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Do Narcissistic Moms Have a Maternal Intuition?

Do Narcissistic Moms Have a Maternal Intuition?


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It’s fairly potential for moms who’re recognized with narcissistic persona dysfunction to have a maternal intuition, if we outline maternal intuition moderately loosely as a need to mom a toddler. Nevertheless, as with different temperamental traits, this need to mom appears to be on a spectrum and isn’t current in each narcissistic girl. The assumption that each girl has a pure maternal intuition just isn’t supported by present analysis (Conaboy, 2022).

We do know that after we take a look at little women, a few of them need child dolls as toys and others choose stuffed animals. And, for a lot of women who did take pleasure in child dolls, this curiosity in taking part in a mothering position continues into maturity and leads them to have their very own infants. Different ladies might not be significantly all for having a child however could achieve this to satisfy cultural or spiritual expectations.

Narcissistic Persona Dysfunction

James F. Masterson (1926-2010), the well-known persona dysfunction theorist, taught that narcissistic persona dysfunction is an acquired adaptation, not inborn. Nevertheless, some folks could have traits that make it simpler for them to change into narcissists, comparable to low innate emotional empathy. Masterson and different developmental theorists don’t consider that persons are born with NPD. They consider that the kid develops NPD as the results of a misfit between the kid’s genuine emotional wants and what their mother and father can present (Masterson, 1981; Chess and Thomas, 1984).

Masterson recognized three components that may work together to play a task within the improvement of a narcissistic persona dysfunction:

  1. Nature: the kid’s inborn temperament.
  2. Nurture: the best way the kid is parented.
  3. Destiny: unplanned occasions that negatively have an effect on the kid.

Notice: On this publish, I can be utilizing the phrases narcissist and NPD as shorthand for somebody who meets the complete standards for a narcissistic persona dysfunction analysis.

NPD Can Intrude With the Skill to Be a Good Mom

Sadly, even when a girl is very motivated to have youngsters, if she has a narcissistic persona dysfunction it might be troublesome for her to be a great mom. There are three deficits related to NPD that may intervene with the flexibility to mom youngsters appropriately.

Lack of Emotional Empathy

Emotional empathy is the flexibility to really feel one thing of what the opposite particular person feels. For instance, should you see somebody hit their thumb with a hammer and also you wince in sympathy, that’s an instance of emotional empathy.

With out emotional empathy, the narcissistic mom has to depend on her cognitive empathy. Cognitive empathy entails stopping to consider what the opposite particular person is perhaps feeling and making an attempt to react appropriately. For instance, your pal’s father died, and also you by no means favored the person. Nevertheless, you’re on the funeral, and also you strive to consider one thing comforting to say to your pal, comparable to: “I’m so sorry. I understand how a lot you really liked him.”

The narcissistic mom who needed a toddler will do her finest to guardian the toddler, however due to her lack of emotional empathy, she could have bother attuning to her child’s wants. Her parenting efforts could relate extra to her wants than to the kid’s wants. She could also be intrusive or neglectful relying on her temper for the time being.

Lack of Entire Object Relations

Entire object relations (WOR) is the psychology time period for the flexibility to kind a secure, practical, and built-in view of your self or one other person who concurrently incorporates each favored and disliked qualities. With out WOR, an individual can solely see folks in a cut up means as both all-good or all-bad. Within the case of a narcissist, all-good equals particular, and all-bad equals nugatory.

From an object relations theoretical viewpoint, what distinguishes somebody with a narcissistic persona dysfunction from somebody who has narcissistic traits is the dearth of complete object relations (Greenberg, 2016).

With out WOR, the narcissistic mom can not kind a secure and practical view of her little one. In consequence, when she is glad together with her little one, she is going to view the kid as particular and ideal and deal with him or her accordingly. When she feels annoyed or upset together with her little one, she is going to change to seeing the kid as flawed and dangerous, and act imply and devaluing.

Narcissism Important Reads

Lack of Object Fidelity

Object fidelity (OC) is the flexibility to recollect the optimistic points of individuals you care about (and your previous optimistic historical past with them and your need for a optimistic future) if you are having unfavourable emotions towards them within the second.

Which means that when a narcissistic mom is feeling annoyed, indignant, or upset by her little one’s responses to her makes an attempt to mom, she could really feel rejected by the kid. On this scenario, the mom switches from loving to hating her little one. On this state, she could change into emotionally or bodily abusive to the kid.

Instance—Betty and Her Child

Betty had liked taking part in with dolls as a toddler and spent many glad hours pretending to be a mom. She had at all times envisioned herself having youngsters of her personal. She married younger and began a household instantly. She was thrilled to be pregnant and imagined how pleasant it could be to have a new child to maintain.

Sadly, Betty’s idealized image of a new child child was extra like a picture of a doll than an actual particular person. She was unprepared for the newborn to cry. Dolls don’t cry.

Betty turned annoyed when her makes an attempt to assuage her child didn’t at all times work. This conflicted together with her narcissistic self-image of being an ideal mom. She felt narcissistically wounded when her child didn’t reply to her mothering makes an attempt.

Because of the above scenario, Betty’s little one had unpredictable mothering. When Betty was relaxed and glad, she handled her little one properly and was stuffed with reward. When Betty was displeased or felt her overtures have been rejected, she hated her little one and venomously withdrew or attacked.


Narcissistic ladies can have a maternal intuition, if we outline that as a real need to have and mom a toddler. Nevertheless, their skill to mom their youngsters appropriately is severely restricted by their narcissistic points, particularly their lack of emotional empathy and their lack of ability to take care of a secure and practical view of their little one.

Even essentially the most enthusiastic narcissistic mom can have bother attuning to her little one’s wants and assembly these wants in a loving means. And, if the lady solely had youngsters out of a way of obligation, then the scenario is prone to be worse. They could have neither the will nor the flexibility to satisfy regular mothering features.

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