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The Myers-Briggs® Forms of the Star Wars Characters

The Myers-Briggs® Forms of the Star Wars Characters


When Susan reached out and requested me to put in writing a visitor put up concerning the Myers-Briggs® Forms of Star Wars characters, I instantly pulled up my soundtrack playlist and began writing. In any case, I’ve been a Star Wars fan for so long as I can keep in mind and I’ve a complete weblog dedicated to typing Star Wars characters (it’s a piece in progress, however right here’s the hyperlink).

There are numerous Star Wars characters, so to maintain this put up a manageable size I’m reluctantly leaving off any that aren’t important characters in additional than one of many 9 Skywalker Saga movies. Should you don’t see one in all your favorites on this checklist, I apologize. There are simply too many nice Star Wars characters to suit them multi functional weblog put up!

Discover the Star Wars character with your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type. #MBTI #PersonalityDiscover the Star Wars character with your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type. #MBTI #Personality

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The Myers-Briggs® Character Forms of the Star Wars Characters

Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader – ENTJ

One among Anakin’s persona traits is that he likes to seek out efficient options to issues (“Life appears a lot less complicated if you’re fixing issues”). He’s an excellent, progressive basic throughout the Clone Wars (which is a superb collection, by the way in which), and he backs up his Extroverted Considering with an intuitive course of that isn’t anxious about sticking to Jedi Order custom.

Like many Considering sorts, Anakin has robust feelings however isn’t fairly certain what to do with them. They’re a weak level for him that Palpatine twists and exploits. Sadly, he by no means learns how you can deal with his darker feelings in a wholesome method. As Vader, he bypasses the questioning Intuitive course of and results in a “loop” together with his dominant Extroverted Considering and tertiary Extroverted Sensing. He doesn’t need to go inside and query himself or the alternatives he’s made.

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren – ENFJ

There aren’t many NF villains, however I feel Kylo Ren is one. More often than not we see him on display he’s a really unhealthy model of this kind. Pushed by an ENFJ‘s want to attach and need to create an idealized (for him) future, the broken and misguided Kylo Ren wrecks havoc on these round him.

Immature, indignant FJ sorts simply tear others aside as a result of understanding how individuals work means you recognize precisely what to make use of in opposition to them. Kylo performs on Rey’s feelings when interrogating her and on Han’s when when he asks his father for assist after which kills him. In the end, although, his need and capability for connection assist carry him again to the Gentle.


C-3PO is a little bit of a caricature of the ISFJ persona, particularly their tendency to get caught up in worse-case “what if?” situations. In line with Naomi Quenk, ISTJs and ISFJs are the categories who most frequently report their inferior perform exhibiting up continually in every day life, and this stress response can result in some growing a repute as “worry-warts.” C-3PO additionally shows a number of the finest qualities of an ISFJ, although. He’s endlessly loyal and thrives in settings the place he will get the possibility to narrate to human beings.

Finn – ISFJ

Like so many real-life ISFJs, Finn finds himself in an advanced relationship with authority. He desires to do what he’s proper, keep on with what he is aware of, and observe the foundations of his society. However in his case, that society is the First Order and so they’re in battle together with his need to maintain different individuals secure.

Within the guide Earlier than The Awakening, Captain Phasma talks about indications that FN-2187 shows a “harmful stage of empathy.” It’s this aspect of Finn (his auxiliary Extroverted Feeling perform) that prompts him to depart the First Order, assist Poe escape, and threat his personal security to assist rescue Rey. As his story continues, he continues to show the traits of a loyal, courageous, sensible, and dependable ISFJ doing his finest to guard as many individuals as he can.

Han Solo – ISTP

Susan wrote a put up a couple of years in the past about Why ISTPs Make the Greatest Motion Heroes, and Han Solo is likely one of the finest examples To cite her article, “These cool, collected sorts have the sharpest tactical skills of any of the 16 sorts. They’re referred to as ‘the crafters’ however actually they excel at something that entails quick-thinking, and hands-on tactical intelligence.” Sounds precisely like our favourite scruffy nerf-herder, doesn’t it? More often than not Han doesn’t even need to make a plan as a result of he’s so good at making issues up as he goes and adapting to the state of affairs at hand.

Leia Organa – ESTJ

Princess-Normal Leia Organa is an excellent chief whether or not it’s within the halls of diplomacy or on the battlefield. She’s a take-charge type of one who is fiercely loyal to household and values, and expects the identical stage of dedication from others who select to combat alongside her. Leia is a sensible one who places apart her personal wants for the great of others and sticks to her ideas it doesn’t matter what. She leads with Extroverted Considering, very similar to her father Anakin, however helps this perform with Introverted Sensing. Her focus isn’t on innovating the longer term a lot as it’s on shaping the current in a sensible method.

Luke Skywalker – INFP

The final time I wrote about Luke Skywalker it turned an article that’s practically 2,500 phrases lengthy. I’ll attempt to hold it to a extra cheap size for this put up. INFP sorts lead with Introverted Feeling, which makes choices based mostly on what feels proper and genuine to the person. Even when his selections don’t make sense to the individuals round him, and sometimes within the face of robust opposition, Luke holds quick to his interior convictions. This stands him in good stead when he’s tempted by the Darkish Aspect.

His auxiliary Extroverted Instinct helps clarify how Luke learns to make use of the Pressure so shortly, since strongly intuitive sorts are comfy taking leaps that aren’t well-supported by their previous experiences. Ne can be a psychological course of that likes to look to the longer term and ask questions nobody else will, resembling “What if there’s nonetheless good in Darth Vader?”

Obi-Wan Kenobi – ISFJ

Obi-Wan is commonly typed as an INFJ, however a lot as I’d like to assert one in all my favourite characters for my very own kind I don’t suppose that’s the case. He’s an introvert — comfy working and residing on his personal, unlikely to hunt out teams of individuals, and introspective. He’s additionally an FJ kind, and his Extroverted Feeling makes him a captivating diplomat and a superb trainer. He’s not a Intuitive, although. He’s a Sensing kind who prefers to concentrate on the issue at hand, keep on with conventional methods of doing issues, and depends closely on the previous to find out his future plan of action.

Padmé Amidala – ENFJ

Diplomacy is likely one of the best strengths of an NF kind persona, and we see that clearly in ENFJ Padmé Amidala Naberrie. One of many defining facets of her character is her fixed insistence on looking for peaceable, mutually useful resolutions to conflicts. It’s a part of her harmony-seeking Extroverted Feeling, as is being slightly too fast to forgive the faults of the individuals she loves.

Like so many real-life ENFJs, Padmé excels in management roles and could be very widespread with the individuals she works with each as queen and senator. She has an intuitive sense of issues which are happening behind the scenes and is the primary particular person to identify that Depend Dooku is likely one of the individuals behind the plots to start out the Clone Wars.

Poe Dameron – ESTP

ESTP sorts make fantastic motion heroes, and Poe is only one instance of this in Star Wars (Lando Calrissian can be an ESTP). Poe thrives within the fast-paced outer world of piloting starfighters, main battles, and bantering with enemy commanders. He’s decisive, cussed, and nice at improvising. I as soon as learn an outline of ESTPs that mentioned they have an inclination to behave first, then repair their errors as they go. This usually works nicely for Poe, however not in The Final Jedi. When his plans backfire, he learns the worth of stopping to suppose and plan and begins rising his auxiliary Introverted Considering course of.

R2-D2 – ENTP

This little man might in all probability rule the galaxy himself if he needed, however I think he’d get bored. It’s exhausting to kind a personality after we by no means hear his dialog straight, however it appears that evidently R2’s major focus is on the exterior world of patterns, concepts, and prospects (Extroverted Instinct).

That’s probably not a lot of a shock since an astromech who couldn’t discover and troubleshoot an issue shortly wouldn’t be a lot use. R2 is a fiercely unbiased thinker who isn’t shy about sharing his unpredictable ideas on every part, whether or not or not his listeners can perceive. He’s additionally extremely smart and adapts shortly – hallmarks of the ENTP kind.

Rey – ISTJ

Rey exemplifies the sensible, dutiful ISTJ kind with their cussed insistence on doing what they consider is correct in probably the most environment friendly, logical method. She has a sensible method of trying on the world and (like different Introverted Sensing sorts) filters new info via the lens of previous experiences.

As soon as swept up into the galaxy-wide battle between Gentle and Darkish, one in all Rey’s most essential considerations is to determine the place she belongs in all this so she will fulfill that position to the most effective of her potential. She additionally likes to measure and take a look at issues for herself (as any TJ kind would) as she solves issues like fixing the Millennium Falcon. She balances out her auxiliary Extroverted Considering along with her tertiary Introverted Feeling, which prompts her to behave in alignment along with her values.

Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious– INTJ

Emperor Palpatine is a superb instance of the traditional INTJ villain. He has a long-term plan to take over the whole galaxy, and finally past. As we realized within the newest film, he even had a plan to maintain controlling issues after he died. Lengthy-term, big-picture plans are a key facet of Introverted Instinct, and it doesn’t get way more big-picture pondering than that. As well as, although real-life INTJs don’t have Pressure-powers, their pattern-recognizing instinct could make it appear as in the event that they “foresee” future outcomes a lot the identical method Palpatine does.

Yoda – INFJ

I simply needed to embrace Yoda on this checklist. He’s the one Star Wars character that I kind as an INFJ (which is my persona kind as nicely). These sorts lead with a perform referred to as Introverted Instinct, which has a singular expertise for choosing up on patterns and placing your self in different individuals’s views. It may possibly additionally make us appear a bit eccentric. Yoda’s tendency to make cryptic plans and communicate in riddles can frustrate the extra straight-forward, sensible sorts round him. However in addition they know that he’s normally proper and have come to respect this unusual little area wizard and his perspective on the universes.

What are your ideas?

Do you kind any of those characters in another way than I did? Had been there different characters you want had been on this checklist? Share your favorites (and which sort you suppose they could be) within the feedback!

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Find out which Star Wars character has your Myers-Briggs® personality type! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFPFind out which Star Wars character has your Myers-Briggs® personality type! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ #INFP

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Discover the Star Wars character with your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type. #MBTI #PersonalityDiscover the Star Wars character with your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type. #MBTI #Personality



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