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When Is The Finest Time To Take Nutritional vitamins? A Scannable Information

When Is The Finest Time To Take Nutritional vitamins? A Scannable Information


Hannah Frye

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February 28, 2024

Hannah Frye

Assistant Magnificence & Well being Editor

By Hannah Frye

Assistant Magnificence & Well being Editor

Hannah Frye is the Assistant Magnificence Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. in journalism and a minor in girls’s, gender, and queer research from California Polytechnic State College, San Luis Obispo. Hannah has written throughout life-style sections together with well being, wellness, sustainability, private growth, and extra.

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Variety of Vitamins and Supplements

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February 28, 2024

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Abdomen aches, nausea, and fatigue are a number of of the unwanted effects you would possibly really feel after taking your nutritional vitamins. Nonetheless, taking your dietary supplements on the proper time of day or night time may also help fight these unwanted effects for good.

We all know that it may be complicated to resolve when to take sure nutritional vitamins (there are many totally different sorts on the market, in spite of everything), so we made it simpler with this cheat sheet. This is the very best time to take each vitamin in your day by day routine.

The necessity-to-knows:

  • B nutritional vitamins should not be taken at night time. Since they are typically fresher for some people, they might trigger sleep hassle in some folks. Whereas this is not the case for everybody, different dietary supplements like magnesium and CBD are extra appropriate for bedtime.
  • Fats-soluble nutritional vitamins needs to be taken with meals. This contains nutritional vitamins A, D, E and Okay. Taking these with meals will encourage correct absorption into the physique.
  • Nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different energetic components can have remedy interactions, similar to interfering with absorption, so ask your doctor about learn how to time yours along with your different prescriptions to be secure.

What time to take nutritional vitamins & dietary supplements

Beneath you will discover a breakdown of an important directions for taking every of the favored nutritional vitamins. We’ll let you realize if it needs to be taken with or with out meals, what time of day is greatest, and any widespread contraindications to remember.

Vitamin A: Anytime, with meals

“Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. Like all fat-soluble nutritional vitamins (A, D, E, and Okay), its bioavailability will increase when they’re taken with a supply of fats,” explains registered dietician Maya Feller, R.D., CDN.

Both take your vitamin A with a full meal containing wholesome fat or make a snack with components like avocado, peanut butter, and many others. to make sure it is absorbed correctly. 

Feller provides that people who find themselves pregnant or have liver illness will wish to discuss to their physician earlier than beginning vitamin A (particularly within the retinol type) supplementation. Some blood thinner drugs may have contraindications with excessive doses of vitamin A, she says, so flag these to your physician in case you’re on them too.

Vitamin C: Anytime, with or with out meals

“Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and doesn’t have to be taken with meals to extend bioavailability,” Feller says.

Nonetheless, when taken in extra, some folks expertise GI signs together with upset abdomen and free stools when taking vitamin C, so maintain that in thoughts in case you’re making an attempt a brand new product. 

Anybody who’s liable to particular forms of kidney stones will wish to discuss to their physician first.

Vitamin D: Anytime, with meals

Vitamin D’s bioavailability will increase whenever you take it with a meal that incorporates fats, Feller says. Nonetheless, the time of day does not matter as a lot.

Vitamin E: Anytime, with meals

Vitamin E is one other fat-soluble vitamin that needs to be taken with a meal that incorporates wholesome fat to extend absorption.

Just like vitamin A, these on blood thinner drugs will wish to discuss to their physician about when and if to take this one. 

Vitamin Okay: Anytime, with meals

Vitamin Okay is a fat-soluble vitamin that is greatest taken with meals.

Life-style doctor and longevity skilled Poonam Desai, M.D. suggests that folks with kidney well being issues discuss to their physician about when and if to take this vitamin.

B nutritional vitamins: Within the morning, with or with out meals

“B nutritional vitamins are water soluble, so [they] could be taken on an empty abdomen any time of the day,” Desai says. 

Nonetheless, she provides that some folks do report issue sleeping after taking some B nutritional vitamins, so she recommends taking them within the morning to be secure. 

“As well as, B nutritional vitamins play an important position in metabolism and power manufacturing—one more reason morning is an efficient time to take them,” she notes.

Multivitamin: Within the morning, with meals

As a result of most multivitamins comprise B nutritional vitamins, Desai recommends taking them within the morning to keep away from sleep disruptions.

Since multivitamins additionally normally embrace some or the entire fat-soluble nutritional vitamins (A, D, E, and Okay), you will wish to take them with meals as nicely. 

Prenatal vitamin: Anytime, with meals

For optimum absorption, Desai recommends taking prenatal nutritional vitamins with meals. “Many ladies expertise nausea throughout being pregnant, and taking a prenatal vitamin with meals lowers the prospect of nausea, acid reflux disease, and upset abdomen,” she provides. 

In case your prenatal incorporates B nutritional vitamins, it’s greatest to take it within the morning. 

When to take different dietary supplements

Now that we have coated the very best time to take nutritional vitamins, let’s dig into when to take different standard dietary supplements, like minerals and probiotics:

Iron: Anytime, with meals

Iron is a mineral that may be taken with a supply of vitamin C to extend its absorption,” Feller says. Iron nutritional vitamins could be taken on an empty abdomen, however its greatest to take with meals.

This mineral could cause abdomen discomfort in these liable to GI issues, she says. If this occurs to you, take into account pairing your complement with meals (however keep away from excessive doses of calcium, fiber-rich meals, or taking alongside thyroid drugs to forestall attainable interactions).

Constipation can also be a attainable facet impact of iron supplementation. You probably have hassle getting issues transferring after taking iron, Feller recommends switching to a liquid iron complement that’s simpler to digest. 

Magnesium: It will depend on the sort

  • Magnesium bisglycinate: Magnesium bisglycinate has particular advantages for sleep high quality, so it needs to be taken an hour or so earlier than mattress. This way tends to be essentially the most bioavailable and simple on digestion and doesn’t have to be taken with meals.
  • Magnesium citrate: Finest taken earlier within the day with some meals.
  • Magnesium oxide: Finest taken earlier within the day with some meals.
  • Magnesium malate: Finest taken very first thing within the morning with some meals.

Feller factors out that these with coronary heart, kidney, or gastrointestinal concerns and people on prescription drugs ought to examine with their physician earlier than beginning a excessive dose magnesium complement.

Calcium: Anytime, with meals

Calcium is one other nuanced complement in terms of its relationship with different drugs (significantly thyroid drugs), so be sure to examine along with your doctor earlier than shopping for it and take into account the optimum time of day to complement to keep away from absorption boundaries or unwanted effects.  

One other be aware is that calcium absorption is restricted to roughly 500 mg at a time so it is best to area out taking calcium dietary supplements throughout the day in case you’re consuming larger doses (e.g., for bone density wants).

Probiotics: Anytime, with or with out meals

Completely different probiotics comprise totally different forms of bacterial strains, so their results differ significantly. Because of this, Feller explains that there is no such thing as a common suggestion for when to take probiotic dietary supplements. Look to the label to see whether or not or not yours needs to be taken with meals, within the morning, and many others. 

Protein powder: Anytime, ideally quickly earlier than or after a exercise

As for timing, that basically will depend on your aim and day by day schedule. In the event you plan on understanding that day, take into account taking protein inside a number of hours earlier than or after your exercise.

In the event you aren’t exercising that day however nonetheless wish to take protein powder (a worthy stepping stone to reaching your day by day protein consumption objectives), simply take it everytime you need a snack or add it to your meal. 

Collagen: Anytime, with meals

The protocol for collagen significantly varies relying on the varieties included in your complement, Desai says. Nonetheless, most of them needs to be taken with meals to extend absorption, she notes. On condition that many collagen dietary supplements are available in powder type, it’s simple to work them into smoothies, lattes, yogurt, and many others. 

Hemp-derived CBD: Anytime you wish to calm down, with or with out meals

Contemplating hemp-derived CBD has a relaxing impact, it’s significantly useful to take earlier than mattress or whenever you wish to really feel relaxed. 

This complement doesn’t include fairly as many contraindications, however it’s all the time greatest to seek the advice of your doctor earlier than including CBD into your routine. 

Complement When to take With meals
Vitamin A Anytime Sure
Vitamin C Anytime Would not matter
Vitamin D Anytime Sure
Vitamin E Anytime Sure
Vitamin Okay Anytime Sure
B Nutritional vitamins Morning Doesn’t matter
Multivitamins Morning Sure
Prenatal nutritional vitamins Anytime Sure
Iron Anytime Sure
Magnesium Is determined by type Is determined by type
Calcium Anytime Sure
Probiotics Anytime Is determined by pressure
Protein powder Anytime Would not matter
Collagen Anytime Sure
CBD Anytime you wish to calm down Sure

The mindbodygreen POV

Some nutritional vitamins and minerals work greatest when taken within the morning, whereas others are well-suited for nighttime. You will additionally wish to take sure dietary supplements with meals so as to enhance their bioavailability (and reduce your threat of digestive upset).

Additionally, keep in mind to double-check your complement routine to make sure you’re not consuming greater than the really helpful dose, as many nutritional vitamins and minerals have a tolerable higher restrict (UL) or max day by day consumption that has been demonstrated to be secure.

This information gives a basic primer on when to take your nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements, however consult with the label in your explicit product to know for positive.

Lastly, seek the advice of your physician earlier than investing in dietary supplements in case you’re on remedy and allow them to know when you’ve got any undesirable unwanted effects like GI points, nausea, and so forth. 


Is it higher to take nutritional vitamins within the morning or at night time?

B nutritional vitamins have been proven to disrupt sleep in some people and thus are greatest taken within the morning. Nutritional vitamins A, C, D, E, and Okay could be taken any time of day—however most of them needs to be consumed with meals.

What nutritional vitamins are greatest taken at night time?

Dietary supplements like magnesium and CBD can assist sleep when taken earlier than mattress.

Must you take nutritional vitamins earlier than or after consuming?

It will depend on the complement. It’s greatest to take fat-soluble nutritional vitamins like nutritional vitamins A, D, E, Okay, and B proper after or with a meal to extend absorption.

The takeaway

Figuring out when to take your dietary supplements may also help you maximize their advantages. Whereas there are useful tips, it is nonetheless greatest to double-check your product label and ask your doctor in case you’re uncertain. Undecided what nutritional vitamins you have to be taking within the first place? Take our quiz for a customized complement routine that may enable you optimize your well-being.



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