KETU  IN HASTA/ CORVI (Virgo10-23.20)

Ketu moved into the constellation of Hasta on Feb. 7th within the true node system and on March 4th within the imply node system and it stays there within the true observe system till Dec. 2nd and within the imply node system till Nov. 10th.  

Hasta constellation is situated between 10-23.20 Virgo and in trendy astronomy is linked with the constellation often called Corvi or the 5 stars representing a hand. It’s linked extra to the Vata or air component as its robust connection to the Mercurial aspect of fast and lightweight humor. It’s after all linked with fields and gardens arts and crafts, inventory exchanges, and even amusement parks.   Hasta in Sanskrit means “the hand” however has an alternate translation which implies to giggle. Hasta is linked to palmistry and to professions the place one makes use of one’s arms like masseurs and handymen do. The arms are also symbolic of the outstretched arms reaching for the Solar’s rays, which embody the god who provides life and begins the day’s exercise.

This constellation is linked to Savitar, a playful deity of tips and amusements and video games and sports activities, and therefore the mix in Virgo.

On the darkish aspect of this constellation, folks with their Solar or moon or ascendant in Hasta could also be keen on playing fraud and manipulation relying on afflictions right here.    It additionally promotes critical and sarcastic writing, makes one a jack of all trades and grasp of none, and helps those that wish to work for public welfare and the betterment of the group towards authority.

Hasta is dominated by the Moon and Mercury due to the connection to Virgo. That is one in all my favourite constellations because it promotes delicate caring and nurturing and residential and household life. Mercury brings out the jovial and light-hearted power of the moon.


On this constellation,  Ketu might really feel an excessive amount of frustration and bother transferring past life’s limitations and restrictions. Vital to precise these frustrations in phrases and never maintain them bottled up.

Ketu can have repressed anger and within the Moon’s constellation it could possibly carry up emotional volatility but when these are processed there may very well be deep insights and private progress. Take the time via this lengthy transit for private transformation.   Virgo helps therapeutic and counseling so work with somebody to dive deep into the soul and unconscious and be taught to precise these summary emotions and patterns.

Virgo is a constellation that likes purity, order, cleanliness, and excessive ethical requirements and Ketu can enable us to maneuver in that course and enhance our lives.

Hasta nakshatra is related to hands-on therapeutic, astrology, and palmistry so curiosity in these could also be enkindled with new energy.  The transit might assist practitioners go extra deeply into their intuitive realms to carry out larger therapeutic powers.

Hasta is a constellation linked to craftsmanship and dealing with arms so artisans might take pleasure in these actions and dive extra deeply into their soul to cognize new and religious kinds that they will create with their arms

With all Mercury/Ketu  combos  (Virgo is owned by Mercury) we’ve got to curb our sharp tongue, keep away from battles not value combating, and watch out to not get caught in our head whereas being energetic and lose our focus as accidents may result.  Therefore should you get into an indignant battle or debate, discover a strategy to depart it at house or within the office and never take it into your head when you are driving.

Ketu is a fiery planet however it could possibly repress its anger after which all of the sudden launch it on the drop of a hat so be sure to don’t let something construct up.

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