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The Romantic Comedy Character with Your Enneagram Kind

The Romantic Comedy Character with Your Enneagram Kind


I used to be born within the ‘80s, which signifies that romantic comedies had been a fairly large deal throughout my childhood and teenage years. My weekends had been typically spent in a crowded theater watching Meg Ryan examine her AOL inbox for a letter from Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts run away from the altar one too many instances, and Alicia Silverstone’s “Cher Horowitz” fall in love together with her former step-brother (a bit bizarre perhaps?).

With that in thoughts, I assumed it might be a enjoyable experiment to attempt to discover iconic romantic comedy character with every of the 9 Enneagram varieties. Do you relate to the characters I picked for you? Do you’ve gotten one other suggestion? Let me know within the feedback!

Discover the romantic comedy character with your Enneagram type. #Enneagram #PersonalityDiscover the romantic comedy character with your Enneagram type. #Enneagram #Personality

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The Romantic Comedy Character with Your Enneagram Kind

Let’s begin with the Enneagram Ones – Lucy Kelson and Sally

Enneagram 1 Romantic Comedy Characters: Lucy Kelson and SallyEnneagram 1 Romantic Comedy Characters: Lucy Kelson and Sally

Common Enneagram One Traits: Moral, strict, detail-oriented, accountable, crucial, organized, judgmental, worry of being “evil” or corrupt.

What do these two characters have in widespread? Each varieties are involved with problems with morality and attempt for perfection of their lives. They’re each detail-oriented, pushed, and hard-working.

Sally lives with a complete lot of “ought to’s” and “ought’s” in her life. She’s hard-working, attentive, crucial, and embraces guidelines and perfection. Positive, she has a humorous and heat facet, however she’ll additionally ship her meals again if it isn’t precisely to her specs. She judges people who find themselves informal about sleeping with different folks, and he or she loves the whole lot to be organized, excellent, and pristine. This want for perfection and this tendency in the direction of crucial conduct is attribute of the typical to unhealthy One. Whereas they are often sort and good folks, they may also be nitpicky, self-righteous, and judgmental. Though, to be honest, typically Harry deserved all of the judgment he received.

Lucy Kelson, like Sally, is all about doing what’s proper and ethical and good. She needs to make a distinction on this planet; whether or not meaning working as a professional bono lawyer for the Coalition for the Homeless or lobbying to guard soon-to-be-destroyed landmarks, the whole lot about her is in pursuit of a better moral calling. She’s idealistic, decided, and typically a bit inflexible. Everybody, notably her employer, George Wade, depend on her for her eager judgment and sense of duty.

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Enneagram Twos – Annie Reed and Cher Horowitz

Enneagram 2 Romantic Comedy Characters: Annie Reed and Cher HorowitzEnneagram 2 Romantic Comedy Characters: Annie Reed and Cher Horowitz

Common Enneagram Two Traits: Beneficiant, Attentive, Heat, Supportive, Overbearing, Must Be Appreciated

Annie Reed from Sleepless in Seattle is truthfully a bit scary. And I type of hate to make use of her because the Two Enneatype, as a result of she’s such an odd character. However oh effectively. Right here we go.

Studying of widower, Sam Baldwin’s, grief over the radio, she’s pushed by an nearly instinctual need to heal his ache, seeing it as her mission to deliver him happiness once more. After which issues get bizarre and obsessive. She tracks him down throughout the nation, writes him a letter about how they need to meet atop the Empire State Constructing, and falls hopelessly in love with him despite the fact that she’s by no means met him and is engaged already. Every part she does is guided by her coronary heart, and typically which means that she blurs the strains between help and deranged meddling, showcasing the unhealthy Two’s problem in balancing their must be wanted with respect for others’ autonomy.

Cher Horowitz, alternatively, embodies the Two’s worry of rejection and need to be seen as indispensable, albeit in a extra lighthearted and playful method. She instantly sees how folks “want” her and jumps in to “assist.” Whether or not this implies matchmaking, giving makeovers, or comforting her father, she genuinely needs to make a constructive contribution in folks’s lives. That mentioned, on the similar time she may be wildly immature and even manipulative when she doesn’t get her method or feels unappreciated. She additionally tends to be overly dramatic and may fall into the entice of utilizing flattery to get what she needs. Like most Twos, she needs to be seen for the beneficiant, selfless individual she goals to be and it makes her livid when she feels misunderstood (“Like Josh considering I used to be imply was making me postal.”) General, when you’re searching for an exaggerated and comedic model of a 2 (2w3 to be actual), Cher’s your lady.

Additionally, sorry Twos, each these examples are unhealthy variations of your Enneagram kind. You may take pleasure in discovering the Marvel Lady with Your Enneagram Kind extra.

Enneagram Threes – Stella Payne and Jerry Maguire

Enneagram 3 Romantic Comedy Characters: Stella Payne and Jerry MaguireEnneagram 3 Romantic Comedy Characters: Stella Payne and Jerry Maguire

Common Enneagram Three Traits: Formidable, Success-Oriented, Picture-Acutely aware, Adaptable, Involved with Effectivity, Concern of Being Nugatory

Stella Payne from How Stella Received Her Groove Again is the quintessence of a profitable and bold Enneagram Three. She’s a high-powered stockbroker who has devoted her life to reaching success and recognition in her profession. However typically she takes on an excessive amount of and doesn’t give herself an opportunity to have enjoyable, take a break, and let free. Everybody in her life realizes this can be a drawback and pressures her to vary. Enter a trip to Jamaica and the eye of a younger, enticing Taye Diggs! Stella’s tendency to “lose herself” in achievements and work is a continual drawback of the typical to unhealthy Three. In the long run, Stella realizes typically she’s received to make errors, experiment, and work out who she actually is, not simply what she will accomplish.

I’m fairly positive whenever you noticed Jerry Maguire’s identify, you additionally robotically heard “Present me the cash!” in your personal mind. At the least I did. Charismatic and pushed, Jerry is a sports activities agent dwelling on the sting of success and extra. He’s charming, witty, formidable, and tireless. Like most Threes he can work relentlessly to get his aim and is anxious with the picture of success. In actual fact, he’s so centered on “succeeding” in the whole lot that he winds up shedding monitor of what he actually needs and the way he actually feels. His well-known line, “Present me the cash,” whereas initially a name for monetary success, paradoxically turns into a plea for actual worth and respect in his private {and professional} relationships. Like Stella, Jerry’s story is story of a Three’s evolution from pursuing exterior validations to searching for real self-worth, which means, and achievement.

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Enneagram Fours – Tom Hansen and Sam

Enneagram 4 Romantic Comedy Characters: Tom Hansen and SamEnneagram 4 Romantic Comedy Characters: Tom Hansen and Sam

Common Enneagram 4 Traits: Introspective, Romantic, Delicate, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, Concern of Being Abnormal

Sam from Love, Truly is absolutely probably the most likeable character in all the film. In case you don’t like Sam, we’ve got an issue. He’s in love and it’s destroying him. Not making him completely happy, filling his coronary heart with sunshine and rainbows, it’s making him depressing. If there isn’t something extra 4 than that, I don’t know what it’s. He’s introspective and consumed by his emotions for Joanna, regardless of the obstacles in his path. This dedication to pursue his coronary heart’s need, whatever the practicality or chance of success, is one high quality of the Enneagram 4 kind. Sam’s willingness to place himself in a weak place, go towards the norm, and specific his feelings is a power of the 4 and may in the end result in deep connection and achievement.

Tom Hansen from (500) Days of Summer season is a textbook instance of a median to unhealthy Enneagram 4, notably in how he navigates the world of affection and relationships. Pushed by a deep-seated envy, Tom continually compares his personal romantic experiences to an idealized model of affection, one that’s typically glorified in cultural narratives and societal expectations. His creativeness and his emotions drive him. Even when life appears mundane and empty, he hopes that with the invention of “real love” the lacking puzzle of his id and which means will likely be stuffed. Like many common to unhealthy Fours, Tom believes there’s an absence inside that he can solely fill by discovering “the one.” Tom’s quest for achievement via romantic encounters is anchored within the hope that having what others seem to take pleasure in will deliver him the happiness he craves. Sadly, this units the stage for inevitable disappointment. Actual folks don’t match idealized visions and imaginations, and Tom grapples with the stark distinction between his romanticized concepts and the messy, imperfect actuality of affection. In the long run, Tom realizes that private development and honesty with himself and his worldview is the important thing to happiness.

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Enneagram Fives – Jamie Bennett and Ellie Chu

Enneagram 5 Romantic Comedy Characters: Jamie Bennett and Ellie ChuEnneagram 5 Romantic Comedy Characters: Jamie Bennett and Ellie Chu

Common Enneagram 5 Traits: Analytical, Observant, Personal, Intense, Curious, Concern of Incompetence

Jamie Bennett from Love, Truly might be the sweetest Enneagram 5 we’ll see in a romantic comedy. On high of that, he’s one of many solely characters in Love, Truly who doesn’t have a fairly tousled romantic fixation. He retreats to a quiet haven in France after a heartbreak, delving into his writing and eschewing all social interactions (minus some shy nods and gestures along with his housekeeper, Aurélia.) Jamie’s lifestyle is reflective and deeply introspective, preferring the corporate of his ideas and a clean web page to write down on over social interactions. This solitude turns into his workshop for understanding himself and the world round him. When Jamie does uncover that he has emotions for Aurélia, in typical 5 vogue he makes an attempt to study her language, Portuguese, first. He received’t even danger trying to indicate her he has emotions for her till he can show his competence in understanding her language.

Ellie Chu from The Half of It has the mental, curious nature of the Enneagram 5. Like most Fives, Ellie retains a wall round her to guard herself from nervousness or potential failure. However when she will get the job of ghost writing love letters on behalf of her thickheaded classmate Paul Munsky, Ellie’s world transforms. They’re each in love with the identical woman, Aster Flores, however Ellie will not be prepared to disclose her emotions. She examines love and its complexities first narratively, via writing for Paul, earlier than performing on it in actual life. It’s nearly as if the mental train of writing about love frees her from the worry of expressing herself. Like many Fives, Ellie is extra snug on this planet of the thoughts and creativeness relatively than the world of motion. However as The Half of It progresses, we see her begin to take extra dangers and develop in confidence to pursue her personal impartial objectives.

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Enneagram Sixes – Jack Callaghan and Anna Scott

Enneagram 6 Romantiic Comedy Characters: Anna Scott and Jack CallaghanEnneagram 6 Romantiic Comedy Characters: Anna Scott and Jack Callaghan

Common Enneagram Six Traits: Loyal, Partaking, Accountable, Anxious, Suspicious, Concern of Being With out Assist

Whereas You Had been Sleeping might be my mother’s #1 favourite film of all time. I can’t consider this film with out remembering childhood evenings, curled up on a blanket on the ground, laughing as Sandra Bullock’s “Lucy” bumbles via one not possible scenario after one other. Jack Callaghan, the older brother of Peter Callaghan (who’s in a coma for many of the film,) is an excellent illustration of the Six Enneatype. When he first meets Lucy, the film’s important character who pretends to be engaged to Peter, Jack is understandably skeptical and suspicious. As an Enneagram Six, he’s naturally cautious and anxious, particularly on the subject of his household. Like most Sixes, Jack has the dependability, duty, and pragmatism of the Six. He demonstrates this via taking up the household enterprise and stepping as much as assist everybody whereas Peter is in a coma. However because the story unfolds, we see Jack’s loyalty and dedication lengthen past simply his household, as he begins to fall for Lucy and stands by her when she wants him most.

Anna Scott from Notting Hill showcases one other aspect of the Enneagram Six persona: the wrestle with self-doubt and the eager for a secure, supportive atmosphere. Regardless of her glamorous life as a well-known actress, Anna is inherently anxious and insecure, looking for one thing actual in a world full of superficiality. Her vulnerability and the rollercoaster of feelings she experiences in her relationship with William Thacker highlight the Six’s quest for safety and worry of abandonment. However even with all her acclaim and fame, Anna nonetheless has the grounded nature of the typical to wholesome Six. In spite of everything, who can overlook her line “I’m only a woman, standing in entrance of a boy, asking him to like her.”

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Enneagram Sevens – Vivian Ward and Yas

Enneagram 7 Romantic Comedy Characters: Yas and Vivian WardEnneagram 7 Romantic Comedy Characters: Yas and Vivian Ward

Common Enneagram Seven Traits: Enthusiastic, Enjoyable-loving, Spontaneous, Scattered, Optimistic, Concern of Being Disadvantaged or in Ache

Vivian Ward has not had a straightforward life; rising up in an abusive house, she’s needed to study to forge her personal method and never depend upon anybody however herself to outlive. However like a typical Seven, she doesn’t let the knocks of life maintain her down for lengthy. Her spontaneous and opportunistic nature shines via from the second she steps into Edward’s automobile, turning a enterprise transaction into an journey of a lifetime. Whereas there are undoubtedly some ethical issues with Fairly Lady, Vivian’s character is not possible to not love. She brings compassion, lightness, and pleasure into the lives of others, and encourages Edward to see the world past his billion-dollar empire. Regardless of her circumstances, Vivian stays brilliant, enthusiastic, and filled with desires for the long run.

Yas, from Rye Lane, is a free-spirited Maverick, doing no matter she will to ease her personal damaged coronary heart, and the guts of her newfound pal, Dom. In typical Seven vogue, Yas is all the time on the go, continually chasing new experiences and making an attempt new issues. She encourages Dom to take new dangers and embrace a spirit of journey, but beneath her dynamic, daring exterior is somebody who, like many Sevens, has a extra weak inside. She simply tries to masks this by all the time searching for out new distractions and pleasure. Her worry of being disadvantaged or in ache drives her to keep away from going through her inside struggles, continually holding herself busy with one million various things.

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Enneagram Eights – Kat Stratford and Tracy Lord

Enneagram 8 Romantic Comedy Characters: Kat Stratford and Tracy LordEnneagram 8 Romantic Comedy Characters: Kat Stratford and Tracy Lord

Common Enneagram Eight Traits: Direct, Self-Assured, Decisive, Protecting, Confrontational, Concern of Being Managed or Weak

Kat Stratford from 10 Issues I Hate About You was an emblem of edginess and revolt again once I was 16-years-old. I feel each younger Considering-Judging woman (or Feeling-Perceiving woman, for that matter) present in her some type of kindred spirit. She embodies the fierce independence and resilience of the Enneagram Eight. Fearlessly outspoken and unapologetically herself, Kat refuses to evolve to anybody’s expectations. Her confrontational nature units others on edge, nevertheless it additionally masks a deep-seated vulnerability and a need to guard these she loves. She was duped as soon as, and it’s NEVER going to occur once more. However for Kat, a part of her development lies in studying to let down her defenses and permit herself to be open and weak, which is a crucial step for development for all Eights.

Tracy Lord from The Philadelphia Story is one other robust Eight character. Like Kat, Tracy refuses to let anybody management or manipulate her. She’s argumentative, direct, confrontational, and magnetic. Not like many ladies in her time, Tracy wasn’t afraid to talk her thoughts. She’s fiery, intense, and runs on intuition. Eights are identified for this. They’re a part of the Physique triad and belief their instincts to information them. They guard their true nature, placing on a tricky entrance (Tracy does the identical. When folks attempt to get to know her, she retorts with strains like “Oh, we’re going to speak about me once more, are we? Goody.”) However beneath her robust exterior lies a deep worry of being weak and managed. This worry is what drives her to push folks away and keep management over each facet of her life.

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Enneagram Nines – William Thacker, Patrick Verona, and Kathleen Kelly

Enneagram 9 romantic comedy characters: Kathleen Kelly, William Thacker, and Patrick VeronaEnneagram 9 romantic comedy characters: Kathleen Kelly, William Thacker, and Patrick Verona

Common Enneagram 9 Traits: Peaceable, Receptive, Comforting, Complacent, Optimistic, Concern of Loss and Separation

William Thacker, from Notting Hill, epitomizes the Enneagram 9’s need for a peaceable and uncomplicated life. He’s a humble bookstore proprietor in London with an affable, good-humored persona. Like most Nines, he’s accepting, calm, and unhurried. Regardless of the whirlwind romance that unfolds, William’s preliminary resistance to disrupt his tranquil life highlights the 9’s aversion to battle and alter. Nonetheless, his character arc demonstrates the expansion of a 9, as he steps out of his consolation zone to pursue love, exhibiting that even probably the most peace-loving people can courageously chase what really issues to them.

Patrick Verona from 10 Issues I Hate About You, at first look, won’t look like a typical 9 as a consequence of his rebellious exterior. Nonetheless, he’s surprisingly affected person, calm, and easy-going as soon as folks get to know him. He doesn’t need to hassle anybody else, and he doesn’t need to be bothered. Whereas he’s initially offered as a one-note indignant outsider, this isn’t his true persona. He and Kat are each outsiders, and whereas Kat reveals others a extra bristly, indignant, reactive, intense facet of herself, Patrick’s aura is extra playfully rebellious, charming, and “chill” for lack of a greater phrase. He’s not lashing out at folks; he’s doing his personal factor, even when that factor means lighting a cigarette with a bunson burner. He hides beneath his rebellious exterior as a approach to be left alone and unbothered, not as a approach to get again at anybody specifically.

Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Received Mail has that comforting, heat presence that Nines are well-known for. Proprietor of a small, cozy bookstore (perhaps bookstore proprietor is the best job for a 9?), Kathleen creates a welcoming house for her clients and her staff. All through the movie, her struggles with change and confrontation demonstrates the challenges Nines face when their peaceable existence is threatened. She admits to “freezing up” when the chance for a crucial comeback presents itself. She struggles to disclose her true emotions; staying in a loveless relationship as a result of perhaps it’s extra snug, or she doesn’t need to take care of a nasty breakup. However because the story progresses, we see her development, as she learns to face up for herself and assert her wishes.

What Are Your Ideas?

Do you relate to the characters together with your Enneagram kind? Are you uncertain what your Enneatype is? You may take our questionnaire to search out out. However let me know when you resonate with these characters or when you have different solutions! I’d love to listen to your ideas.

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Discover the romantic comedy character with your Enneagram type. #Enneagram #PersonalityDiscover the romantic comedy character with your Enneagram type. #Enneagram #Personality



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