Home Consciousness Be part of the 2024 Eclipse HUM (People Unite Motion) for Planetary Awakening

Be part of the 2024 Eclipse HUM (People Unite Motion) for Planetary Awakening

Be part of the 2024 Eclipse HUM (People Unite Motion) for Planetary Awakening


Pam Gregory not too long ago interviewed Dr. Alex Ling, a former physician/GP who’s now a useful physician, archaeologist, astrologer, and astrophysicist (watch HERE). Beneath are the important thing insights:

Alex is organizing a worldwide “HUM” (People Unite Motion) occasion throughout the April 2024 complete photo voltaic eclipse (join HERE).

Individuals worldwide will hum the observe C4 (related to root chakra/Earth) throughout the eclipse most. You’ll be able to watch the eclipse on-line HERE. And this is when the eclipse most will happen:

In the course of the 4 minutes and 28.1 seconds of the eclipse most we are going to, for the primary time in generations, have the chance to hook up with each other and to the Gaia’s pure power matrix.

So as to obtain this connection we’re constructing a community throughout the globe of people and teams who’re arranging gatherings on the time of the eclipse.

How are we going to attain our goal?

We’re going to HUM, recreating the primordial sound of creation, with our intention and deal with LOVE we the creators will take again our Gaia, and our energy.

This reconnects humanity to the Earth’s actual frequency versus the substitute frequency grid.

It permits a surge of 5-8 Hz love frequency to ripple round Earth for 15+ hours.

The hum makes use of an historical creation sound from gravitational waves within the universe.

The eclipse path crosses areas like Salem with symbolic significance. See the eclipse path HERE.

Alex’s group will do the hum from the “Zone of Silence” in Mexico.

The occasion ties into cycles like the top of the Kali Yuga and harmonizing Earth’s power grids.

It is seen as a pivotal transition for humanity to the next consciousness timeline of affection and creation. The photo voltaic eclipse on 8 April 2024 is crucial occasion in human historical past for eons: it coincides with Photo voltaic Most and a brand new moon. This, mixed with a spreading out within the Earth’s ionosphere of free electrons will weaken the substitute matrix or grid which has been created utilizing electromagnetic frequencies, designed to disconnect us from our Gaia.



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