We wrote this text in 2016-17 and thought it deserved a revisit and have added new feedback in Black daring  with  Quick Ahead notation for present relfections:   


America went right into a Rahu Mahadasha interval on Dec. 1, 2015, primarily based on my rectified US Chart (7/4/1776, 6:17 pm, Philly and it’s at all times controversial speaking concerning the US chart and its beginning time.)

Rahu governs immigrants and outcasts so it will counsel a repeat of the large immigration that we noticed between 1895-1913.  For the time being the Trump administration has curtailed that however continued world upsets are prone to proceed migration.  Quick-forward to 2024 and the primary concern of the US individuals is immigration and over 8 million new immigrants have entered the US.    

Would additionally anticipate that the US started in a Rahu mahadasha in 1776 so continued revolutionary power might boil as much as throw out the leaders in energy and continued dissatisfaction with the federal government will finally result in one thing extra dramatic.  The battle of the Deep State, the CIA, and the military-industrial complicated and their maintain on our authorities will proceed to be a wrestle over the subsequent 7 years with Neptune within the constellation of Purvabharapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.2).   Quick ahead to 2024 with Saturn transferring into Purvabhardrapada in April 2024 for a yr and one has to suppose that the truths and actuality of how our authorities is being run and all of the inherent messes will hold coming to the floor with Saturn’s power to rework.

Rahu governs expertise so would anticipate enormous technological advances within the interval—in all probability much more so than we will think about.  The interval has already introduced self-driving vehicles and the trade appears decided to get the bugs out and make them a actuality.  Quick ahead to 2024 and AI is taking up and we nonetheless have one other 9 years of the Rahu interval for acceleration of technological developments.  The nice facet of expertise is that it ought to make our lives simpler however the tough facet is that Rahu’s spying and lack or privateness and corrupt and unethical makes use of of expertise additionally enhance. 

The final Rahu interval, 1895-1913 was a troubled time for the US economic system with many banking upheavals and issues with laws across the metals trade significantly silver.  The US is organising for one more financial disaster with the finances ceiling not below management and no actual options for the economic system so in some unspecified time in the future between 2019-23, we might see an enormous monetary disaster occurring.   Quick ahead to 2024 and we had a banking disaster bubble up with the Silicon Valley Financial institution in March 2023 and you may sense extra is coming in Might 2024.

The distinction between the 1895 Rahu interval and this Rahu interval is that below the precept of Dasha Pravesh and working a chart for the beginning of the dasha interval in 2015, one will get Rahu within the US 10th home within the exalted signal of Virgo so getting a precise repeat of 1895-1913 is shouldn’t be completely within the playing cards.

It will be simple to foretell one other main battle because the US because the US is at all times discovering a battle to combat.  Sagittarius rising is essentially the most war-like signal of the zodiac having the image of the archer and Saturn in Sagittarius has introduced its share of wars. Quick ahead to 2024 and one would suppose that with Mars going into Aquarius on March 15th and becoming a member of Saturday one thing larger will occur with the US.  The neo-con’s lust to destroy Russia even when it brings nuclear retaliation has introduced us again to the chilly battle period. April is a key month for the Ukraine/Russia battle and might Venus in Pisces in April deliver any outward attain towards peace?

Prior to now US Rahu interval the Spanish-American battle did get away in Rahu/Jupiter. The 40-year world battle cycle related with Saturn/Ketu conjunctions (see Sept. 1939 for the invasion of Nazi Germany into Poland) is occurring throughout Sept. 2019 through the Rahu interval and isn’t that auspicious. Saving grace is the Dasha Pravesh within the tenth home once more with Saturn third from the Dasha Lord however Jupiter twelfth from the dasha lord.

Rahu durations deliver political upheaval. Over the past Rahu interval, US President McKinley was elected and later assassinated by a Polish anarchist in 1901.  A number of the transits for 2018 together with Ketu in Capricorn this yr additionally counsel nice anger towards the federal government and the Mars/Ketu conjunction this yr between June-September 2018 is prone to deliver its share of indignant residents able to rise.  Wouldn’t be stunned to see an assassination try as we noticed in 1981 in opposition to Regan with Ketu in Capricorn.   Quick ahead to 2024:  We marvel if  Biden will make it by way of even April with the Lunar Eclipse within the 10th Home of the President this yr on March 25th and the Photo voltaic Eclipse impacting seen within the US on April 8, 2024.  Eclipses usually deliver the autumn of kings inside 6 months and Biden’s Saturn Mahadasha and connection to the 7th home just isn’t precisely pleasant.   For that matter, will they ever enable Trump to reassume the thrown?   We’re again within the center ages the place energy drawfs concern for the individuals and might the individuals stand up and alter it?   Individuals worry a civil battle however we would not have the astrology that produced the 1861-65 which occurred throughout Venus/Rahu and Venus / Jupiter with Venus being the 6th lord of battle within the 7th home.  Nonetheless the Rahu signature for the Civil Struggle is regarding.

The final Rahu interval introduced the expansion of labor, populism, and better tariffs and taxes.  Given the approaching financial issues for the US, the probabilities for saving the nation by elevating taxes appears seemingly and now we have additionally thought that as US authorities funds have issues, state and native governments would take over and enhance property taxes to maintain issues going.  That appears inevitable.  Quick ahead to 2024 and now we have 33 trillion in debt and native governments in sure areas have been elevating taxes Biden within the State of the Union was to extend company taxes and taxes in opposition to billionaires to assuage the fears of the individuals and this type of economics has by no means labored.   

The benefit of the final Rahu interval was Theodore Roosevelt who introduced nice reform to the US, created the nationwide park system, and introduced the large stick diplomacy to combat for the little man.   Our work on the 2020 President suggests somebody who will combat for the individuals and possibly Elizabeth Warren or somebody like her stand an opportunity of bringing the form of change and populism that’s wanted for the transfer from a corporate-topia again to a authorities by the individuals.  The combat in opposition to the Deep State might be lengthy however I believe that the individuals might have an opportunity with the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in 2020. Quick Ahead to 2024:  The US has moved extra towards Marxism and Saturn in Aquarius Saturn in Pisces and Saturn in Aries till August 2029 will in all probability proceed motion in that path.

Rahu can also be related to mass epidemics and the prospect for a repeat of a large drawback appears robust throughout Rahu/Saturn which begins in Dec. 2020.  Quick Ahead to 2024—We sadly had been appropriate about this with the Covid Disaster and one can see the WHO eager to plan one other such disaster to get the plenty below management.

Rahu has a method of wanting to vary out-moded elements of society and uncover deception. The present uncovering of the Uranium One scandal with the Clinton Basis and rather more is prone to unfold by way of the interval.  Rahu ought to proceed to unearth the key and shadow authorities that has been protecting us at battle, supporting the military-industrial complicated and turning the CIA and FBI in opposition to their President. The drama of this can proceed to unfold.  Quick Ahead to 2024:  The Republican investigations into authorities corruption proceed to unfold at a break-neck velocity revealing scandals corruption and lawfare.  Finally Saturn has an opportunity to deliver extra reality with its entry into Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra in April.

Whereas Trump just isn’t common with many, he is an ideal reflection of the Rahu interval being a brash formidable President able to take the nation to battle with Korea, problem the Deep State, and eliminate corruption.  The military-industrial complicated won’t go down simply and Trump has surrounded himself with generals as there’s a enormous combat happening.  He appears to should make concessions to the Navy Industrial Advanced or fall, sufferer, like President Kennedy did.  A high quality line to stroll.  Quick ahead to 2024:  Trump is main within the polls however some in Washington will do something to lose energy and management.  

I discover Rahu refreshing as it’s into societal transformation.  The outmoded establishments of society the key societies working the US economic system into the bottom with debt want reform.  I think {that a} disaster between 2019-20 will usher in a brand new chief to proceed the transformation that’s wanted.    Quick Ahead to 2024: We’re nonetheless in want of a brand new chief and a disaster to wake us up out of our malaise about the way in which that authorities is working. Will the Photo voltaic Eclipse on April 8th over the US be a set off? 


The US is in a Rahu /Mercury interval with Mercury the lord of the 7th and 10th within the 8th and Rahu is conjunct Mercury within the 8th home.  The present theme of Rahu with Mercury is about technological censorship and that theme will proceed till the tip of the interval in June of 2026.  Lord of the tenth within the 8th suggests the autumn of a President and lord of the 7th within the 8th is trying ominous for elevated battle tensions.  Nonetheless, Rahu and Mercury are buddies and that is among the higher sub-periods within the Rahu cycle.   Will Jupiter trining Pluto in June through the US Pluto return enable for a optimistic transformation? We hope so.



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