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How the 16 Myers-Briggs® Persona Varieties Really feel When Giving Emotional Help

How the 16 Myers-Briggs® Persona Varieties Really feel When Giving Emotional Help


How do you’re feeling when somebody involves you for emotional assist? Do you’re feeling nervous and unsure or assured and certain of how you can react? I used to be curious if persona kind performed an element in how we emotionally supported different individuals, or how simple it for the 16 varieties to emotionally assist others. With that in thoughts, I surveyed my e mail checklist and social media channels to see what individuals thought! With 1,478 respondents, I’ve been going by means of all of the ends in a sequence of weblog posts currently. Earlier this week I wrote about how simple it’s for the persona varieties to share their emotions, and final week I wrote concerning the high love languages of every of the persona varieties.

So with out additional ado, let’s get began!

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How the 16 Myers-Briggs® Persona Varieties Really feel When Giving Emotional Help

ISTPs and Emotional Help

How easy is it for ISTPs to offer emotional supportHow easy is it for ISTPs to offer emotional support

For ISTPs, the world of feelings generally is a complicated one. As dominant Introverted Considering varieties, they’ll simply work out the nuts and bolts of how issues work or the ideas of a logical argument. However conveying and studying emotional nuance is trickier. They need to be emotionally supportive, however many ISTPs fear that they’re saying or doing the “incorrect” factor. That stated, 39.29% of ISTP respondents did say it was simple to supply emotional assist – so being an ISTP doesn’t mechanically imply you’ll wrestle with this. Many ISTPs I’ve spoken to have practiced and honed the artwork of emotional assist even when it didn’t come naturally at first. As Sensing-Perceivers they’re good at studying bodily cues, deciphering physique language, and recognizing particulars that convey deeper that means. This may make them adept at noticing minor shifts in moods; the wrestle might be discovering the proper phrases to say in response to these cues. That stated, ISTPs might be simply the individuals you want if the assist you’re in search of has a technical side to it or in the event you’d like constructive, logical recommendation.

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ISTJs and Emotional Help

How easy is it for ISTJs to offer emotional supportHow easy is it for ISTJs to offer emotional support

For ISTJs, extra stated it will be simple to supply emotional assist than answered “No.” Once I requested the ISTJs I knew extra about this, they stated that they believed being quiet and listening is what individuals need most after they want assist. Being calm, listening, and easily being current many have discovered to be the surest approach to supply assist. Others supply sensible steering and assist with points the opposite individual may be dealing with. Nonetheless, 36.84% talked about struggling to supply emotional assist. This can be as a result of ISTJs put on their emotions near the chest and sometimes course of them privately  greater than publicly. Talking emotionally affirming phrases, providing compliments, giving verbal validation – this may be extra of a wrestle for ISTJs. They naturally see the logic or illogic of conditions greater than the emotional elements concerned, so at occasions they need to chunk again critique or recommendation as a result of others merely need emotionally supportive phrases as a substitute.

ISFPs and Emotional Help

How easy is it for ISFPs to offer emotional supportHow easy is it for ISFPs to offer emotional support

61.29% of ISFPs discovered it simple to supply emotional assist, whereas solely 25.81% stated it was tough. One ISFP I spoke to went on to elucidate that they’ll simply put themselves in different individuals’s sneakers, pay attention and block out different distractions, and be current. Dario Nardi, a neuroscience skilled and writer of Neuroscience of Persona, stated of ISFPs (and INFPs): “The Fi varieties (IxFPs) pay attention in a holistic approach that recruits all areas of the neocortex. When somebody begins speaking, they enter this state, which reveals on the EEG monitor as a strong vivid blue. All areas are alert and but relaxed and open to enter; additionally, all areas are in synch fairly than leaping round. The entire mind acts as a metaphorical nonetheless pond that enables a speaker to venture herself and be heard.” In brief, ISFPs are good listeners with a robust capacity to dam out distractions and internal arguments in an effort to merely be current and totally hear what the opposite individual has to say. That is possible one in every of their best strengths in the case of providing emotional assist; that uncommon capacity to actively and totally pay attention.

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ISFJs and Emotional Help

ISFJs and emotional supportISFJs and emotional support

ISFJs had been one of many varieties that discovered it best to supply emotional assist. Out of the 84 ISFJs that responded to my survey, solely 2.38% stated it was tough to supply emotional assist. Why is it really easy for ISFJs? A big half most likely comes all the way down to the way in which their mind works. ISFJs use a specific kind of feeling known as Extraverted Feeling. This course of simply picks up on emotional cues, individuals’s wants, and folks’s needs. ISFJs can stroll right into a room and shortly grasp the general temper, together with particulars like who seems chilly, who may be unhappy, who may be hungry, who’s glass is empty, and so forth,. When chatting with somebody, an ISFJ can simply learn their tone of voice, physique language, and take note of the smallest particulars of what they’re saying in an effort to get a reasonably correct learn of what’s occurring with somebody emotionally. Due to this, ISFJs can simply supply assist and know the proper phrases to say on the proper time. Many ISFJs take pleasure in giving optimistic phrases of affirmation and compliments, whereas others take pleasure in serving to individuals out in additional sensible methods like making a meal or serving to out with chores.

INTPs and Emotional Help

How easy is it for INTPs to offer emotional supportHow easy is it for INTPs to offer emotional support

For the 82 INTPs who responded to my survey, displaying emotional assist was undoubtedly extra of a wrestle. Once I requested a number of INTPs for extra info, what they stated is that they typically felt their makes an attempt to emotionally assist and luxury others had typically fallen flat previously. They felt awkward, uncertain of themselves, and nervous about whether or not their phrases could be misperceived. As dominant Introverted Considering varieties, INTPs are simply the individuals you want whenever you need logical enter, a brand new chance or concept to think about, or assist with understanding a fancy system. However whenever you’re in search of validation or affirmation, be affected person and don’t examine them to anybody else. For INTPs, delving into the emotional world typically forces them to entry their inferior operate, Extraverted Feeling. When anybody is accessing their inferior operate they have a tendency to really feel extra apprehensive and uncertain. If an INTP provides you logical critique, troubleshooting recommendation, or asks lots of clarifying questions whenever you’re going by means of a tough time, don’t take it personally. Perceive that that is almost certainly their pure approach to present they care and to assist. And, as at all times, there are INTPs who’ve honed this ability and do discover it simple; in any case, 15.38% of the INTPs who responded stated it was simple to supply emotional assist. As with all issues, apply is vital.

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INTJs and Emotional Help

INTJs and emotional supportINTJs and emotional support

INTJs would usually fairly assist you discover a technique or logical resolution to an issue than supply lots of validation or affirmation. Out of the 182 INTJs who responded to my survey, 56.04% stated it was tough to supply emotional assist, whereas 29.67% stated it was simple. When INTJs obtain info, their first tendency is to type it by means of their instinct. What patterns are there? What underlying meanings are at play? What predictions do they see? After that, they type out info by way of their Considering operate. What’s logical? What’s goal? What’s the proof? What’s the possible impact of one thing? For INTJs, when somebody involves them with an issue, chances are high they’re going to search for patterns and insights in addition to logical steps to fixing the issue. Their first pure response isn’t going to be to supply validation, comforting phrases, or sort remarks. It doesn’t imply that INTJs aren’t sort, and this doesn’t imply that INTJs can’t be taught to reply in these methods. Many INTJs, significantly feminine INTJs, be taught (generally the exhausting approach) that most individuals don’t need recommendation when they need assist. And I’ve met many INTJ therapists who’re wonderful at providing emotional assist. However for the common INTJ (myself included), providing emotional assist can generally really feel awkward or unsettling. We could not at all times know the proper phrases to say, and we frequently need to shut off the a part of ourselves that desires to leap in with logical recommendation as a result of many occasions it isn’t acquired with the loving intent it was meant to be acquired with.

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INFPs and Emotional Help

INFPs and giving emotional supportINFPs and giving emotional support

For INFPs, catalyzing individuals in direction of a better potential and calling is a part of their driving power in life. They provide assist by sharing potentialities, innovating, and acknowledging the value in individuals’s particular person desires and needs. They are saying, “It’s okay to be you, even when different individuals name it ‘bizarre’”. Most INFPs discovered it simple to supply emotional assist, and, like ISFPs, they typically do that by listening. In keeping with neuroscience skilled Dario Nardi in Neuroscience of Persona, INFPs “pay attention in a holistic approach that recruits all areas of the neocortex….The entire mind acts as a metaphorical nonetheless pond that enables a speaker to venture herself and be heard….INFPs usually tend to enter this listening mode and stick with it longer. They’ll maintain this state for ten minutes or extra as they honestly, actively pay attention. INFPs could actually get to the core of an individual’s psychology by listening for therefore lengthy.”

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INFJs and Emotional Help

INFJs and Emotional SupportINFJs and Emotional Support

INFJs faucet into their Feeling facet to emotionally assist different individuals. They’ll usually grasp what’s occurring for individuals, how they’re feeling, and even intuit patterns as to why they’re feeling the way in which they’re. Many INFJs point out “absorbing” different individuals’s feelings, virtually as if they’re their very own. This empathic capacity provides them a profound capacity to supply assist and perception to people who find themselves struggling. Nonetheless, 7.33% of INFJs did say it was tough for them to supply emotional assist. Many issues can issue into this; an upbringing the place maybe their feeling facet wasn’t nurtured, destructive experiences when providing emotional assist, or being in a Ni-Ti loop the place the INFJ is bypassing their feeling facet to loop backwards and forwards between their Instinct and their Considering.

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ESTPs and Emotional Help

ESTPs and Emotional SupportESTPs and Emotional Support

Though ESTPs are Considering varieties, they’ve an excellent grasp on the emotional dynamics round them. They’ll simply “learn the room”, spot modifications in physique language, and use a mix of humor and private heat to place individuals comfy. Whereas they are often argumentative, blunt, and simple on many events, when somebody involves them for emotional assist they typically know how you can reply in a optimistic and affirming approach. Or they might use humor and affection to attempt to lighten the opposite individual’s spirits. That stated, ESTPs who aren’t as in contact with their Extraverted Feeling facet (the third out of their 8 cognitive capabilities) could wrestle extra right here. It might be tough for them to get out of an impersonal, blunt state and faucet into the opposite individual’s emotions and reply in a supportive approach.

ESTJs and Emotional Help

ESTJs and Emotional SupportESTJs and Emotional Support

ESTJs are troubleshooters and problem-solvers, and in the case of supporting somebody going by means of a tough time they really feel assured they may help repair the issue at hand. Many ESTJs take pleasure in being the one individuals name on for assist when life is weighing them down. They really feel a pure duty for the individuals round them and can work exhausting to deal with their households and communities. That stated, ESTJs are additionally very blunt and can converse their minds shortly. At occasions, their efforts to assist might be seen as overly-direct and frank, very logical however generally missing in heat. Whereas they might take pleasure in being a confidante, they’ll generally give constructive criticism in a approach that appears “smug” to different individuals. Typically individuals simply need a listening ear or validation for what they’re feeling, and an ESTJ leaping in with fast options can appear overwhelming. It’s essential for individuals who love the ESTJ to understand that they’re attempting to be supportive after they supply recommendation; that is their approach of displaying they care. However in the event you want somebody to easily pay attention and empathize, allow them to know beforehand. In the event that they know what you need and want within the state of affairs they’ll be more likely to supply that, however they want readability from you on that. For ESTJs, give your self a pause earlier than responding to somebody’s struggles and ask them what they want. Ask them in the event that they’re in search of options or only a listening ear; this may help you to extra successfully be the emotional assist they’re needing.

ESFPs and Emotional Help

ESFPs and Emotional SupportESFPs and Emotional Support

For ESFPs, life is supposed to be lived within the fullest and each second is filled with alternative. When somebody goes to an ESFP for assist, chances are high the ESFP will create an area for that individual to be genuine and trustworthy about what they’re going by means of. They’ll additionally work to create optimistic experiences for the opposite individual. Have a favourite snack you’re keen on? The ESFP will go to the shop with you and replenish on snacks, and whereas they’re at it, they might purchase a film ticket to that film you’ve been dying to see on the identical time. ESFPs often don’t have a tough time emotionally supporting different individuals; however generally different individuals can benefit from their expertise. I’ve met many ESFPs who say they don’t really feel like they’re allowed to have a foul day, as a result of everybody counts on them to be the encouragers and supporters on a regular basis. So for all the chums and family members of ESFPs, be sure you’re giving them house to precise the optimistic and destructive feelings they’re feeling and providing them the identical understanding assist they give you.

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ESFJs and Emotional Help

ESFJs and Emotional SupportESFJs and Emotional Support

For ESFJs, being the confidante when somebody goes by means of a tough time is a treasured place. ESFJs take pleasure in having the ability to emotionally assist their associates and family members, and can typically go above and past to be there for others. It’s simple for ESFJs to sense what different individuals are feeling and see others’ wants as nicely. For those who’re within the firm of an ESFJ, chances are high they’ll choose up in your temper, physique language, and luxury stage quickly. Typically they’re the categories of people that will discover you’re thirsty or hungry earlier than you even do! After all, not each ESFJ is precisely the identical. 12.50% of ESFJs stated it was not simple for them to supply emotional assist. One ESFJ I spoke with stated that she struggled as a result of she’d grown up in a household the place her skills of empathy weren’t appreciated. She was typically chastized for being “too tender” or berated for not being as “logical” as others within the household. Due to this, she discovered to cover her extra empathetic, comforting facet and is barely now attempting to entry it extra as an grownup. Life experiences undoubtedly play a pivotal position in how one develops their kind. These surveys can present us main developments in kind, however they don’t account for each single particular person with that persona kind.

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ENTPs and Emotional Help

ENTPs and Emotional SupportENTPs and Emotional Support

Most ENTPs really feel assured in the case of emotionally supporting different individuals. ENTPs have a pure sense of the feelings and moods of the individuals round them, thanks partially to their tertiary Extraverted Feeling operate. Though ENTPs are Considering varieties, they use a particular kind of feeling that naturally grasps emotional fluctuations within the atmosphere. This sense operate is the third out of their eight cognitive capabilities so it’s pretty proficient. ENTPs are additionally expert at studying between the traces, recognizing connections, and producing insights due to their instinct. Due to this, ENTPs can typically be simply the individuals you want whenever you’re going by means of a tough time. They’ve a singular mix of humor, empathy, and logic that may hit all of the areas you want assist in without delay. That stated, 25% of the ENTPs surveyed stated it was not simple for them to supply emotional assist. There are a lot of components that would play into this; life expertise, maturity, and private values. Some ENTPs have spent a lot time within the power of their intuitive and pondering capabilities that they’ve ignored any improvement of their feeling facet. These ENTPs may be blunt to the purpose of insensitivity or argumentative fairly than comforting. As with all the categories, it’s essential for ENTPs to work on giving house to each facet of their persona: Instinct, Considering, Feeling, and Sensing.

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ENTJs and Emotional Help

ENTJs and Emotional SupportENTJs and Emotional Support

The survey outcomes for ENTJs shocked me as a result of a lot of the ENTJs I’ve recognized have struggled when providing emotional assist. That stated, I did have a smaller pool of ENTJs who responded to the survey, solely 26 whole, so I’m hoping I can get extra outcomes from them sooner or later (and hey! in the event you’re an ENTJ, go away me a touch upon this put up and I’ll ship you a hyperlink to the survey so we will hear your voice!) ENTJs are problem-solvers at coronary heart, and in the event you come to them with an issue they’re more than pleased to supply essentially the most logical, efficient options they’ll consider. If that is the way you wish to obtain assist, then an ENTJ could also be simply the individual you want. Nevertheless, in the event you’re somebody who’s wanting for lots of emotional validation and affirmation, you might be much less glad with recommendation or troubleshooting. For ENTJs, it’s essential to ask the individual coming to you in the event that they’re in search of options or if they simply need a listening ear. Asking this query could make you simpler in your relationships as a result of and assist you keep away from being known as a “know-it-all” whenever you had been simply attempting to assist.

ENFPs and Emotional Help

ENFPs and Emotional SupportENFPs and Emotional Support

Once I consider ENFPs I at all times consider Robin Williams’s character in Useless Poets Society. John Keating, his character, was an ENFP who supported and impressed his college students by giving them an area to be their true selves. He harnessed their imaginations, helped them to suppose exterior of the field, and see potentialities they by no means dreamed of earlier than. Slightly than counting on traditions or what others anticipated of him, he marched to the beat of his personal drum and inspired others to do the identical to seek out their fact. ENFPs are wildly gifted at this. They may help you to see potentialities and potentials you by no means dreamed of earlier than, they usually can open your eyes to components of your self you by no means knew existed. Due to this, they undoubtedly have ability and finesse when providing emotional assist. The essential factor for ENFPs is to not get so caught within the position of supporter that you just really feel you may’t have your dangerous days every now and then. Many ENFPs really feel like they get caught in an “inspirer” or “entertainer” position and really feel like individuals don’t know what to do with them after they’re feeling down. It’s essential for the family members of ENFPs to acknowledge and validate them on their good days and on their dangerous days. You could find out extra about this in my article, Coping with Emotional Overwhelm as an ENFP.

ENFJs and Emotional Help

ENFJs and Emotional SupportENFJs and Emotional Support

Because the “Mentor” persona varieties, ENFJs have a pure affinity for empathizing and providing perception and emotional steering. Many ENFJs like to be known as upon for emotional assist and can actually drop all the pieces in an effort to be there for his or her family members. As Extraverted Feeling varieties, ENFJs have a pure grasp of the moods and feelings of different individuals, and because of their instinct, they’ll simply spot insights, patterns, and underlying meanings. Many ENFJs are drawn to fields in counseling and pyschology on account of this expertise. The important thing for ENFJs, as for a lot of extroverts and feelers, is to not get so trapped in a supporter position that you just’re forgetting your individual wants. Typically, ENFJs will put their very own emotions on the backburner in an effort to be there for different individuals. They should make it possible for they’re not doing this for therefore lengthy that they lose themselves or put on themselves all the way down to the purpose of exhaustion. Family members of ENFJs ought to attempt to ensure they’re not asking an excessive amount of of the ENFJ and that they’re providing them emotional assist and reassurance and never constantly being the “supported” as nicely.

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What Are Your Ideas?

Do you agree with the opinions shared on this article? Would you wish to take my survey concerning the persona varieties and the way they offer and obtain love and assist? You are able to do that right here: Love and Help Survey. I’d love to listen to your ideas within the feedback!


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