Home Consciousness Ought to we fear in regards to the potential of AI?

Ought to we fear in regards to the potential of AI?

Ought to we fear in regards to the potential of AI?


On the time when writing was primarily reserved for official and non secular paperwork, philosophers polished their craft by way of meticulous oral arguments. The appearance of papyrus expanded entry to recorded information, which raised issues for Plato: “For this invention will produce forgetfulness within the minds of those that be taught to make use of it as a result of they won’t observe their reminiscence. Their belief in writing, produced by exterior characters which aren’t any a part of themselves, will discourage the usage of their very own reminiscence inside them.” Plato feared that writing would supplant memorization, doubtlessly resulting in mental decline. Plato was proper that writing made memorization of lengthy passages redundant, but it surely preserved historic information, amongst them Plato’s concepts.  

For a thousand years after Plato, writing remained the unique privilege of the aristocracy, clergymen, and clergy till Gutenberg invented the printing press. This marked a big turning level in historical past, democratizing entry to written information and creating a requirement for literacy. The widespread availability of the Bible fostered a brand new sense of brotherhood, equality, and human dignity, as expressed within the New Testomony.

With the emergence of AI, we stand on the brink of one other transformative period, with the potential to reshape society simply as profoundly because the writing or the printing press did. AI provides myriad methods to expedite technological evolution, together with activity automation, information evaluation, predictive modeling, revolutionary developments in healthcare and drug discovery, optimization of producing and provide chains, pure language processing, thought technology, simulation creation, and personalised person experiences on a worldwide scale. 

On a private degree, the AI revolution guarantees to considerably improve our free time. Will we use this chance to entry freely obtainable information or search empty leisure? The reply to this query determines the way forward for society. My upcoming guide, Emotional Reasoning: Perception into the Aware Expertise, discusses the character of consciousness and different fascinating questions on human habits and the anticipation of synthetic consciousness. 

The guide is slated for publication by CRC writer in August of 2024.

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