amorous affairs. Unusual and peculiar points of interest” [1] “The daring artisan…To problem the sexual, social or sporting expectation of a society” [3] Tom Waits (05’), Fred Schepisi (24’), Captain E J Smith (Titanic), Ricky Martin, Crystal Gayle, Walt Disney, Nick Clegg, Kenneth Branagh, Nancy Spungen, Elvis Presley.

MARS ”Sharp thoughts, hassle by means of mates, society and corporations however eventual acquire” [1] “To be daring and at instances take rash motion” [3]
Bobby Fischer ( 00’), Charlotte Ford (06’), Donald Eckersley, Ron L Hubbard, Ian McKellen, Ben Thompson.

MORE Fastened Stars

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