Home Psychology Unapologetically Autistic: A Enormous Assortment of Quotes from Autistic Individuals’s Instagrams (Half 1)

Unapologetically Autistic: A Enormous Assortment of Quotes from Autistic Individuals’s Instagrams (Half 1)

Unapologetically Autistic: A Enormous Assortment of Quotes from Autistic Individuals’s Instagrams (Half 1)


Studying Time: 10 minutes

That is half one in all a giant quote compilation that includes insights from autistic content material creators on Instagram. You could find extra of their content material by following the hyperlinks below the quotes.

Though I’ve tried my finest to incorporate voices from teams experiencing completely different types of intersectionality, I’m conscious that there’s nonetheless an over-representation of the next expertise of autism (which is already fairly properly depicted on-line):

  • Excessive-masking
  • Late-identified/late-diagnosed
  • Low help wants, LSN
  • Feminine
  • (Clearly, English customers)
  • (Clearly, as a result of that is my expertise)

Principally, the autistic group is actually not a monolith, and no sub-group inside it’s both. Every particular person simply represents their explicit expertise with autism.

I hope you discover it illuminating!

Here’s a glossary from Reframing Autism.

“Whether or not you might be Autistic, formally identified, self-identified or suppose you could be Autistic, a member of the family or liked one in all an Autistic individual, a researcher, trainer, different skilled, or ally… we hope you study one thing new or deepen and lengthen your present data of Autism and the Autistic group.”

Reframing Autism, @reframing.autism

What’s autism?

Autism is like cake

“Autism is like cake. It will possibly are available in many various flavors, slices, sizes, shapes, sorts, or components; however on the finish of the day, it’s nonetheless cake! Somebody’s autism may look completely different from the surface or end in several types of behaviors, however on the finish of the day, it’s nonetheless autism.”

Embrace Autism, @embrace.autism

Autism is neurological/neurodevelopmental, and never a psychological well being situation

“Autism shouldn’t be a psychological well being situation. Autism is a lifelong developmental situation. While, like several individual, autistic folks can have good or dangerous psychological well being at any given time, we’re at larger threat of growing a psychological well being situation over our lifetimes. In response to analysis performed by the autism charity Autistica, 80% of autistic adults expertise psychological well being points throughout their lives in comparison with 25% of the overall inhabitants.”

Charlie Rewilding, @charlierewilding

Autism shouldn’t be a alternative <3

“Autism shouldn’t be a alternative. It can’t be cured. It’s… not a illness, not an excuse, not a psychological sickness, not a development, not a stigma, not a nasty phrase. It’s… not one thing you’ll be able to develop out of, not one thing you’ll be able to rip out of an individual, not one thing you’ll be able to put down whenever you get residence, not one thing you will get over, not one thing to be ashamed of. It’s… human, arduous, stunning. I’m autistic, I’m disabled, I’m proud.”

Lil Penguin Studios, @autism_happy_place

Cultural and racial intersectionality


“I feel being Asian and autistic means my autism was neglected resulting from my autistic traits being attributed to my Asianness. Being quiet, reserved, and nerdy match the Asian stereotype, and my social awkwardness may very well be attributed to cultural variations.”

Ellin Park, @autistic.qualia

(If you happen to’re questioning whether or not you might be autistic, attempt the Autism Self-Evaluation Workbook.)

Asian, feminine, and autistic

“Most Asian household dynamics are sometimes patriarchal and favor male kids, so in the event you’re a lady, there’s a increased likelihood of you being perceived negatively for talking out, not obeying authority, and advocating for your self, and also you’re much less more likely to obtain medical validation.”

Janelle Lee-McGarraugh, @diversity_in_neurodiversity

Cultural stigmatisation

“In Chinese language tradition, autism is closely stigmatized as it’s perceived to be shameful, inflicting a person or household to “lose face” in society. In different phrases, autism is taken into account to be a nasty factor and this angle is extraordinarily obvious on Google: If you seek for “autism” in English, you get a wide range of pictures – lots of them are vibrant, optimistic, and also you see a variety of pleased kids. Nonetheless, whenever you seek for “” (autism in Chinese language), you mainly solely get dejected-looking kids and different miserable pictures.”

LIS, @junkyardfrog

Struggles as an autistic Asian minority

“the autistic group has completed a variety of good – nevertheless it has left some teams on the edges and is lacking a variety of issues. i’m asian, and that i’ve discovered that asian autistic experiences are scarce – each from asian autistics themselves, and from non-asian autistics acknowledging how asian experiences could differ from theirs.”

flappyfroggie, @flappyfroggie


“If you’re not male and White you might have a barrier to an autism prognosis.”

Vishal Bal, @browngalspectrum

Being an autistic Black feminine

“Consistently being questioned about your identification. Having to each masks and code swap to outlive. Feeling boxed in by the a number of biases and assumptions. Coping with folks portray you because the “indignant Black girl” that you recognize you aren’t. Feeling pressured to reside as much as the unrealistic stereotype of a strong-at-all-times black girl. Being neglected by docs due to the shortage of analysis and schooling. Not feeling seen. Uninterested in the media specializing in the autistic white male narrative.”

NADIA, @autisticblackgirl

Multiracial and autistic

“I’m typically confused by how folks by some means handle to suit into identification bins. In these bins, there are extra individuals who they’ll relate to. As a Black multiracial girl who’s queer and Autistic, I typically really feel like I’m in my very own field. All on my own … My physique, actions, patterns of speech, and pursuits are sometimes labeled by others as Black or white. I’ve had folks inform me their private resolution on whether or not I’m extra Black or extra white – with out me asking for his or her opinion. I’m proud to be Black, and I acknowledge the privilege that comes with being white. I’m multi-racial, and I’m additionally neuro-divergent. My mind, physique, and cultural background are all completely different. My “field” may be very completely different.”

Lauren Melissa Ellzey, @autienelle

Why it is best to comply with BIPOC autistics

“One facet of autism that we don’t speak about is the actual motive you need to be following BIPOC group members on this house … You need to be together with BIPOC in your content material curation since you’re going to get a well-rounded perspective of autism. For instance, there’s no person that holds down masking higher than POCs, as a result of the quantity of instances we get marginalized inside a given day. For instance, I’ve to masks my voice so it’s good and nice for people, as a result of it’s simply simpler for folks to digest and doesn’t threaten folks.”

Ryan Perez, @digitalstemcell

Late-identified/identified feminine autistics

So many females obtain the prognosis late (if ever)

“Women who don’t get identified have a tendency to not have readily observable co-occurring difficulties, corresponding to hyperactivity. However many women and girls obtain different (typically incorrect) diagnoses as a substitute of, or earlier than, an autism prognosis. Many ladies who obtain their autism prognosis in maturity have had varied different diagnoses together with anxiousness issues, despair and temper issues, borderline character dysfunction, OCD, and consuming issues, the place the underlying trigger is probably going autism.”

A lot A lot Spectrum, @muchmuchspectrum

Boy/woman well being disparities and diagnostic sexism

“Boy 4yo…autistic! Lady 4yo…shy… Boy 16yo…autistic! Lady 16yo…bpd… Male 20yo…autistic! Feminine 20yo…bipolar… Male 25yo…autistic! Feminine 25yo…received an ASD prognosis however “most likely misdiagnosed bc it’s only a development and she or he desires consideration”.”

Autism World, @autismrworld (through X: @neurosqueak)

Clinician suggestions for recognizing autism in undiagnosed ladies

“They will masks and current as allistic (not autistic) for a number of hours and typical autism evaluation devices are unable to detect autism in them so assessments ought to final a number of hours or throughout quite a few appointments to fatigue them and scale back masking talents.”

Kathleen Duncan, @anautisticguide

Autistic masking and camoflauging

Why so many autistics masks

“To keep away from being judged by others. Peer strain inside our ‘friendship’ group. To get others to take our work critically. To really feel much less alone on the planet. To keep away from the stigmatisation associated to Autism. To get a job, keep in employment, and get promoted. Inner stigmatisation. To keep away from experiencing verbal or bodily abuse.”

Autisticly Me!, @autisticlyme.weblog

The saddest factor about masking?

“Have you learnt what’s the saddest factor about Autistic Masking? It’s not the exhaustion, anxiousness and even the identification confusion it’s the truth that you just about kill your self doing it and folks nonetheless suppose you’re bizarre. You study each social rule and so they nonetheless reject you anyway.”

Autism World, @autismrworld (through X: @SaltyAutistic)

Prognosis equals: how troublesome are you?

“I really feel like autism and adhd are identified primarily based upon how troublesome you might be to others. and that’s why individuals who masked are missed.”

Neurodivergent Minds, @neurominds_ (through X: @Seasonal_Bitch)

All the time was, at all times can be

“No, love, I’m not “getting extra autistic” since prognosis. I’m simply hiding it much less.”

Autistic Aptitude, @autisticflair

Neurotypical judgements


“Neurotypicals: why are you so bizarre? you’re actually bizarre. Me: i’m autistic. Neurotypicals: however then why are you so regular? you’re actually regular.”

Autism World, @autismrworld

Please replace your (medical) data

“To anybody who ever thought of me bizarre, lazy, shy, anti-social, an excessive amount of, too dramatic, attention-seeking, unwell behaved, impolite, obsessive, or annoying, I’m in actual fact, autistic. Please replace your data accordingly.”

Steph Jones, @autistic_therapist

Autism and “likeability”

“The research revealed that NT assessors [without knowing who was autistic or not] typically considered the autistic little one and grownup individuals as much less likeable than the NT individuals inside seconds of being uncovered to them, and that these unfavourable first impressions didn’t change with elevated publicity to the individuals. Additionally, the NT assessors had been discovered to be much less excited about pursuing social interactions with the autistic individuals than the NT individuals.”

Callum Stephen, @autistic_callum

A wierd horse or a standard zebra

““Why do you want a label?” Bc there’s consolation in realizing you’re a regular zebra, not a wierd horse. Bc you’ll be able to’t discover group w different zebras in the event you don’t know you belong. And bc it’s unimaginable for a zebra to be pleased or wholesome spending its life feeling like a failed horse.”

OMG I’m Autistic AF, @omgimautisticaf

Autism and being judged as “infantile” or “immature”

“Many traits and issues which are frequent amongst autistic persons are typically seen as ‘infantile’ within the neurotypical world. In actuality, these items are extremely vital for the wellbeing of autistic adults and kids and assist in stopping meltdowns/shutdowns/burnout.”

LiL Penguin Studios, @autism_happy_place

Bullshit politics of neurotypical society

“As autists we have to provide you with our personal definitions of friendship, relationship, group and profession – free from the bullshit politics of neurotypical socety. We have to make our personal social guidelines. Guidelines primarily based on kindness. For to be type – is to be clear and truthful. Think about relationships, a group, associates, the place you don’t should guess how they really feel.”

Luca Aria, @asianjohnnycash

The liberty to brazenly stim

“Stimpunks combines “stimming” + “punks” to evoke open and proud stimming, resistance to neurotypicalization, and the DIY tradition of punk, disabled, and neurodivergent communities. As a substitute of hiding our stims, we convey them to the entrance.”

Stimpunks, @stimpunks

Being a superb ally

“Being an ally goes additional than simply not including to the collective harms the Autistic group experiences. Reasonably, it encompasses actively taking steps to fight the stigma, discrimination, exclusion, and oppression that Autistic folks have confronted and proceed to face.”

Reframing Autism, @reframing_autism

(Right here is their web site.)

Ableism and incapacity 

Do you could have internalised ableism? A listing

“7 indicators you might have internalized ableism

  1. You’re employed arduous to cover your neurodivergence from others and your self
  2. Regardless of your strengths, you’re feeling such as you’re not good at something
  3. You are feeling such as you don’t “deserve” lodging and demand on maintaining with neurotypical norms
  4. You are feeling the necessity to show your neurodivergence” [Yep, that’s me!]

Methodology Artistic (Wellness), @methodology.artistic.mpls

Identical ableism

“Criticising an Autistic individual for having slim pursuits, being blunt, misunderstanding context, wanting away, fidgeting, being over-sensitive and struggling to speak is identical as criticising a wheelchair consumer for not strolling. Your ableism is exhausting.”

Autism World, @autismrworld (through X: @SaltyAutistic)

Really feel such as you’re not “disabled sufficient”?

“Your expertise of incapacity is legitimate, whether or not it’s by way of psychological well being, persistent ache, neurodivergence or different invisible disabilities. finest how your incapacity is impacting you.”

So, You’re Disabled?, @soyouredisabled

What’s incapacity justice?

“Incapacity justice acknowledges the intersecting legacies of white supremacy, colonial capitalism, gendered oppression and ableism in understanding how folks’s our bodies and minds are labelled ‘deviant’, ‘unproductive’, ‘disposable’ and/or ‘invalid’, from Venture LETS.”

The Autistic Care Collective (ACC), @theautisticcarecollective

Incapacity justice (once more)

“Everybody loves Incapacity Justice; nobody desires to do it.”

Leahlakshmiwrites, @leahlakshmiwrites

Your price

“Your price isn’t outlined by your contribution to capitalism.”

emily, @emily.a.foster

A pure situation may also be disabling

“Two issues will be true. Autism is usually a pure variant of the human situation and likewise disabling. Identical with ageing interval. Incapacity is one thing that every one of us will know if now we have the privilege to reside lengthy sufficient.”

Tiffany L Hammond, @fidgets.and.fries

The autistic group and MSN/HSN autistics

Broad statements

“When discussing autism, I attempt to be conscious about whether or not the statements I’m making apply broadly. If an announcement about autistic folks doesn’t bear in mind the existence of nonspeakers, autistics of colour/the worldwide majority, LGBTQ+ autistics, and many others… then it’s not correct.”

The Autisticats, @the.autisticats

Handled like shit

“To start out off, the group treats those that are self identified and early identified like shit. Early identified folks get handled like they’re making an attempt to be “probably the most autistic”. And self identified persons are instructed they’re faking. Low want autistic folks deal with excessive want autistic folks like shit. They fakeclaim them, accuse them of infantilizing ASD and extra. There are some autistic individuals who do match the “stereotypes” of ASD and infrequently time they deal with others who don’t like shit. Autism is a spectrum. The spectrum you’re experiencing doesn’t make you extra autistic than another person.”

feral_jesters, @feral_jesters

The medium- and high-support-needs labels

“Most people shaming the help wants labels vocabulary accomplish that as a result of they haven’t confronted the form of discrimination that MSN and HSN autistics do; they really feel as if acknowledging different types of discrimination invalidates their experiences. Most of them are low help wants. No person is saying that LSN autistic persons are “much less autistic” or much less worthy of help.”

The Indignant Autist, @angry_autist


“Stating the very actual, colonialist and eugenicist historical past of the phrase dysfunction DOES NOT MEAN AUTISM ISN’T A DISABILITY. Rejecting the inherent implications of the phrase “dysfunction” DOES NOT imply a rejection of the very actual disabling facet of autism.”

The Indignant Autist, @angry_autist


“When folks say they’re in opposition to eugenics as a result of (for instance) altering autistic folks’s genes may “by accident do away with particular abilities and abilities”… They aren’t really anti-eugenics. The truth is, that argument may be very a lot according to the core concepts of eugenics. When folks say “Autism shouldn’t be eradicated as a result of…” after which comply with up that assertion with issues like: – “Autistic persons are clever” – “Autistic folks will be productive” – “Autistic folks have particular abilities” – “Autistic folks will be unbiased”…  They’re doing two issues: 1. Feeding into the concept that a disabled individual’s price comes from how properly they are often exploited economically 2. Erasing autistic individuals who don’t match these standards, and implying that it will be okay for *these* folks to not exist.”

The Autisticats, @the.autisticats

Non-speaking autistics

“I don’t take heed to nor belief professionals, households, or Autistic individuals who suppose they know a rattling factor about autism however have zero nonspeaking Autistic folks of their lives nor a minimum of comply with on-line. They’re extremely unserious of their advocacy and so they don’t have the vary to debate rather a lot. I hate shallow advocacy.”

Tiffany, @nigh.functioning.autism

Some (often MSN and HSN) autists expertise autism as a dysfunction

“At the start, the way you determine is your private alternative and desire and never one thing others ought to have a say in … However denying that autism is a dysfunction total, speaks over and ignores the voices of excessive and reasonable wants people and erases the angle of probably the most marginalized in our group. Nearly all of excessive and reasonable helps want people do view their autism as a dysfunction. Excessive and reasonable help autistics have very completely different experiences from low wants autistics, and that’s fully okay.”

AnOrdinaryDisabledLesbian, @anordinarydisabledlesbian

LSNs and the social mannequin of incapacity

“I’ll simply say this a few majority of the autistic of us I’ve seen agreeing with the social mannequin of incapacity – they are typically white, cisgender, able-bodied, talking, and have low help wants. So, I can think about that possibly they don’t really feel very disabled by their autism a variety of the time. However that’s a privilege and is simply not the expertise for a majority of autistic of us – ones who don’t are inclined to have as large of a platform or voice in the neighborhood.”

Getaway Autist Cellular, @getaway_autist_mobile

Non-speakers’ resilience

“We nonspeakers are so sturdy and so resilient, and we hold making an attempt and hoping and dwelling by way of the immense challenges we face. Every factor we battle with shouldn’t be a weak spot solely, but in addition a profound power. And far of that battle, we address internally on our personal.”

Danny Whitty, @dannywithwords


“If I don’t phrase my posts in a means that 40,000 folks can precisely interpret, I’ve to spend a ton of vitality explaining myself & insisting I do know what I meant. Anticipating me, an autistic individual, to speak issues in a means 40,000 different folks, lots of that are autistic, gained’t misread is admittedly unrealistic. Anticipating me to foretell each means 40,000 folks can or will misread what I’m saying is unrealistic.”

OMG I’m Autistic AF, @omgimautisticaf

Continued partly two.

Monique Moate is a author, editor, spouse, cat mum, and evening owl who enjoys writing about a variety of subjects. She cares about psychological well being consciousness and destigmatisation.




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